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Edward POV

"Dude, stop fidgeting. This is what you wanted for like five fricking years. You should be pissing yourself with excitement."

"Thanks for the visual Emmett. Now I know why I picked Jasper as my best man," I said as I looked in the mirror for the millionth time and readjusted my tie. I hated tuxedos, but for this girl I would do anything, so a monkey suit seemed like a small issue. Of course, the fact that Alice made us to go like five fittings for these damned suits pissed me off more than actually wearing it.

"All the girls are finally here. We should be getting this show on the road any minute now," said Jasper as he strolled into the groom's room at the church. He was not nervous at all, then again, this wasn't his wedding day.

"How does she look?" I asked anxiously. I started to wonder why people actually got married because this was one of the most nerve wracking things I had ever done. It was a hundred times more stressful than when I proposed last year in Grant Park. Bella said yes instantly, not that I had any doubt, after all we had been living together for almost 2 years by the time I proposed. Once school was over, Bella and I moved to Chicago together and got our own little place. Bella found work as a children's book editor and I began life as a self-employed composer and part time piano teacher. We both loved our lives in Chicago, so we decided to make it permanent, for as long as we both shall live.

"How is it going in here?" asked Carlisle as he wandered in and patted me on the back in support.

"I think Edward might explode," said Emmett, clearly trying to calm my nerves with laughter. It was not working.

"Jasper, you never answered my question," I snapped as I turned around to face him again. "How does she look?"

"She looks stunning, gorgeous, elegant and definitely a lot calmer than you, so relax before you have a damned coronary."

"At least if he does have a heart attack, there's enough doctors in the room to save him," joked Emmett again.

"Stop with the jokes Emmett, they are not fucking funny," snapped Jasper as he looked and me and straightened my tie. It finally looked right. I thanked him and breathed a slight sigh of relief.

"Don't worry Edward. The moment you see Bella walking down the aisle, all this stress will have been for nothing," said Carlisle as he paced around the room with us patiently. "That's how it was with your mother and I. I was standing at the altar, contemplating all the exits and whether your uncles would be able to tackle me before I ran out. Then I saw her and all my reservations and worries disappeared."

"You wanted to run away from Esme?" said Emmett in surprise. "But she's such a MILF." I smacked Emmett upside the head and Jasper looked like he wanted to rip his heart out of his chest.

"I don't know what that is Emmett, but okay," said Carlisle as we all laughed nervously.

"For me, it was just stress. I didn't see Esme for like 3 days before the wedding, so I was just nervous. It's clearly all good now seeing as we have been married for almost thirty years." He smiled wistfully, clearly recalling their wedding many years ago.

Father Jansen strolled in a few minutes later to let us know it was time to start the ceremony. Carlisle gave me a gentle hug and went to join the women, since Bella had asked him immediately after we told my parents of the engagement, if he would give her away.

"Ready to go Edward?" asked Father Jansen as he held open the door to the grooms' room.


Bella POV

"I can't believe the wedding is here already," said Alice as she lifted up my dress and slid my shoes into place.

When I first accepted Edward's proposal, we talked about having a small wedding with just family and friends, maybe even a destination wedding in St. Barts or something equally fabulous. Then I asked Alice to be my maid of honor and she talked to Esme and suddenly, here we are, having one of the most lavish weddings in Chicago. I wouldn't change it for the world though. Esme and I were already closer than ever, and when Edward and I announced our engagement, she broke down in tears, so happy for us. I already felt like she was my mother and that Edward was mine forever, now we just needed to make it official.

Alice, Rosalie and Esme dragged me to virtually every bridal shop within a 4 hour radius of Chicago in the first two months after our engagement. Of course, my favorite was the third dress I tried on, so everything else was just me playing dress up. One year later, here I stand in my beautiful strapless chiffon gown, awaiting Carlisle to walk me down the aisle. There was intricate lace work all over the dress, with a long train and some beautiful chiffon flowers across the top of the bodice.

Alice, of course, used the style of the dress to help plan every single detail of the wedding. The flowers on all the bouquets and on all the tables at the reception were white Peonies, to match the flowers on my dress. I will admit, she should have become a wedding planner instead of a buyer at a major department store, but at least I had her perfect style for my own wedding.

"Bella… are you with us?" said Esme as she handed me a small box, with a little pink bow around it.

"What's this for?" I asked curiously as I pulled the ribbon to release the small bow.

"Something borrowed," she said happily, as I opened the box and found her grandmother's pearl necklace.

"Thanks so much Esme. That was very sweet of you," I said excitedly as Rosalie helped me put it in place. It was the perfect accessory. No wonder Alice kept insisting I didn't need a necklace.

"Ok, so the tradition is something old, which I guess would apply to the necklace, something new, which of course is the diamond earrings Edward gave you. Something borrowed is the necklace from Esme as well and now all you need is something blue," said Alice eagerly as she handed me a small blue garter belt.

"Thanks Alice," I said as I shifted uncomfortably in my dress for a moment. She grabbed the garter from me in a flash, reached back under my dress and had it perfectly in place in seconds. "Have you been practicing that?" I asked as I laughed and adjusted my dress again.

Father Jansen came in a minute later to let us know that the groomsmen had all taken their places at the front of the church and it was now time to start the processional. Esme left quickly to join Edward who was supposed to walk her to her seat before taking his spot at the front of the altar. Carlisle walked in a second later and grabbed my arm in his.

"Ready Daughter?" he said sweetly as he rubbed my hand in comfort.

"Definitely," I said happily as Rose and Alice stood in front of me, ready to do join our men at the front of the church, as Pachelbel's canon played in the background.

Edward POV

The moment I saw Bella walking down the aisle towards me, on the arm of my father, all my nerves dissipated. Unfortunately, I started to cry a bit. Jasper quickly handed me a handkerchief and offered me a supportive pat on the back.

"I told you she looked stunning," he whispered to me. He was right. In fact, stunning was probably an understatement. She was wearing a gorgeous white dress, covered in lace and fabric flowers that matched the ones she was carrying. Her hair was piled loosely on top of her head, with dozens of curls cascading down her shoulders and back. She looked like an angel. My angel. My father looked like the proudest man on the face of the earth as he stood in front of us and laid her hand in mine. It may have taken us five years, but I wasn't letting go of her ever again.

It seemed like it only took minutes for us to recite our vows to each other, even though I know the entire ceremony lasted more like half an hour. Each time I looked into the front pew, I saw my mother crying happily and holding onto my father's hand lovingly. I hoped that Bella and I would be as happy thirty years from now.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm proud to be the first to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen," said Father Jansen happily. "You may now kiss your bride." He didn't have to tell me twice, as I grabbed Bella enthusiastically by the waist and pulled her close to me, kissing her with every ounce of love I had to give.

We drove to the reception in some horse and carriage thing that Alice had arranged. I had thought it was a little outrageous, but Esme practically insisted on it. Bella and I managed no time together before we were ushered into the reception and announced to all of our friends and family. Other than our college graduation, I don't think I had ever seen so many people in one room at once.

"I bet we got some awesome gifts," laughed Bella as I twirled her onto the dance floor for our first official dance. She had given me free reign on the song and kept insisting she trusted me even though I kept saying it was going to be the Dan Band cover of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart.' Of course I couldn't do that to her or my mother, who would surely kill me for doing something so improper at my own wedding.

I wrapped her in my arms and held her close as the first lyrics started, James Morrison's Better Man.

There was a time
I had nothing to give
I needed shelter from the storm I was in
And when it all got too heavy
You carried my weight
And I want to hold you
And I want to say

That you are all that I need
For you, I give my soul to keep
You see me, love me
Just the way I am
For you I am a better man
I said you are the reason
For everything that I do
I'd be lost, so lost, without you

Under the stars
At the edge of the sea
There's no one around
No one but you and me
We'd talk for hours
As time drifts away
I could stay here forever
And hold you this way

"I love you Edward Cullen," she said as we finally pulled apart and faced our cheering guests.

"I love you too Isabella Cullen."

A/N: I wish I had 'Better Man' play at my wedding. My husband picked "At Last" by Etta James. It was the only decision I would allow him to make. I let him pick out his tuxedo, but they changed everything to suite what I wanted. Yes, I was a bridezilla. What was or will be the first dance at your wedding?