100-word Dr. Who crossover drabble, surprise crossover, disclaimer below the story.

With Friends Like These...

By Marcus L. Rowland

LA burns as Martha explains her mission. Catherine listens, impassive, then says "If you succeed?"

"The paradox generator fails, and the Toclafane never happen."

"It sounds implausible. Murderous robots from the future..."

"It was never meant to happen."

Catherine nods. "This certainly isn't the future I anticipated. What remains of my company is at your service."

Martha leaves LA with the most impressive gun ZeiraCorp can build her. Catherine Weaver distrusts plans built on human emotions, she has none, but hopes that Martha is right. With the Master and Toclafane on the loose there's no future for Skynet.


Dr. Who belongs to the BBC etc., Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to James Cameron and Warner Bros., and there is no intent to infringe on copyright. This story may not be published on a profit-making basis.