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Michiru's POV

I thought of Haruka almost constantly now. I was unsure of how to express my feelings for her, as she was my angel. She came to me as my muse, inspired me to play my violin. I always said she was my inspiration and she always called me an ideal princess. I suppose I am, if I may use her words. But I do not wish to let it be know to Hotaru know about this.

Hotaru is sweet, but I worry about her. Setsuna would understand this, I suppose, but why should I burden her, when my true desires lie with Haruka. My muse and my love. But she's coming home soon and she has kissed Usagi. I know they mean nothing like her kisses with me, but I am still afraid of losing her. My love for her is like a cherry blossom: beautiful and light, sweet and delicate. I would not doubt if Haruka compared myself to a cherry blossom.

My music around her is a lot sweeter and easily comes to me when she is near. My art is its most beautiful with her near. I love her very much. Haruka is an enigma, a flirt, but she is kind to me and I like it when she is near.

Haruka is coming. I see her outside the window. Her car has just pulled up. Look how beautifully the sun plays with her blonde waves of hair. She is smiling at me; but she is with Setsuna. Is Setsuna coming to dinner?

I rush downstairs to try to look around the kitchen for a meal to throw together. As luck would have it, nothing. The door opens and I hold my breath. Haruka enters with a pizza, followed by Setsuna with a soda bottle.

"Dinnertime." Haruka smiles and plants a light kiss on my cheek.

I grab the plates out of the cupboard and set the table as Setsuna smiles at me and washes her hands. I wash my hands free of all the rosin and I turn to see Haruka patting the chair next to her as Setsuna sits across from my spot. I nod and I sit beside Haruka and smile as she hands me a slice of pizza.

"What did you do today, Michiru?" Haruka winks at me as she takes a bite.

"I worked on my music, Haruka. As always." I smiled, thinking of how we would be sitting in that room as she listened to it in a little while.

Setsuna shifted in her chair. She gave me a wink too, and I began to wonder what was going on between the three of us.

"Michiru, I have to ask you a question." Setsuna stated boldly.


"Would you mind horribly if we took care of Hotaru? She is an infant. We need to take care of her and I believe the three of us would make great parents. Haruka could teach her sports, you the arts, and I can help with her studies." Setsuna took a drink.

"It seems alright with Haruka, so sure." I smiled.

"Good, well the meal was great, but I have to run." Setsuna ran out the door.


Michiru and Haruka stared after her and smiled. Haruka took Michiru's hand and lead her upstairs.

"Haruka, what about the dishes?"

"I'll get them later."

"I need to talk to you." Michiru stated after a silence.

"What is it?" Haruka stopped.

"I love you, Haruka. I have been working up the courage to tell you and I finally have. I hope you feel the same way."

Haruka smiled and and kissed her, taking off her shirt as they reached the bedroom.