I know I shouldn't start a new story but this idea came up and I am just rolling with it. Let me know what you think.

FYI: Elizabeth is not a Webber, she has never met Jason. Jason is six months status post after his accident, working for Sonny. He got together with Robin but he did not fall in love with her and he broke up with her two months into the relationship. The Carly drama never happened.

The guys were getting together for poker night and Johnny O'Brien's house and Jason was late. As he was getting to Johnny's house all he could think about was the last six months. His life was just really crazy, waking up from coma not remembering his family or anyone, changing his name, going to work for Sonny and meeting Robin and breaking up with her. The only thing that he regrets is going out with Robin, but she was nice so I thought. Robin wanted to control me and my life and if I did not let the Quartermaines do it I sure as hell was going to let a woman control it. Especially one that I did not love, people though that I did not understand what love was but I did, I knew the feeling of love from a family member and from a friend. Especially with my grandmother and his sister, his friends consisted of Sonny, Johnny, Francis, Max and Milo. They were great, showing him the ropes and opening his eyes to what Robin was trying to do. He would do anything for anyone of them and they would do the same for me.

As Jason pulled up he saw Johnny open his door and yell, "Hey, it's about time you show up. We have been waiting for you for over thirty minutes."

"Sorry, I ran late from being at the warehouse." Jason walked in and took off his jacket. This was the first time that he ever been in Johnny's house. They usually met at Jakes, or one of the other guys houses. But it was Johnny's night to have everyone at his house. It was a big house with lots of room and a yard.

"Hey, man nice house. It's pretty big for a single guy, unless you live with someone." Stated Jason, at that moment he looked over at the mantle above the fireplace and saw a picture of the most beautiful woman he ever set eyes on. She had brown curly hair, white porcelain skin, luscious lips, and beautiful royal blue eyes.

"Yeah, I know the house is pretty big but I always have visitors or I use to have but I just love this house. It's the first thing that I ever bought by myself with no help from no one. I know it's just a house but it means a lot to me." At that moment he noticed that Jason was not even paying attention to him he was looking at the picture on the mantle. "Hey man, are you ok?" asked Johnny

"Yeah, who's that?" Jason asked trying to clear his head and throat. Please don't let it be your girlfriend, Jason thought.

"Oh, that's my younger sister Elizabeth. Why?" asked Johnny

"No disrespect man, but she is just a gorgeous. Does she live here?" asked Jason

At that moment walked in Francis, Max and Milo from the kitchen.

"Hey, you finally made it. Let's get started." Asked Francis

"Who lives here?" asked Milo, over hearing the conversation.

"Jason was just asking about Elizabeth." Stated Johnny, not knowing what to say. He liked Jason but he loved his sister and she was everything to him. Jason was a player ever since he left the vampire he has slept with more girls than he could count.

"Lizzy, yeah she is gorgeous and so much fun to hang out with. Remember when we all went to Cancun, damn that girl can dance. She got us all thrown into jail we had to call Sonny to come and bail us out." Max stated laughing.

"Oh yeah, I remember. She got me drunk for the first time. Damn I had the worst hangover of my life." Stated Milo

Francis was just laughing and looking on the whole conversation. Johnny was staying quiet but had a smile on his face while Max and Milo were reminiscing about E. "E, is a wonderful woman. I haven't seen her in about six months Johnny, have you talked to her lately?" asked Francis

"Actually, I just talked to her yesterday. She lives in Miami but she was thinking of relocating. She sold her bar." Stated Johnny, he looked up and saw Jason looking at the picture again with a smirk on his face.

"She sold the bar, she absolutely loved it. What happened?" asked a concerned Francis.

"I thought that it was weird but she says that she got bored. The business was doing great and she really did not have to be there to run things. She felt useless so she decided to see it, and boy did she make money on that sale. She was thinking of relocating and opening a bar again and starting over again." Stated Johnny

"Did she tell you where she might relocate too?" asked Milo

Jason was happy that someone finally asked hoping that she was moving here. Maybe he could get to know her and you never know what might come out of it.

"No, she didn't. She said that she would let me know." Stated Johnny, "Let's get he game started."

The guys all sat down and played poker. They laughed and drank beer, until they were interrupted by some banging on the door. Johnny looked up and took out his gun from the drawer and approached the door. Everyone did the same thing and stood behind Johnny. Johnny looked out the window and groaned.