Heartbreak is Her Theme Song

.:for Claire/ArielMooreFan:.

Pushing the button on her iPod speakers, Tess climbed off the bed. The beat blasted from the speakers; loud and unpredictable, everything she wished she was.

Music's in my soul. I can hear it; everyday and every night it's the one thing on my mind. Music's in my soul and I'm never letting go, no, no. I just gotta play my music.

Spins here, a twirl there; Tess was letting it all go. Every worry, every care, every broken promise, everything was forgotten for the moment.

Her mother had never been to one of her performances a day in her life. And the day she finally decides to come, Tess has a breakdown because Little Miss White-Lies gets her guy.

Tess never was one for fairytales, seeing as she had no one to read them to her. I'm sure Mitchie's parents read her Cinderella all the time. She wasn't going to dwell on that. She may never have her Prince Charming, but she'd always have her music.

Mitchie and Shane. Shane and Mitchie. Tess wanted to gag. It sounded awful. Smitchie is what their fans would call them; she could see it already. Innocent small town girl takes heart of big city rocker.

"Stupid Shane, Stupid Mitchie."

Hand's off; he's mine. I see you talking in his ear, its fine. You think you're gonna change his mind but you're so dead wrong.

Heartbreak was always her theme song. Once it had a catchy beat that kept her on her feet, she would do it again. Just to hear the music.

Then again, Tess's life has always been a twisted soap-opera. That might never change. She was okay with that. Soap operas had theme songs, didn't they?

A/N: Miss Claire, this one's for you. I know how you love your music. :D Caught the lyric that I put in there? :D