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Hysteric sobs echoed through out the dimly lit room. The girl from which they came from was curled into a ball against the stone wall, shaking madly from cold, and from fear.

Her brown hair hung unevenly from her head, some locks reaching halfway down her back, and others not even coming to her shoulders. Cuts crusted brown with dried blood, and dark purple bruises covered the majority of her showing skin. The uniform she wore was dirty, ripped and burned.

Suddenly the room grew brighter and heat flooded the child's frozen form.

She lifted her head, revealing hazel eyes that were stained red from her tears. Her eyes widened in terror when she saw what had entered the room.

It was a boy. He seemed to be the same age as the girl, He had raven black hair and wore a male version of the child's uniform. A flame floated above his left hand, which was covered in cuts.

But the girl paid no attention to those details. All she notices were his eyes. His blood red eyes.

The girl screamed.

Mikan shot up in bed, her breathing labored, the dream still fresh in her mind. No... not a dream. A memory. Her first memory.

The door to her room creaked open quietly. A man entered, a questioning look on his face. This was Shiki. He was a friend of Mikan's mom, Yuka.

"I heard you scream is everything all right?" he asked.

Mikan nodded, "It was just a bad dream." she answered him quietly.

Shiki gave a concerned look before exiting the room. When the door had shut, Mikan let out a sigh of relief. She had never told anyone about her memory, and her plan was to keep it a secret for a long as she could.

Groaning, she stood and headed to the mirror, her thoughts trailing to the raven-haired boy. It had been four years since that situation and no matter how hard she tried, she could recall nothing else about him.

She stood in front of the mirror, frustration building inside of her.

Her hazel eyes stared back, framed by the long brown hair that Mikan was very proud of. She had grown it out over the years and it now reached her mid back, though it was almost never down.

Glancing down at the beauty products in front of her she recalled the events that had made her become a popular girl in her school.

When she first entered school, she knew nothing about her previous life, nothing about her personality before. Riddled with fear of the other students, she shied away into her studies, soon reaching the top of the school and being noticed by the others.

It wasn't long after that she made friends and gained confidence, reaching the top of the social pyramid.

She sighed once again and finished dressing. It wasn't long before her thoughts returned to the mystery boy.

I shouldn't be afraid of him, she thought, he did save me.

As much as she tried to convince herself that this was true, she actually didn't know what part the boy played in her rescue, and the fear raged on.

After she was finished getting ready for the day, she left her room and headed into the kitchen. Her rumbling stomach reminded her that food was necessary to survive and she opened the fridge and grabbed a small piece of fruit to snack on.

Satisfied, she glanced at the clock and noticed that she was running late and dashed out the door.

The crisp, chilly air signified that fall was well on it's way, turning the leaves into festive colors and signifying the start of a new semester.

Mikan hurried through the somewhat busy streets of Tokyo, heading to the house of her friend. The two were working on the summer homework together and she couldn't afford to be any later than she already was.

Though it was the fourth year that Mikan had lived in the busy city of Tokyo, walking alone scared her to no end. A part of that fear came from the crimes that occurred, but mainly it was the school that lined one of the largest suburban streets.

Gakuen Alice.

A school so prestigious only children with permission from the government were allowed to attend. People called it the genius school. A place where the next leaders of the nation would be schooled.

This was a lie. Every child who attended that school was called an alice, a person with special powers. Mikan had once attended that school, or so she was told, but after her memory loss, she was transferred to a regular school. Whenever Mikan passed by the school she felt as though someone were watching her, waiting for something to happen.

It was unnerving.

Unfortunately, the fastest way to her friends house was to go by it.

It wasn't long before she had to pass the long wall that kept intruders out of the school, and students in. Sucking in a large breath, Mikan began to walk again, stepping in front of the wall.

Almost instantly a large explosion occurred, sending large pieces of concrete raining down on Mikan.

She stumbled backwards, attempting to shield her head from the dangerous material.

Coughing, Mikan lowered her arms, only to be crashed into by a small body. Instinctively, Mikan grabbed the person by the wrists, keeping them from escaping. When the dust finally cleared, she gasped in shock.

The perpetrator was a young boy, around the age of seven, with brown hair and cloudy gray eyes. His eyes narrowed into a glare as he attempted to get away, but Mikan held fast.

Footsteps distracted Mikan from the boy and she looked up. Two men were running towards the two, breathing heavily and looking panicked.

"Youichi! Don't hurt her!" One of the men exclaimed. The boy struggled harder to get away.

Mikan looked down at the boy again. He was obviously trying to escape from the school, but he was not using his alice. Mikan was confused about this.

If he uses his alice, it's possible he could be gone by now. Why doesn't he use it?

Little did Mikan know, he was trying.


Natsume Hyuuga. So many people would describe him in many different ways. Some considered him to be a good friend, others swooned over his looks and cold attitude, and others still would be happy if Natsume disappeared from this world. However, right now, the only word that could describe this boy was bored.

He slouched in his seat, headphones in his ears and a book of manga on his face. Next to him sat his best friend, Ruka Nogi. A blonde haired blue eyed teenager with a small white rabbit sitting quietly on his lap.

Coughing quietly, Natsume began to wonder if anything interesting was going to happen today. He figured that if nothing was going to happen then he might as well leave the classroom and hang out in the forest. He had so much free time, ever since Persona had pulled him off of his missions.

This was frustrating for Natsume, as he used these missions as an excuse to forget about her...

The classroom was deafening. The teacher had yet to show up and the students were having fun using their alices and destroying everything in sight.

"Why don't they just shut up?" Natsume asked irritably.

Ruka glanced at his best friend, ready to respond when two girls came up to them.

"Um... Natsume, Ruka, would you like to go to Central Town with us tomorrow?" one of them asked shyly.

Natsume looked up at them, the manga falling off his face, revealing sharp crimson eyes.

"Uh... um... uh," the other girl stammered, looking down, blushing slightly.

"What are you doing," a sharp, bossy voice screeched behind them. Both girls stiffened as Sumire glared at them. The two girls turned and were gone in an instant. No one wanted to feel the wrath of Sumire Shoda.

The raven haired boy picked up his book and began reading it again. He felt Sumire's sad eye's looking at him before she left.

"We're never going to see her again are we?" Ruka asked in a small voice.

After a long silence Natsume glanced out the window. "Probably not." he whispered, "Probably not."

It wasn't until Monday that Natsume got the surprise he had been wishing for.

The door to the class burst open, startling all of the students in the room. A man walked in with a pretentious strut. He wore a very feminine outfit, a sight that could scare the elementary students. This man was Anju Narumi.

Silence filled the room at once. Narumi was notorious for using his pheromone alice when students didn't behave correctly. He normally didn't show up in the high school section as he preferred to teach elementary students.

"What is he doing here?" Ruka asked quietly. Natsume just shrugged and leaned back in his seat.

"Hello everyone!" Narumi exclaimed happily. "For some strange reason your teacher has disappeared so I will be taking over this class! Kay?" he smiled happily while all of the students groaned.

Natsume involuntarily shivered.

"Anyway, the first order of business, hmmm... lets see... oh right! Tomorrow there will be a new student in this class." the new teacher continued.

The class erupted with questions. It was rare to get a new student, especially in high school.

"Why are you telling us now?"

"Yeah why didn't you wait for that person to be here so that you can introduce us?"

Narumi smile turned sad, "Because most of you already know this person, but she doesn't remember any of you."

Immediately Natsume sat up in his seat, his eyes wide.

A quiet girl with black hair and amethyst eyes stood angrily.

"Why is Mikan coming back here. Didn't her alices disappear?" she asked icily, her voice so quiet it was barely audible.

"Well, yes... Imai, they did but well after a little accident with a student yesterday, it seems that they have returned and she is..."

That was all Natsume could take. He stood up and angrily stormed out of the room. Behind him, he heard the class go into an uproar, and Ruka's footsteps as he followed Natsume..

"Na-Natsume, where are you going?" he asked hesitantly.

"To talk to the Elementary Principal," Natsume replied, his voice dripping with anger. Ruka grabbed his arm to stop him.

"No... you can't. You and Sakura will just get into trouble!"

"I don't care! Let go of me!"

"No! Nothing you say will change their minds!"

Natsume finally pulled his arm out of Ruka's grasp, but stayed put.

"Don't you want to see her again?" Ruka asked. "Do you hate her now?"

Natsume flinched, "I... no... no of course I want to see her, but... she can't come back here." he paused to cough. "She can't come back. They'll hurt her again, and I... I don't know what I'll do if that happens."

He looked away, his raven black hair covering his eyes.

Ruka watched him sadly.

After a while, Natsume turned and walked way.


"It's okay," Natsume interrupted, "I just need to be alone for a while."

Ruka nodded and went back to face the class.

While he walked, the memories of that night four years ago played in his mind.

It had been several days since Mikan had gone missing.

Hotaru, Ruka, Tsubasa and many of the other students had a plan to try and find her. Natsume wished to join them but Persona seemed to want him as busy as possible.

"There are intruders in the area; you are to find them. When you do, get rid of them anyway you can." he had told Natsume in his cold voice.

Upset at this notion, Natsume tried to protest but was stopped by the feeling that the elementary principal was behind this. He figured that if he tried anything, something horrible would happen to Mikan.

Reluctantly, he headed off on his mission.

As he ran through the forest in pursuit of the intruders, he tripped over a large crack in the ground. Cursing loudly he stood again and examined the fissure. It seemed to be more than just a natural nuisance so he followed the crack. It led to a strange hole that was too large to belong to an animal.

'This is strange.' he thought as he slipped quietly into the hole. Landing on solid ground, he glanced around, only to find darkness. He lit a small fire in his palm. The fire showed a tunnel leading south. Curious, Natsume began to follow it.

After what seemed like forever, Natsume came to a stop in front of a door. He put his hand on it and it opened slowly. As he entered, light flooded a small, cold room.

He gasped when he saw what it contained.


She was sitting against the far wall, hugging her knees tightly and shaking hard enough to rock her entire body. Natsume took a step towards her and she looked up at him. She looked terrible. Her hair, normally in two ponytails, was cut very ruggedly in all different lengths. Cuts and bruises covered her body, and her clothes were a torn and seemed to hang off of her small frame.

And then there were her eyes. They were wide with fear, and pain. It was absolutely heartbreaking. After a few moments, Mikan let out a bloodcurdling scream.

"Mikan..." Natsume called, but his call was drowned out by the scream. She held her hands in front of her face.

He knelt down in front of her and tried to calm her down. The fact that she was terrified of him scared Natsume. Desperate to stop the screaming, he grabbed her wounded wrists and pulled her into a standing position.

She struggled to get away, twisting wildly and attempting to pull her wrist out of Natsume's grasp.

'She is to weak to even make a difference.' Natsume observed.

Scared himself, Natsume pulled Mikan into a tight hug. After a while, Mikan stopped screaming and had started sobbing uncontrollably. He tightened his grip slightly and Mikan clutched his shirt. It was a while before she stopped crying and Natsume noticed that she had fallen asleep and only he was supporting her.

Natsume picked her up.

"What happened to her?" he wondered aloud, "She's so light." he carried Mikan out of the terrible prison that had held her.

When he reached the opening, Natsume quickly walked out of the forest and ran into Narumi. The teacher gasped when he saw Mikan and tried to take her from Natsume. He wouldn't let go of her.

At once, Narumi understood. Natsume didn't want to be separated from Mikan for as long as possible. "Come with me." he said and led him towards the hospital.

When they got there, Natsume gave Mikan to Narumi. He watched her sadly. When a doctor came out, he ran into the forest. He wanted get away from the hospital as quickly as possible.

"Why did it have to be Mikan!" he yelled angrily, "Why her!" He tripped over a root and fell in front of a sakura tree. He sat up and began pounding the ground with his fists. Finally, he calmed down. He crawled over to the trunk and leaned against it, exhausted.

As he sat there, he remembered everything about Mikan. The first moment he met her, when she saved him from Reo, dancing with her at the Christmas party, to running away from the Elementary Principal. He didn't leave the tree until morning.