He watched her from afar. He noticed her as soon as he saw her walk through the elevator door in the lobby of his office. He was waiting for the captains of industry; the CEO's and their entourage, to discuss their energy crisis. He prepared himself for a room full of stiff, republican men, ageing and clad in their thousand dollar suits. What he did not expect was this woman, who trailed behind them.

"Mr. Veidt, how nice to see you again," said the first man. He was wearing a black pinstripe suit with a black tie and what looked to be very expensive black shoes. How grim; how mundane.

What was not mundane was this woman. Her jet black hair was wispy with waves and curls of mayhem. Her face seemed to glow beneath her hair, a creamy tan that he had never seen before. Her silhuiette was one that would make a man weep. The silhuiette of a real woman, so rarely seen these days. Her curves and mounds resembled her hair. Her breasts were hidden under her silk blouse. As she walked, he could see the natural movement of them. Her chest led down to a small waist, sinched by the top of her skirt. Her hips flared out, creating a perfect hourglass shape.

But beautiful women are everywhere. He saw them everyday. Beauty itself was mundane to him, too.

It wasn't her beauty that struck him. It was her innocent aura. The caution with which she made eye-contact with my staff, the way she held her folders, yet her stride was young and vibrant. Confident without being arrogant, but still shy.

Adrian Veidt was the smartest man in the world. He was a superhero. He had a multi-billion dollar empire. He. Had. Everything.

Except her.

His eyes stayed on her face as the group of men walked through the lobby of his floor and into his office. The men had their hands extended, their sickeningly professional smiles that Adrian knew well enough were not genuine. As she turned from the receptionist's desk to the path leading to him in his office, her eyes did not even scan the man before her. He was amazed to see her gaze went straight to the view of the city, behind him.

The entire back wall of his office was glass. He didn't face it when he was sitting at his desk but gave that luxury to the people sitting across from him. It was a sight to behold. Unfortunately, as his youthful years passed, he never once witnessed any of his business partners or associates take pleasure in the view. No one appreciated the beauty of it like he did. Except for this girl. Instead of staring at Adrian, an international celebrity, Adrian was pleasantly surprised, albeit a little disappointed, when her eyes riveted directly to the skyline. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped, probably without her even realizing it. Adrians lips twisted into a smirk at her disinterest in him.

"Mr. Veidt…" said the greying oil tycoon. Adrian composed himself, realizing that he had completely ignored the man before him.

"Mr. McAlaster, forgive me. What a pleasure to meet with you gentlemen today." The circle of five men nodded and shook hands with Adrian, accepting his welcome. Adrian looked to the girl, hoping she would extend her hand as well, looking for a chance to get closer to this creature. She just stared back at him, confused at what she should do. She froze, unsure of whether offering her hand would be an overstep on her part. She was just an aid after all. An aid's job is usually to stay invisible unless called for by their employers.

She noticed he looked at her strangely. She didn't understand what his blank staring meant.

Adrian saw that she was unsure about the level of formality of this office, which was usually quite high, but he could sense she was out of her element, and decided to ease her a bit. Either that, or further her level of discomfort by embarrassing her. He gave her a small smile as he walked through his large office towards her, through the group of industry leaders. He saw the look of shock on her beautiful face and his heart swelled a little. He wanted her, he wanted this creature. Every second he watched her, she did something else that made him feel something. Something unfamiliar.

He made his way towards her and motioned with his arm for them to step outside his office, through the lobby, into another hallway which was baron. She hesitated, her eyes running over his face, trying to weed out his intentions, and then she looked at her employer standing 10 feet away. He nodded at her, giving her permission to leave. He seemed just as befuddled as she was.

She assumed he was escorting her out because the meeting he was holding delved into some information she was not meant to know. But when he finished leading her into the small, empty hallway, he turned around and looked at her. He looked deep into her eyes. She felt butterflies in her stomach. She had never been in such close proximity to a member of the Watchmen before, or any celebrity. Her stomach turned upside down when he continued staring. She swallowed, her mouth dry.

He smiled at her nervousness, and extended his hand, "Hello, I am Adrian Veidt." The girl stared at him, meeting his hand with hers.

"I know who you are." Adrian met her hand and felt at twinge of excitement. He wasn't sure what was happening to him. Why was he so interested in this girl? Why did being so close to her make his heart beat faster? Adrian realized he had moved very close to her body, unintentionally. He didn't step back. Instead he let his eyes run over her face. Her eyes were almost as dark as her hair, a beautiful chocolate brown, surrounded by a fan of long, dark eyelashes. Her eye brows were twisted, evidence of her befuddlement at his actions towards her. Her nose was thin and straight, leading down to lush, pink lips. So pillowy soft they were, he felt himself lick his lips at the sight of them, but refrained from the temptation to kiss her. Her cheeks were pink, high-set. Even being an agnostic (not knowing whether or not to believe God existed), he called out to God in his mind and thanked him for this creature before him. Her silky bangs fell in front of her eyes, and he swept them aside. Adrian felt his heart burst with joy as he realized he had found her. The one he had been awaiting for the last 35 years. The girl who would make his life complete.

"Is something wrong Mr. Veidt?" the girl asked. She was beginning to think he was crazy. Extraordinarily handsome. But crazy.

"No, nothing is wrong." He spoke slowly. Carefully. As was his style. "Forgive me for intruding, but may you be so kind as to tell me your name?"


"Angelina." He closed his eyes as he recited the name. Adrian was not sure what to make of this sudden need for her. He didn't understand it. He was surrounded by beautiful women everyday in his empire. And he had only watched the creature before him for a few moments before he realized that she was his. ~How could this be happening?~ He asked himself. ~I have felt love before, and it is not this sudden… Who is this witch?~

"Mr. Veidt, I-" He opened his eyes, stopping her words.

"Please… call me Adrian."

"Okay. Adrian…" she shook her head, "No, Mr. Veidt. Is there something I can help you with? Are you cancelling the meeting?"

"No, the meeting has not been cancelled."

"Because if it has, I'm sure my employer will fully understand, you know, if you're not feeling well, or if something else has come up." He was watching her lips as she babbled on. Her need to fill the silence was obviously to ease her discomfort with it, but Adrian knew better than to stop her. Watching her mouth move was igniting in him a burn so deep that, for the first time in his life, he was unsure what to do. He became conscious of his breathing, and tried to keep it normal, as he realized what was about to happen. His life was about to be completely altered.

"I am feeling fine Angelina. Please… call me Adrian." His husky words were followed by an abrupt kiss. He leaned down, pressed his lips against hers, kissed her breathless. He wanted her, he needed her. He didn't understand why, but he didn't care. She was going to be his for eternity, and he would make sure of it.

Angelina froze when he kissed her, realizing what all the staring was for. His cologne smelled extraordinary, his breath smelled like apples. But all the delicious fragrances in the world could not make her falter. He wanted to have sex with her. He wanted to use her. She pulled away from the kiss, regretting it instantly, but knew it was necessary is she wanted to keep her dignity. Adrian looked down at her, her mere 5'6 not comparable to his 6'3. His eyes were glazed over as he tried to focused on her face.

"This is why you brought me out here! To have sex with me before your meeting?" She looked around and motioned at the walls. "Is there a secret room in these walls? Or maybe you just push a button and a fucking bed flips out." Her hands were shaking with adrenaline, partly because she was furious that someone would think so low of her, much less Adrian Veidt, but partly because she was immensely turned on. Adrian shook his head in saddness, realizing what he had done.

"Angelina, I am sorry. I do not know what came over me…" His eyes ran over her face a few more times. He was terrified he would never see it again. Angelina tried to break free of his arms, tears welling up. She wanted him, but she knew she couldn't. She didn't want to be his whore, yet she did. Adrian let her go, not wanting to imprison her. She gave him one hard stare before turning to walk to the elevators. He felt his heart skip a beat at the thought of never seeing her again. He chased after her, not willing to let her go. He caught the elevator door before it closed, and walked in. She watched him, not feeling particularly threatened as his face was grievous rather than psycho.

"Angelina, please let me explai-"

"Explain what! That you saw me walk into your office and the first thing you thought was, 'I'd like to fuck that.'" Her face was hot with humiliation.

"No, of course not. Like I said, I don't know what came over me. I am so sorry if I hurt you." Angelina refused to meet his eyes.

"Then why'd you do it?" Adrian felt the urge to run his hands through her glistening tresses. They bounced when she shook her head. Adrian pictured how her hair would bounce when he made love to her and he clenched his fists at the thought. If he ever made love to her. Angelina looked up when he didn't answer and gaped at his body's intense stance. His eyes opened and he lost his breath when he saw her eyes, red and watery, her cheeks were flushed, and her bangs were in her eyes again.

"Please understand Angelina," he spoke slowly, choosing his words carefully, "…that I do not understand my own behaviour." He saw her lick her lips, and felt a tremor course through him when he thought what that tongue would feel like on him. Angelina saw the tremor and felt her nipples harden. She wanted him so bad. Adrian looked down at her tight blouse and saw her body's reaction to him.

He snapped.

He took out a key from his pocket and shoved it inside a slot under the elevator buttons. Twisting it, he punched in a code and the elevator started to move up. Angelina's eyes were wide, she looked at Adrian. He stared her down until they reached the 150th floor. The doors opened to reveal an immaculate home. His home, she guessed. He stepped out and she followed him, having an idea of where this would lead.

He walked stiffly to his bedroom, taking off his jacket and throwing on the chair next to his bed. He turned around and watched her face as he undid his tie and unclipped his cufflinks. He threw them where his jacket lay. Angelina felt a tingle inside her tummy. She wanted this. She wanted him. To hell with what anyone would think of her. No one had to know. She made her way into his bedroom. She walked right up to where he stood and began unbuttoning his shirt with shaking hands. She watched his face as she did this and felt her nipples harden painfully when she saw his expression. Pure lust that was overflowing in his eyes. She pulled out the shirt tails and began to unbuckle his belt. Adrian slipped his shirt off and began to unbutton hers. He felt the excitement of a child opening his present on Christmas Eve. He knew he wasn't supposed to, but he didn't care. As he saw the lining of her black lace bra, he felt himself harden in anticipation. He pulled apart the rest of her shirt, popping the buttons. Superhuman strength came in handy in situations like this. He ran his hands over her waist, over her arms, over her breasts. Then he slipped his hands behind her back and held her body tighly against his. He looked down at her face.

"Are you sure want this?" Her lids were half-closed, she was at the prime of her excitement. He held her face with one hand and spoke louder. "Angelina, do you want this?" All it took was one nod of her head. He unclipped her bra and threw it aside. He stared at her full breasts like a starving man. He didn't hesitate before he picked her up, maiden style, and swung her over his bed before placing her down up on it. He roughly pulled off her skirt and finished undressing himself. He was bare as he stood before her. She couldn't take her eyes off him. He climbed over her and attacked her breasts with his mouth, making her moan loudly. She ran her fingers through his hair and held him there, suckling on her breasts. He swirled his tongue around one breast, then the other, sucking loudly as he went. He moved up and locked her mouth in a breathtaking kiss. His chest heaved with pleasure as he felt her wet nipples brush against his chest. He broke the kiss and stared deep into her eyes. Her eyes were glazed over from the pleasure of being violated. He held her face as his body hovered above hers. He knew she was thoroughly wet, so he didn't bother to caress here there. Yet. Her eyes finally focused on his, as he said, "I love you Angelina. You ignite something in me that I cannot explain. You will be mine forever." His breath almost hitched as he finished off by saying, "And now I'm going to fuck you." Angelina's eyes shut fiercly as her body reacted to those words. That was all it took. He spread her legs, guided his cock to her entrance, and rammed himself into her, eliciting a piercing scream from her.

She was a virgin. He broke her.

He froze. She was so tight he couldn't take it. She had never been stretched like this before. He was her first. He looked down on her as her chest heaved with pleasure. Her eyes finally opened and met with his. She was his, he had already decided that. But he did not know she was an innocent. He would have been much more gentle.

"Fuck me." Adrian slammed into her in response to her words, his body acting for him. Every thrust into her wetness made her scream. She was loving it and so was he. He rammed himself into her, rough and fast, moaning at the raw earthly pleasure of being inside her. Inside this heavenly angel. "Mr. Veidt!" She met his thrusts with her rocking, and he grew harder. Her back arched at the feeling of him throbbing inside her. Throbbing with pleasure. He bent down to suckle on her breasts a little more before raising himself to watch them bounce and shake as he fucked her senseless. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He could feel she was close. He watched the face of his future wife as he brought her to the edge of sanity, and proceeded to push her over, watching her fall hard. She came, screaming, her nails digging into his back. She bucked and writhed intensly, but he held her arms above her head with ease. He groaned, watching her body quiver, and felt himself cum. His loud groans of pleasure were drowned out by her screams and whimpers. He watched tears stream down her face, and he just trusted harder into her, wanted to give her all the pleasure she could imagine. When he gave her the last drops of his seed, he buried his face in her breasts, gasping for air, trembling, smiling at the feel of her body still clenching around his manhood. He kissed her chest. Her sighs of content delighted him. They made him want to pleasure her still. He looked at the face of the woman he would devote the rest of his life to. She gazed up at him, shyly basking in his awe of her.

She couldn't understand his fascination with her. At first she assumed he just wanted a fuck. But, to her wonderment, Adrian had told her she was his forever. He had told her that he loved her. As she looked up into his eyes, she wanted desperately to believe his sentiments were genuine. But, in her heart of hearts, she knew that what he said must be part of his routine to get a woman to surrender to him.

She closed her eyes, wanting to push away the thoughts of what she had just done. She didn't want to think about all the ways this was wrong. All she wanted to do was focus on this very moment. Lying in Adrian Veidt's arms. Hearing him say that he loved her. Feeling the tingly pleasure of afterglow. "Lina?" Angelina opened her eyes. "Is something the matter my love?" Angelina's brows furrowed. Adrian's glow died a little, at the thought that he may have hurt her. "Lina."

"Lina?" asked Angelina.

"Yes. Lina. It's a lovely take on an already beautiful name. Unless you have reservations about it, my love."

"Love?" Angelina didn't want to play this game anymore. "Please don't say that Mr. Veidt." Adrian shook his head, saying,

"Call me Adrian, Lina. My surname is for formal contacts."

"Am I not one of them?" Adrian bent lower to kiss her breasts again.

"Not quite…" whispered Adrian. She sighed, feeling his lips tease her into a tangle of nerves. "Why can I not call you love?"

"Because. Hearing it only reminds me that what has just happened was not because of love, but lust. White, hot lust." She shivered as his fingers left a trail of fire down the side of one breast.

"Love," he spoke gravely, "I am not sure what you must think of me after taking you so abruptly and claiming you for my own. And I cannot explain how or why you've taken a hold of me so suddenly. But this is how I feel. I speak the truth." Angelina shook her head and looked away. She wanted to leave now. But he turned her face back to his. "I rarely find myself at a loss for words. But now, I find that all I can say is that I need you. Truly, and deeply. As my thoughts gather in the coming few hours and days, and as I fully comprehend that my life will forever be altered, I will form a more precise description for what I feel for you. For how tightly your life is now stitched to mine. Will that subdue you for now?" Angelina nodded stupidly. Adrian rolled onto his back and pulled his new love with him, so that she was now lying on top of his body. Angelina smiled at the feel of his rock solid form against her soft one. Even after what Adrian said to her, she still was not sure what to think about what was happening between them. But she wanted to ignore her inner voice and just bury herself in the pleasure of this moment. The feel of him still inside of her. Lying in the arms of this true, blue Superman. His hands were in her hair, holding her head on his chest. He could not get enough of this woman.

"Can I ask you something Mr. Veidt?" Adrian sighed sharply.

"Not if you keep addressing me as such." Adrian lifted his head and met her eyes. "Why cannot you call me by my name?"

"Because it would be improper of me."

"Lina, you are going to be my wife. Which would make it improper for you to not call me by my first name." Adrian felt Lina's body tense up.

"What?" Lina shook her head, and sat upright, straddling his defined abdomen. "Now I know you're dicking with me." She leaned over the side of the bed, looking for her clothes.

"Dicking with you?" Adrian was starting to get agitated. She kept trying to leave. Could she not understand that she belonged to him?

"Wife?" Angelina smirked, not meeting his gaze. He was embarrassing her on purpose now. "You don't even know me Mr. Veidt. You're the smartest, and probably one of the richest men in the world." She found her blouse and examined the damage. "And the second I walk into your office, you decide to fuck me and then marry me?" She laughed at the absurdity of it. "Right." Adrian was watching her move the entire time she was on top of him, ranting. His eyes followed her delectible body as she leaned over him, over the bed. He watched the way her breasts shook. He waited until Lina felt it.

And then she froze.

She felt him harden inside of her. A tremor coursed through her. Adrian smiled mischievously as he reached up to fondle her breasts, feeling himself grow harder still as he remembered giving them the full attention of his mouth. Her nipples became hard and she leaned into his touch. His smile grew; she wanted him. He raised himself up on his elbows and kissed and licked her nipples. He wanted to hear her moan. She leaned in further, lovingly wrapping her arms around his head to keep him there. The feel of lips suckling on her breasts made her rock against his body, without thinking. The grinding against his penis surprised him with a jolt of pleasure, and he thrust up into her, making her whimper.

He wanted to lay her down again and start ramming into her. But he decided to show her the heights of love-making. He wanted to make her cum several times before he fucked her again…


Lina yawned silently. She raised her arms and straightened her legs to stretch, and took a deep breath. She loved this part of the day. The few seconds of sheer ignorant bliss before you remember all the stress and chores of the day. She smiled contently and opened her eyes.

It was dark. As in, it was night. She looked at the angry red numbers of the digital clock next to her and her jaw dropped. She instantly remembered the last few hours. Adrian Veidt. The sex. The nerve-obliterating pleasure. She turned her head and saw him. The legend himself. Lying naked, next to her. With his arms around her waist.

She knew this was her cue to leave. Her heart cracked at the thought. She didn't want to leave. She never wanted this night to end. But she knew it had to. Mr. Veidt was going to find another woman to have his way with the next day, and the next, and she felt her throat tighten. Her eyes wandered over his perfect body. The lines, the definition, the hard angles. She was the jealous and possessive type by nature. And for some reason she felt that Mr. Veidt belonged to her. She couldn't understand why. Was is because they had shared something spectacular together? Or was it all those things Mr. Veidt kept saying to her. That he was going to make her his wife. Or when he repeatedly told her he loved her.

It was all too much for her to process right now. She wanted to escape this fantasy world she had been dragged into and go home to her apartment. To the safety and familiarity of it. Angelina tried to get up without waking him. She lifted his arm very slowly, slid out from under his grasp, and laid his arm back down. As she stood, she gazed at his form again. She wanted nothing more than to be in his arms and hear him say all those things to her again, even if she knew they weren't true. But she knew it wasn't possible. So the next best thing would be to leave and never come back. That was the least she could do for him after he showed her the art of love-making. Something she never had the courage to undertake with anyone else. She was going to walk out of his home, out of his life, and never come back. He would want it that way.

She forced herself to get a grip and find her clothes. She slid into her bra and panties, and pulled her skirt on. But when she saw her blouse, she blushed as she remembered what he had done to it.

~Oh well. It's dark outside. I'll just hold it closed and tuck the bottom in. No one will notice,~ She thought to herself. Resisting the urge to kiss him one last time, she gathered the rest of her things, and called for the elevator. She stepped inside as the doors opened, and whispered, "Goodbye."


Adrian searched for his love in his sleep. His arms were empty so he called out to her. "Lina?" His eyes opened at the lack of response and he froze. She was gone. He sat up right and called out louder, "Angelina." He stood suddenly and cursed. Not bothering to put on his robe, he stood at his window and searched the streets below; trying to use his superhuman eyesight to spot her somewhere, anywhere. He sighed sharply at the empty streets and marched over to his phone.

"Ethan, did you see a dark-haired girl walk out of the building? In a black skirt, white blouse, and her hair was wavy, reaching mid-back" The man on the other end sounded alert at the way his boss sounded. Mr. Veidt normally spoke very slowly, very calmly. But he sounded extremely stressed at the moment.

"Yes Sir, I did."

"When?" He asked urgently.

"At 2 am? Maybe 3. Do you need me to check the tapes?" Adrian sighed irately, looking at his clock. It read 4:37. His felt his stomach turn at the thought of her in the streets of New York, all alone and unprotected, at 3 in the morning. What was she thinking?

"Mr. Veidt? Is everything all right?"