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Seven Years Later

At the Hyuuga Compound's garden, there sat a woman. Her pink hair was medium length, almost to the middle of her back. It had a hair tie in almost the end of the ponytail, resembling Neji's.

Hyuuga Sakura was standing over the pond, watching the wind ripple the other wise calm water. In her hand, was that of a small child's hand. A young boy stood next to her with a wide smile on his chubby cheeks. The pink-haired kunoichi had let her hair grow out over the year, so that she wouldn't break the tradition of the Hyuuga clan of having long hair. She wasn't forced to grow it out, but she still wanted to.

Sakura's hand absentmindedly drifted to her stomach where a large bulge could be seen protruding through her simple light green kimono. Yes, she was pregnant, again. Three months pregnant, to be exact.

This would be their second child. Their son, Hizashi, was born four years ago, and now here she was, pregnant, again. The pink-haired kunoichi looked down at her son, observing his features for what seemed like the billionth time. Sometimes she couldn't get over how much he resembled his father.

His hair was long and dark, but his eyes were a different story. He had the Byakugan, but instead of his eyes being a pearl color, his eyes were tinted with green. He inherited this trait from Sakura, obviously.

When Hizashi caught her staring at him, he just gave another toothy grin, and squeezed her hand lightly. His curious eyes wandered to her stomach, though, earning a parting of his lips.

He let go of her hand and reached for her stomach. Poking it gently, his eyes lit up with a child-like wonder. "Mama, this is my baby sister, right?"

Sakura rubbed her stomach, then patted Hizashi on the head. "Yes, this is your baby sister, her name is Tsukiko." Neji and her decided to name both of their children after Neji's parents. Sakura wouldn't of mind naming the children after her deceased parents, but she wanted to make her husband happy, so she went along with his parent's names.

Since she was pregnant, she was also on maternity leave from the hospital and her duties as a kunoichi, hence the reason why she was wearing a kimono rather than her kunoichi attire.

Sakura almost jumped when she felt something touch her shoulder, but she relaxed when she heard Hizashi giggling. She knew it was Neji, just by her son's reaction. Her pearl eyes drifted to Neji, whose head was resting on her shoulder.

She then became aware that his arms had also encircled her waist, too. The pink-haired woman leaned against him as her already swollen feet began to ache. Pregnancy could be a pain in the ass sometimes, but it was worth it in the end.

"My feet are hurting me," she stated, knowing that Neji would take care of her.

He nodded, and held her as they went back to the deck of one of the many buildings in the Hyuuga compound. The three of them sat down on the deck, with Hizashi in between Sakura and Neji.

It was silent between the three of them. All that could be heard on the beautiful summer day was the sound of a cicada making the familiar buzzing sound you hear once in a while. But then, laughing could be heard. It was close to them.

It was the voice of Naruto, laughing boisterously. Even as an adult and a father, he was still loud and hyperactive. Soft, gentle giggles could be heard also. The voice belonged to Hinata. They had married a few years ago, and were very much a happy couple.

"I hear Uncle Naruto and Aunt Hinata!" Hizashi cried out in excitement. He prepared himself to get up and go see them, but Neji stopped him from doing so. He shook his head silently, telling the child not to disturb the couple.

Even though they weren't technically his aunt and uncle, Hizashi still called them that. He didn't have any aunts and uncles, but they were the closet things to it.

Hizashi pouted cutely, then snuggled up to Sakura while sticking his tongue out at his father playfully. "Daddy is a meanie head!" The child buried his face into Sakura's kimono sleeve.

Neji couldn't help but smile and roll his eyes. Someone had to be the strict parent, but Sakura couldn't fill that role. She was the type who would spoil their child with every chance they got. They were young parents, but sometimes it was better to be. Being a shinobi, you don't know when you would die. Even on the simplest of missions, your life was at risk. You could miss the chance to build a family, so why wait?

Bringing his head out of Sakura's kimono sleeve, Hizashi looked up and eyed Neji, then Sakura. He had a curious look about him once more.

"Mama, Daddy..." He tugged at the pink-haired kunoichi's kimono to get her attention, as Neji already was focused on the young boy.

Sakura turned her head to the young boy, smiling. Seeing that her attention was focused solely on him now, Hizashi decided that now he could continue.

"How did you and Daddy meet?" The question caught them both off guard, but since the question was directed at Sakura, she was the one who had to answer.

She took a tentative breath, unsure of how to say it in a way that he could comprehend. She tried to formulate a way to explain how they came to be without it being too difficult for him to understand, but she found that there was no way she could explain every event that brought them together. But, there was only one simple thing she could say.

"I'll tell you the whole story when you're old enough to understand." Hizashi's excited expression fell into a sad one. The corners of his mouth dropped from the answer he had received.

Sakura looked away from him, and stared up at the clear, blue sky. "Because of these eyes... Your father and I fell in love."

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