Date Started: March 19th, 2009
Date Finished: March 19th, 2009

Summary: Pico Devimon has at last found the Eighth Child. Will Vamdemon be pleased?

Blind as a Bat

Chapter 1 - Aftermath of an Epic Battle

Pico Devimon continued to pull the Chosen Child towards Vamdemon's lair, despite the Child's obvious protests and endless attempts at breaking his hold. Vamdemon's forces had been in the human world for merely a day, yet it had taken nowhere near as long for Pico Devimon to finally locate the Eighth Child for his master. He truly was the best servant Vamdemon could ask for, since it was most certainly not that lousy Tailmon.

He had found the Chosen early in the night; the fake Crest of Light had flashed to life and alerted him to the presence of the Eighth Digivice. He had immediately sprung to action and located the missing Chosen.

Sure, the Eighth Digivice had been lost during their epic battle, but what did it matter if he was able to present Vamdemon with the actual Chosen Child instead?

It had been a valiant effort on the part of the Chosen's attempt to defeat him, but Pico Devimon had managed to pull through. He had overcome all odds, and he had the scars all over his pale blue cheeks to prove it.

He knocked against the coffin where Vamdemon slept. The vampire lord was still recovering his strength and had not yet awakened.

The lid of the coffin moved, and Vamdemon appeared from under it.

"I've done it!" Pico Devimon announced. "I've found the Eighth Chosen Child."

Vamdemon's eyes flashed open.

Pico Devimon presented him with his catch.

Miko did the only thing he could in this situation. He meowed.

Chapter Notes:
- Poor Miko. Oh well, serves him right for playing around with Hikari's Digivice!