Hi. I bet you weren't expecting this.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this except that there are four people I'd like to thank. I don't know if they will read this, but I need to say this.

Dear, Sparkleglitz01, Rootlessdream, , and Maximumchryst:

Because you all are great authors and you inspired me to write, and you all and a lot of others also influenced my writing. I hope you'll keep writing, and keep posting stories, and I will try, I really will try to keep up with your stories.

I'm leaving FF. For good. No more stories, no more posting, no more reviewing. I just can't anymore, with school and trying to get strait A's, and all the clubs and you know, just having a social life :)

Max: Wasn't there ANOTHER main reason for writing this?
Me: I'm getting to it!!

Also, as you probably know, the voting is now open for the Maximum Ride Awards(mrawards-dot-yolasite-dot-com). You-

Max: Can vote for our story!

Or, of course, for any other story you think is amazing (because, really, there are a lot of other fanfics out there that are amazing, and interesting, and romantic)

Max: But we hope you vote for out story!
Fang: Yeah, I mean, totally man. Have you ever noticed how AFTER our fic was out there, THEN AU's started getting popular?
Max: *excited* I know! We were like first!
Me: You guys, calm down, shall we?

ANYWAY, thank you for EVERYONE who reviewed, and just thank you for making this such a cool and amazing experience. I will NOT BE DELETING THIS STORY, OR ANY OF MY STORIES, so if you want to come back and re-read, you're more than welcome to.

So, this is goodbye.

Fang: Yeah.
Me: *hugs Fang* gonna miss you, Fangie!
Max: *pulls me away* *turns to you* BYE!!!