Written March 12th early in the morning. Posted on the_.com

Wilson was moaning in agony but he couldn't remember why, so he stopped and looked around. Nothing was out of place, but something terrible was looming in the back of his mind. He was in bed and drenched in, what he could only assume, was his own sweat. House was lying next to him with one eyebrow raised, his eyes still shut tight. His face was pressed into his pillow, "Nightmare?" he mumbled.

"Yeah..." Said Wilson, still out of breath.

The dream was starting to come back to him. He could remember House being there, laughing in a way Wilson had never heard before, shrill and maniacal. He was pointing at Wilson, telling everyone how foolish and stupid Wilson really was. House was telling them all Wilson's secrets. They all started laughing and pointing too. Wilson wanted to hide. Then the hospital started to shake and fall to pieces. The ceilings appeared to Wilson to be much higher than they were in real life, and things were crashing down fast and hard. One piece of debris hit House in the shoulder and knocked him down. Wilson ran to his side, but he was bleeding badly, his blood flowing onto the floor and pooling all around him. Wilson grabbed House and started touching his face, telling him he'd be alright, that everything would be okay, that he loved him. When House's heart stopped beating Wilson couldn't help himself from crying out in agony, and that's when he woke up.

He shook the panic out of his head and lied back down to look at the ceiling.

"Wha' happened?" House said, curious.

"You were mocking me" Wilson said, still rattled. The weight was starting to lift as reality pressed itself firmly back into his consciousness.

House opened his eyes and looked up at Wilson "Good to hear my dream self is living up to my reputation."

Wilson decided to continue on. "There was an earthquake. We were at the hospital and you got hit by some falling ceiling. You were bleeding so much." His voice trailed off. He felt heavy tears well up hotly in his eyes.

House dislodged his face from his pillow briefly to move a bit closer to Wilson. He touched his face, wiping a few rogue tears from his cheek and then he nestled his head in the crook of Wilson's neck.

"Not dead yet" Said House and promptly fell back asleep.

Wilson stroked the hand House had left lying on his chest. He looked at House's features and saw no pain there. House's warmth comforted him, and the sound of his calm breathing lulled Wilson back to sleep.

No more nightmares for tonight, just some sweet dreams.