When they reached their floor, Mac realized what her plan was. The thought of doing this in the lab made him nervous, he had to admit. But he couldn't deny that he was incredibly aroused at the thought of he and Stella, naked in his office. The view from his window was breathtaking, and he was sure that's where she was taking him.

She led him through the dark halls silently. He took the walking time as an opportunity to touch as much of her as he could. His hands rubbed over her stomach as he walked close behind her. He kissed her neck again as they walked. She tasted so good to him.

"Why don't you sit down, Detective Taylor?" she asked him sweetly when they entered his office. He sat down behind his desk and watched as she lowered herself onto his lap, straddling him, causing him to groan. She removed the suit jacket, and the tie he was wearing and kissed him long and hard while she worked at the buttons of his shirt. She pushed it down his shoulders, and then tugged on his undershirt. They only broke the kiss while she pulled the shirt over his head and tossed all four of the garments away.

She went right back to his mouth while he slowly removed her shirt. She was anxious, he knew. But he wanted to remember this moment for the rest of his life. Undressing Stella Bonasera was the most beautiful thing he'd ever done. He broke the kiss to get the shirt off, and then just looked at her in her jeans and bra, on top of him. He was incredibly aroused.

Stella knew this, of course. So to urge him on, she began slowly and agonizingly rolling her hips around over his erection. His breath caught in his throat and his eyes rolled back slightly. She delighted in this. Her fingers went to his belt and began working there as she kept grinding, harder and harder each time. When she had unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped, she kissed him while she slid a hand in and grabbed the base of his penis firmly, letting him know she meant business.

She stood up in front of him while he kicked off his shoes and socks and then slid off his pants. She bent down to kiss him as she played with the waistband of his boxer briefs. She slid them down and off easily, and then focused her hands' attention on his cock. She rubbed it up and down. He groaned in a low tone that she had never heard before. She wanted to hear it again. Kneeling down and sinking to her knees, she cupped his balls and watched his eyes roll with pleasure.

She lowered her head to him and moved slowly. She licked up his length once, and then took him in her mouth, sucking as she took more and more of him.

"Ohhh Stel," he groaned low again and she was encouraged. She worked faster. Moving her mouth up and down, surrounding as much of his length as she could. She sucked him with fervor, using her hand to jerk off the base. She swirled her tongue around him and moved faster. He groaned so loud her body trembled.

"God, Stella. Oh my God." He pulled her head up toward him before she was done, and kissed her sincerely. His voice was huskier and more breathy than she imagined it could be when he told her, "This is about you, Stella. I want to make you happy. I want to hear you moan and scream tonight. I want you trembling, Stel. Okay?"

She kissed him in response.

He began unbuttoning her jeans and kissed the skin just above the low-rise jeans as he did so, sending shivers up her back. As he slid the jeans down her legs, he found the lacy green thong that they had covered.

"Oh, God, Stella," he groaned as she stepped carefully out of her jeans, keeping her stilettos on.

"I told you I was wearing green," she laughed. He stood up and reached behind her to clear the top of his desk of papers and writing utensils in one swift movement. He kissed her hard and lowered her onto the surface, following her as she went.

When she hit the surface, he reached behind her again and unclasped her bra, pulling it off and taking another moment to take the image in. Stella was naked, save for the green thong and the stilettos, atop his desk, waiting for him to fuck her senseless. This was the best day of his life.

He took her breasts in his hands, cupping them, rubbing her nipples until they were hard, and then he leaned down and took one in his mouth. Stella moaned and arched her back slightly, giving him better access. He switched to the other breast after a minute. Her hands gripped the sides of the desk and she moaned again.

He kissed her on the mouth and looked into her eyes. "Are you sure this is what you want, Stella?"

"God, yes. I've wanted you for as long as I can remember, Mac. Please…" she whimpered. He smiled and kissed his way down her body until he reached the waistline of her tiny green thong. He slid it oh-so-slowly down, kissing the new skin as it was revealed to him.

He slid them off her long legs, and moved one hand up to her breast, while he used the other one for her core. He watched her face as he slid one finger up and then back down her slit. She moaned and bit her bottom lip. She was wet. And his own erection tightened.

Mac used his thumb and middle finger to gently pull the lips apart and he blew gently on her sex. He used his index finger to rub playfully at the opening before he slid it into her and heard her sigh. He moved it around and curled it until she gasped and wrapped a leg around him, sticking the heel of her shoe into his back. He stuck another finger in and she bucked her hips to him.

He scissored the two fingers and she moaned louder. And then, he lowered his head and let his tongue join the fun. He licked her slit around his fingers. He lapped at her while he moved his fingers in her hard. He moved up and found her clit, flicking over it quickly again and again. She moved her hands to his head and pushed him into her, so he latched onto it and sucked it hard, nipping it once in awhile, while he finger fucked her as she bucked violently and cried out.

"Mac… Oh, God. I'm close… don't stop. Ohhhhhhh…" her voice wavered. He wanted to see her orgasm, but he couldn't let it happen like this. He stopped what he was doing and stood up straight.

"Fuck, Mac. Ohhh, I was so close. Oh my God," she was out of breath. And she was pissed. He stroked his cock a couple times, showing her what he was planning. She eyed him hungrily and licked her lips. She raised herself onto her elbows, and scooted her ass to the edge of the desk.

He spread her legs with his hands and she wrapped her legs around him. She used one hand to reach down and stroke his cock a few more times herself, using her thumb to spread the moisture at the tip. She positioned it herself at her opening and just as he was about to push in, she stopped him.

"Mac, wait," he stopped in his tracks, expecting the worst. "I have to tell you something."

"What's wrong, Stel? Did you change your mind?" He didn't want to hurt her if she doubted what she wanted.

She laughed in a deep husky tone and bit her lip again. "God, no. I just… I… I like it rough," she said shyly. He groaned and fell for her all over again. He kissed her harder than ever before, and pushed into her as deeply as he could possibly go. She moaned into his mouth, and he bit down on her lip. He gripped her breasts again and began teasing her nipples as he nipped along her neck, finally stopping at her earlobe. He sucked on it and then kissed the spot behind her ear.

Finally, he began moving his hips. He pulled his cock out and then plunged into her again. She cried out and dug her heels into his back again. Her knuckles turned white from holding the desk so tightly. They found a rhythm and he fucked her hard, slamming into her again and again.

The sound of his name coming out of her mouth was beautiful and she encouraged him to go harder, deeper, faster.

"Ah, fuck… God, yeah… Ohhh, Mac..." followed sometimes by "Mmmmm… harder… fuck me, Mac." His eyes rolled back in his head as he listened to her. "Yeah, Mac. Ohhh, fuck."

She now was playing with her own nipples as he used one hand to play with her clit as he fucked her. The other hand was tangled in her hair, tugging once in awhile. She moaned hard each time he did it.

He slammed into her repeatedly as her cries grew more desperate. He kissed her deeply before he felt her muscles tightening around him. He watched her as her eyes rolled back.

"Ohhh… fuck. I'm gonna come, Mac. Ohhh God." He pumped three more times before he felt her let go, and once more before he let himself go. He spilled into her and collapsed on top of her. She kissed him again and again while they caught their breath.

They rolled onto their sides, facing one another. She stared into his eyes and smiled the biggest smile he had ever seen.

"God, Stel." He kissed her forehead, her nose.

"Mac, that was incredible," she whispered.

They lay there awhile longer, Mac's hands roaming her body as they stare at one another.

"Will you stay with me tonight?" she asked him hesitantly.

"You won't be able to keep me away after that, Stella," he admitted.


He kissed her softly, and with so much passion at the same time. He needed her to know that he wanted this to work. When he broke the kiss, he whispered, "Stella, I've never felt this way about anyone before. I need you. I'm so in love with you. I want you to know that."

She had let one tiny tear escape her eye before she even realized it. Mac kissed it.

"I love you too. Let's go home."