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The next morning Elizabeth woke up from the best sleep she had since the rape, she was so glad that she had her brother in her life he was the only one that was always there for her. After last nights talk with her brother she felt a lot better, she was so worried. But like always her brother was the best, Elizabeth got up from bed and got ready for her day. Francis would be picking her up and she was going to go to the gym and work out some stress. She put on a black sports bra, black jogging pants and her sneakers. She put her hair in pony tail and put a little bit of make up. On the way out she grabbed her matching jacket that went with her pants. As she walked downstairs she heard Johnny on the phone in the kitchen.

"Benny, I need a huge favor. It's personal, I need you to run a background check on someone for me. No Sonny and Jason don't know, like I said it is personal it does not have anything to do with business I will pay you on the side for the information. Benny I said I will pay you for it, I don't want you doing anything for free. Alright, I know. Thanks Benny. It's Tom Baker, Miami, FL. When will you have it for me? Awesome. Thanks again Benny." Johnny said and hung up the phone. When he turned around he saw Elizabeth standing in the doorway.

"Didn't I tell you last night it is not nice to eavesdrop?" asked Johnny, pouring himself some coffee.

"I'm glad that I did, what do you think that you are doing?"

"What do you think I am doing? I am going to get you and me some closure, that asshole is going to pay for this."

"Johnny, I didn't tell you this for you to go half cocked and get yourself thrown into jail. I told you because I need your support and love."

"You want to tell me that you don't want to find this guy and make him pay."

"Did I say that? No. Of course I want the asshole to pay, if he did it to me what makes me think he won't do it to someone else. But I don't want you to get in trouble, you are all that I have left."

"You underestimate me Lizzy, come on you know what I do. And I have not gotten caught. That jerk doesn't know who he messed with and don't worry I cover my tracks very well."

Before they could finish the conversation they heard the front door shut, "Hey, Where are you guys?" asked Francis

"Were in the kitchen." Stated Johnny, relieved that their conversation was over for now.

"We will be discussing this further later…"stated Elizabeth

"Whatever." Shrugged Johnny, he was still going after the bastard.

Elizabeth tried to cover up the anger but failed miserably. Francis walked in, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, my brother is being an idiot. But I will handle him later, ready to get your but kicked. Cause I am ready to hurt someone." Stated Elizabeth turning around to face Francis.

"Oh, Oh…What happened to your chest? When did you get that scar?" asked Francis

Elizabeth reached up and felt the scar that she had from the knife wound, damn it I should have put my jacket on. "oh it's nothing a little accident I had a while ago. Nothing to concern you about." Elizabeth stated looking over at Johnny who just noticed the scar too. His face turned red with anger and she looked over at Francis and saw the exchange.

"Ok. What the hell is going on? I know something is up, I had a feeling something was up when you started to cry last night. So I want to know what is going on."

"Francis, it's nothing." Stated Elizabeth avoiding eye contact

"Tell him." Stated Johnny

"Johnny, I thought we came to an agreement."

"What agreement? What you don't trust me? And why are you calling me Francis? You only call me that when you are trying to avoid something."

"God damn it, you guys are impossible. Franny it's nothing personal, I am just not ready to tell you yet. Maybe after my work out…"

"Bullshit, I want to know now." Francis was getting nervous, he did not like to be kept in the dark and he loved Elizabeth like a sister. If she was hurt he wanted to know.

"Just tell him Elizabeth…"stated Johnny

"Don't you have to go to work and by the way your ass is mine tonight." Stated Elizabeth with fire in her eyes and on the verge of crying.

Johnny grabbed his jacket and walked over to Elizabeth and held her in his arms. "It's ok to let your friends in Lizzy, they won't judge you. And if they did it is better to know who your real friends are now than later. You need the support and love not only from me but your friends also." With that said he kissed her in the forehead and walked away and looked over at Francis and proceeded out of the house.

"Alright, before we go anywhere you are going to sit your pretty little ass in that chair and tell me what is going on." Stated Francis

Elizabeth sat down in the chair and proceeded to tell Francis the same story she told her brother. Elizabeth cried through out the story just like she did last night with her brother and when she was finished she looked up at Francis and was waiting for his reaction, she did not have to wait long. Francis got up from his chair and grabbed Elizabeth and hugged her and just held her until she stopped crying. When Elizabeth stopped crying she looked in Francis eyes and saw that he was crying too.

"Don't cry Franny, I'm ok. I'm doing way better than I was a couple of months ago."

"You should have called us, we would have been there in a heartbeat. You shouldn't have gone through that alone, you needed your brothers there with you. Give you support and love. I know we are not blood related but I love you just the same, I would do anything for you and I know for damn sure that Max and Milo would do anything for you too. So please don't think you need to hide this from us, you did not do anything wrong and you will always have our support." Stated Francis, still hugging her to him and kissing her head.

"I know that now Francis, but after my own father and mom walked out on me I just couldn't take it if you guys did the same…"

"Never, sweetheart…and your parents are idiots!"

They stayed quiet for a while and Francis was the one that broke the silence first. "Come on lets go to the gym and then have lunch together."

"Yeah, lets get out of here. I need to hit something and you better hope it's not you Franny. I have a lot of pent up frustration that I have been holding in, so please don't take it personal when I kick your butt." Stated Elizabeth with a giggle and wiping her face.

"You can try to kick my ass anytime, but please remember E…I will always be here for you."