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Chapter 6


I had made up my mind my mind to let her put the blanket on Ceilidh JUST for the trailer ride, but I wanted to bug her first. Of course, I forgot she would see right through my plan.

"Only for the trailer ride. And nothing else pink." I had to add the last part, because I knew she had bought everything in pink for my pony.


When we got Ceilidh into the trailer that we were borrowing from the barn, Edward and I got into my truck, which was pulling the trailer. I had to let Edward drive because I had no idea how to manoeuvre a trailer, and because I was just too damn excited.

Alice was driving her Porche, so Edward and I talked about excuses why Ceilidh shouldn't wear Alice's new "clothes" for her.

"No, Bella, for the last time, we're not telling her Ceilidh is allergic to pink!" Edward practically shouted at me.

"But Ceilidh's so smart, she'd probably sneeze or something after we told Alice," I laughed, remembering how Ceilidh had agreed that she'd hate Alice for making her wear pink.

I heard Edward chuckle, and looked over at him.

"What?" I asked him, but he just shook his head.

"We just bought a pony," he said. "and I was afraid of horses this morning." He said.

I thought about it. We did just buy a pony. And, to top it off, we had no idea what to do with her. Or –gulp- what Alice had bought for her.

Thanks a lot, Edward. Now I was worried.

"Bella," Edward asked me. "Are you okay?" Was I? More importantly, would Ceilidh be okay? Would she be fed enough? Would she be eaten?

"I, um," I stuttered. "Will anyone try to eat my pony?" I finally blurted out. Edward actually had the nerve to laugh.

"Edward! I'm serious! Do they eat horses?" I asked, appalled by the thought.

"Bella, I've been waiting for you to ask that all day." He pulled off into the driveway of his house. We were here already?

"We don't eat horses, there's a story why.

When Carlisle was changed, horses were considered as transportation. He had mare named Thunder. She was a beautiful dapple grey, with a black muzzle and legs, and she was extremely well built. After Carlisle discovered he could hunt animals, he vowed to never hunt horses because he loved this mare.

He would take her with him whenever he would hunt, riding out into the forest on her. One day, she was lying down in her stall. Carlisle thought nothing of it and decided to let her rest. When he got back from hunting, she was dead.

Since Carlisle told me about her, since I saw that burning love in his eyes, I've never mentioned her in his presence again It was so sad to see how much he missed her. I told the rest of the family one day when he was away hunting."

After Edward's story, I was in tears. Poor Carlisle, having only his horse to turn to as a vampire in a world made for humans, then having her die. What a tragedy.

"Bella?" Edward said worriedly when he noticed I was crying. He immediately wrapped his arms around me. "I'm sorry to make you sad, Bella. Don't worry, Thunder was old, Ceilidh's only young. She won't die for a long time, She won't die for a long time, She won't die for a long time."

Ceilidh... dying? That wasn't why I was sad! I felt bad for Carlisle!

"No, Edward, that's not why I'm crying. I feel so bad for Carlisle." I told him.

"Oh Bella," Edward said. "I should have known you would feel bad for Carlisle. This was just before he found me. Two weeks before, actually. He wasn't alone for long." He told me. This did make me feel a little bit better.

"Are you ready to take Ceilidh to her new house?" Edward asked me.

"Uhhh..... Where?" I asked, a little confused. She wasn't going to live in the house... right?

"Alice thought she should go in the house, but no one –except Emmett- wanted that, so they put her in a baby barn out back. It's right outside the kitchen window." Edward explained to me.

"Maybe we should check out the barn first, to see what Alice did to it." I suggested. "Then we can put Ceilidh away."

"Good idea." Edward replied, and with that, we went to visit the pink mania.

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