Summary: Edward decides to take Bella to a local barn for a trail ride. Bella meets horses, horses meet Bella. Edward... stays out of the way. My first fanfic, BPOV.

Usual... human Bella, vampire Edward... just an adventure...hehehe... making it up as I go...

Ch.1 Bella's New Friends


So Edward dragged me away for another outing... this time to a horse barn. A barn! Really, though, what is the point? Oh well, at least I know he'll catch me if my face and horse poo become close.

"Edward, why are you doing this to me?" I complained.

"For some quality time together, love," explained Edward, "and I know you'll love it, Alice told me." I shot him a worried glance. "Don't worry, you won't fall." He chuckled.

The rest of the way there, Edward pleaded with me not to worry. When we arrived at the place-which I have to admit was very beautiful, what with all the green pastures and white fences- Edward opened my door for me and helped me out of the jeep (which Emmett insisted we take so my truck or the Volvo wouldn't get dirty).

"Ready, love?" Edward asked.

"Ha. Let's just go meet the smelly animals." I replied, stalking towards the barn. (A/N. Sorry Bella is so bitter here... HORSES DONT STINK!!)


Once we arrived inside the barn, there were heads everywhere. Some white, some black, and some odd shades of brown with little flecks on them.

I walked up to one of the brown flecky ones and started patting its nose.

"Hey handsome...." I cooed to the horse. "Aren't you adorable..."

It surprised me how unafraid I was of these huge animals. That would probably change once I was on the back of one. But Edward said...

Edward! In truth, I had actually forgotten the man...oops!

"Edward?" I called. When he didn't answer, I started to panic. "Edward?!" I called a little louder, even though he had super sensitive vampire hearing.

His usually calm voice came from outside the big doors. "Yes Bella?" he answered timidly. The Edward Cullen answered timidly.

"What's wrong?" I asked, genuinely confused. Was Edward afraid of horses?

I slowly walked up to him and rested my hand on his cheek.

"What's wrong, Edward?" I asked again. His quick glances through the doors confirmed my suspicions.

"Scared of horses, are we? A big, scary vampire is afraid of some weak horses? " I teased him.

"No, Bella, I'm not scared... pffft." He shrugged, but kept glancing sideways at the furry white beast inside the door. I leaned in to him, laughing slightly. "Come in and meet my new friends, then. Don't eat them, though." Edward looked shocked. "I would never..."he started, but I just dragged him into the barn.

Inside the barn, Edward jumped away from every noise the horses made. He wouldn't even feed them the carrots we brought them.

Just then, a woman walked into the barn. I watched as she took in Edward before I realized I wasn't in her line of sight. I quickly stepped out from behind the horse's head and put my arm around Edward. The woman looks slightly disappointed, but continued towards us.

"Hi, my name's Rachel, and you must be Edward and Bella, here for your trail ride.

"That's us." Edward said.

"Follow me." Said Rachel.

She led us towards the back of the barn where three horses had saddles on. Their name plates said Stan, Diamond and Duke.

"Edward, you will be riding Stan, Bella you will be riding Diamond, and I will take Duke here ahead of you. Stan and Diamond love each other, so you can get close enough to hold hands if you want." Explained Rachel. "Duke's a sour puss, so try to stay fairly far back from him." She warned.

"Ready, Bella?" Edward asked me, sounding less nervous, but still never taking his eyes off the tall brown Stan.

"Only if you are scare-D-cat!" I teased, but Edward took it as a yes.