Bella Comes To Forks

I Leave Bella (Sad) And I Come Back And Talk To Bella

Bella Almost Gets Hit By A Car (Sad)

I Invite Bella To Seattle And Watch Her Sleep

I Watch Bella Eat Lunch And She Gets Sick In Biology

I Go Hunting Without Bella (Sad)

Still Away From Bella

I Watch Bella Eat Dinner

I Drive Bella Home

I Drive Bella To School And Watch Her Eat Lunch Again

I Learn All About Bella

Bella And I Go Hiking And Travel To The Meadow

I Lie With Bella In The Meadow

I Stay In Bella's Room At Night And She Knows About It

I Take Bella To Meet My Family

I Tell Bella A Story About Carlisle

I Take Bella To A Baseball Game

Evil Vampires Decide To Eat Bella (Bad)

I Leave Bella (Sad)

Away From Bella (Sad)

Going To See Bella

Bella Runs Away (Sad)

I Save Bella

I Argue With Bella

EPILOGUE: I Take Bella To Prom