Fanfan 13, 1986

Good idea Shumway! Follow the radio signal! BAMMM! Right into the Tanner's garage! I was on patrol with the Orbit Guard when the planet Melmac exploded. Every Melmacian turned on their hair dryers at once and my home planet was toast! I was lost in space! WARNING WILL ROBINSON! I found myself floating through Time and Space when I felt? Saw? Or heard? Those radio signals I followed. They were primitive but held a constant line I could navigate. How did I know they would direct me to a radio on the other side of the Tanner's garage roof?

The crash itself was pretty bad but the kindness of the Tanner Family warmed my big Melmacian heart. A heart found in a four foot tall 400 pound densely furred life form. Oh yea, a family is kind of like a herd but smaller. I can't wait to get my spaceship fixed and get outa here! It's ashame I will never again see the blue grass and green skies of Melmac!