Summary: Bella works at a child care center and Edward is the single dad she falls in love with.

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Chapter 1:

(Beep, Beep, Beep)

I rolled over looking at the beeping clock that read 5:00 a.m. I quickly turned it off before getting out of bed and walking towards the bathroom. Flipping the switch I shuddered as I saw my reflection in the mirror. "Wow, Bella, be thankful you don't have anyone sleeping next you," I chuckled to myself. I turned the faucet on and undressed as I waited for the water to warm up. A nice, warm shower was my favorite part of my morning routine. It always relaxed my muscles, preparing me for my day. After washing my hair with my favorite strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner, shaving my legs and using my freesia smelling body wash I turned the water off and grabbed a towel. I quickly dried myself off before wrapping the towel around my body. Walking into my room I flipped on my iPod and the dance sounds of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" started playing from the speakers. Opening up drawers I shook my hips to the beat and sang along with the song "Can't read my, Can't read my, No he can't read my poker face."
Pulling out some underwear and a bra, I quickly slipped them on before wrapping the towel around my head to start drying my hair. I opened the door to my walk-in closet, flipping the switch on, and started to look for something to wear. Not like it was a hard choice, I wore the same thing everyday at work: a comfortable pair of jeans, a work shirt that read A New Moon Rises Staff, and my black chucks. Slipping on my jeans and pulling on my shirt, I danced my way to the kitchen as "Just Dance" began to play. The smell of a fresh pot of Vanilla flavored coffee was calling to me. I poured myself a cup, grabbed a pop tart and sat myself down on a stool at the kitchen bar. I bobbed my head to the beat of the song as I sipped my coffee, ate my breakfast and looked over the latest issue of People magazine. Yeah I know, but what can I say it's my guilty pleasure. After finishing my pop tart, I cleaned up my mess before grabbing my cup and heading to the bathroom to blow dry my hair. 20 minutes later, my thick, wavy, brown hair was dry and straight. Looking at the clock, I had about 10 more minutes before I had to leave. I turned off my iPod and turned on the TV to see what was happening on the news while I put on my shoes and socks. As the clock turned to 6:00, I grabbed my lunch, my jacket, my purse and keys and headed out the door.

I got into my 2008 silver Saturn Vue, a college graduation gift from my mom, Renee, and step-dad, Phil, just two years late. It was a step up from my last car, an old red Chevy truck that had definitely seen better days. Traffic this morning wasn't bad at all so I made it to work in record time. And I'm glad I arrived early because there was already someone waiting at the door as I approached.

"Hi, can I help you?" I asked the gentleman who sat on the floor cradling a sleeping little girl in his arms.

"Uh...yeah, I'm Edward Cullen, my daughter Alexis is supposed to start daycare today," he told me as he slowly stood up, trying not to wake the little girl.

"Hi, Edward, I'm Bella. You know you're a little early," I said checking my clock. "We don't open until 6:30."

"I know and I'm sorry, I just got called into work, it's my first day on the job and I have no one else to watch her."

"Okay, um...yeah bring her in." I turned towards the door, unlocked it, and held it open for him.

I saw him having some trouble as he tried to pick up his things so I offered to help "Just bring her in; I'll get that for you."

He smiled his thanks and walked through the doorway. I grabbed the backpack and lunch box and followed him in. I put the things on the desk then flipped the light switches. I nearly gasped when I saw his face in the light. Standing in front of me was the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. Edward Cullen is someone you would describe as a DILF. From his coppery/red color hair that was in disarray, to his chiseled jaw, pouty pink lips that made me lick my own to his emerald green piercing eyes that I wanted to get lost in, this man was sex on legs.

"Ahem." Edward clearing his throat brought me out of my hypnotized state.

"Sorry," I said as I felt the heat pool in my cheeks. "Okay, Mr. Cullen, has Leah had you fill out all the paperwork yet?" I asked as I pulled out a notebook.

"Yes and please call me Edward. I did all that last week when I brought Alexis in to check the place out. I understand I just have to sign her in?" he asked cocking an eyebrow.

"That's correct." I opened the notebook to an empty page, handed him a pen and showed him where to sign in. He was having some difficulty balancing his daughter and writing, but after I held the paper down for him he was able to get it.

"Thanks again for taking her early. Hopefully this won't happen again. You guys close at 7 right?"


"Okay. She has some extra clothes in her backpack in case she has an accident, there are also some coloring books in there...umm...juice cup is in the lunch box," he gestured to the backpack and lunch box. "I'm not sure how she'll react when she wakes up; she's never been to daycare before. I mean she was shy when we came last week for a visit, didn't really socialize with anyone. So just page me if you need me," he told me.

"Don't worry Edward, I'm sure she'll be fine," I smiled reassuringly.

"Thanks." he smiled. He turned his head to kiss his daughter, gave her a little squeeze then passed her along to me. "Her name is Alexis and she's 3. She'll probably wake up within the hour."

"Okay, have a good day at work."

"Thanks again..."


"Thanks again Bella. I'll see you later." He waved then headed out the door.

I sighed as I watched the dreamiest man in scrubs leave, I mean Dr. McDreamy has nothing on Edward. I walked over to the cots to lay Alexis down so I could start setting up for the day. I slowly knelt and gently laid her down. I watched as she stirred, slowly opening her eyes. The moment she realized she was in an unfamiliar place and with someone she didn't know she began to scream 'daddy' and cry. I quickly picked her up and started shooshing her, rubbing smooth circles on her back, trying to calm her down.

"It's okay Alexis, daddy will be back, he just had to go to work. He'll be back soon sweetie," I explained to her knowing full well she didn't understand, but it was worth a try. I grabbed a tissue to wipe the snot that was coming out of her nose, she wasn't having that as she jerked her head away and tried to push my hands away with her own. With a little maneuvering I was able to get it.

After a little bouncing and hip swaying, Alexis put her head on my shoulder and her hiccoughs began to settle. I felt her little arms tighten around me and her head nuzzle into the crook of my neck. I sat down in the rocking chair and just hummed a little tune trying to get her back to sleep.

About 10 minutes later moms and dads began making their way through the front door. They smiled and said hello as I greeted them from the rocking chair. I pulled myself up trying not to disturb Alexis and walked over to the front desk. Why did today have to be the day Leah didn't arrive until 7? Thankfully all the parents with infants decided to bring them in their carseats today so I didn't have to carry any of them around. By the time Leah arrived, I was still greeting parents and I was watching 25 kids. I give thanks and praise to the person who thought of Dora the Explorer, even the boys get into that show. I can't stand the little spanglish speaking child and her friend Boots but if they keep the kids happy who am I to complain.

Alexis woke up around 8. Yes I held her for an hour and a half. I tried multiple times to either pass her over to Leah or one of the other teachers, but every time she began crying. I was sitting Indian style on the carpet with a group of kids circled around me playing a little Duck, Duck, Goose. I felt Alexis lift her head off my shoulder, look at me, rub her eyes with her little hands, then look at me again.

"Well good morning Alexis. I'm Bella," I smiled at her.

"Daddy?" she asked sticking her bottom lip out.

"Daddy, had to go out for a little bit, but he'll be back soon." The moment I told her daddy wasn't there, I could see the tears forming in her eyes and that bottom lip protruding out even more.

"Oh no, it's okay Alexis. How about we color? Do you want to color with me?" I asked her and she nodded her head. I wiped the few tears that escaped, off her cheeks and picked her up, carrying her over to the table. One of the other teachers, Emily, handed the backpack to me and I pulled out three coloring books and a box of crayons.

"Which one do you want?" I asked displaying them on the table in front of her. She pointed to My Little Pony. I grabbed the box of crayons, putting them down next to the coloring book. "Do you mind if I color with you?" I asked. She looked at me for a second then nodded her head. I grabbed the Winnie the Pooh coloring book and began coloring in the lines with her.

And that is how I spent the rest of the day...taking care of the kids with Alexis always at my side or in my arms. She didn't go play with anyone else, though some of the other little girls tried to get her to play kitchen and dress up with them. She did ask for her dad a couple more times, I just told her that he would be back soon. She didn't cry again, which made me happy.

Never once did she ask for her mom which made me wonder why. I don't remember seeing a ring on Edward's finger, but then again I wasn't looking at his hands. I mean who would be with lips and eyes like his. Oh those green eyes... they looked so sad this morning. I just wanted to jump over the counter and give him a hug... he looked so stressed and helpless. I wonder what is making him so sad.

Finally, the end of the day was getting closer. It was 6:45 pm, all of the kids were gone except for Alexis and a couple of babies in the baby room. At 6:59 the last baby in the back room left, so it was just Alexis, Leah and I. Leah was cleaning while I read a Doctor's Seuss book to Alexis.

"Bella, why don't you head home? You've had a long day. I'll wait for Dr. Cullen to come," Leah offered.

"Thanks Leah." I stood up and Alexis latched herself onto my leg. "Or maybe not," I smiled looking at the young child holding on tight. Leah let out a little chuckle.

"Come on Alexis, Miss Bella needs to go," she said grabbing her under her armpits and pulling gently. Alexis began shaking her head no. "Yes, Alexis, let Miss Bella go."

"No... Bella, me want Bella," she screamed with a pouty lip.

"It's okay Leah. I'll stay, I don't mind. It's not worth this one freaking out. Go on home to Jake. Tell him his best friend is feeling neglected. I haven't seen him in 2 weeks and he hasn't even called me."

"Haha, okay Bells. Thanks. Hopefully Dr. Cullen will be here soon," she said gathering her things. "And I'm sure after I talk to Jake, he'll be on the phone dialing your number apologizing profusely, telling you how busy the shop has been, making excuses."

"Oh how I'll be looking forward to that phone call," I laughed. "Have a good night Leah, drive safe."


So there I sat with Alexis, reading book after book. 7:30 rolled around and nothing.

"Come on Alexis, let's call daddy," I said standing up and holding my hand out for her to take, which she did. I looked up Edward's number and dialed, it went straight to voicemail. "Well that is just great. Let me try paging him." I dialed that number and typed in the phone number.

"Bella, me hungry," Alexis told me squeezing my hand.

"You're hungry Alexis? Well me too. Come on lets see what we have." We walked over to the fridge where I found my Tupperware dish full of spaghetti. I looked in the freezer and there was a box of chicken nuggets. "Which do you want... spaghetti or chicken nuggets?" I asked her as I bent down to her eye level.

"Ghetti," she stated.

"Ghetti? Okay, let's eat some ghetti," I smiled at her word for spaghetti.

After heating it up, I put a little on a plate for her and some on a plate for me. I poured some juice into her cup and mine, placed it all on a try and carried it over to the table. She sat down as I grabbed two sporks and some napkins, it was the first time she did not follow me when I left her and I smiled. I sat down and handed her a spork. Just then the door opened and in came Dr. DILF himself looking all disheveled.

"I know I am late and I am so sorry. I got stuck in traffic, my cell phone died on me, a kid threw up on me at work... it's just been a really bad day," he explained while moving his hands through his hair.

"It's okay. Come on in, join us. Alexis said she was hungry so I gave her some spaghetti I had left over from lunch, I hope you don't mind."

"Daddy!" she yelled as a big smile came to her face. "Me eating ghetti daddy," she bounced in her seat, pushing another sporkfull of noodles into her mouth.

"You're eating ghetti? Is it good?" he asked walking in and taking a seat. She nodded her head. "Thank you Bella. How did she do today?"

"Um... she had some rough patches but for the most part she was fine. Are you hungry? I have some more spaghetti if you want some," I gestured towards the dish on the counter.

"I don't want," he started to say as his stomach grumbled, "On second thought I would love some." I stood up and put the rest on a plate, grabbing him a spork and a napkin.

"Would you like some juice or water?" I asked placing the items in front of him. He gave me a crooked smile and said, "Thanks. Juice will be fine." I poured him a cup then sat down again.

"Hey Lexi...did you have fun today?" Edward asked his daughter who nodded her head. I had to hold back a laugh when I saw spaghetti sauce all over her face.

"Me love Bella," she told him.

"Wow, I've never seen her take a liking to someone so quickly especially someone she doesn't know. It took her a week to warm up to my parents. She ignores her cousins. What did you do?"

"I don't know. She was my little shadow, she wouldn't leave my side." I shrugged.

"Well thank you for taking such good care of her. I was a nervous wreck all day, checking my pager to see if you called, but nothing. Did she interact with the other kids?" he asked taking another bite.

"No they tried, but she wasn't having it. Don't worry though, it's just her first day. She'll most likely be Miss Social by the end of the week."

"I hope so. We just moved to the area and the only people she sees are my family."

"Oh where did you move from?" I asked before taking a bite.

"Chicago," he stated taking a drink.

"What made you move here?"

"Well my in-laws decided to retire and head down to Florida. I figured it was time to start fresh so I moved back home to be closer to my family."

"So you grew up here?" I asked listening intently. I wanted to learn everything I could about this man.

"Yeah. I haven't been back here since high school. I moved to Chicago for college and med school. It's where all the best memories of my life happened... I met my wife there, I got married there, Alexis was born there..." he said with a far off look on his face, almost as if he was playing those moments in his mind.

Should have known Dr. DILF is taken, but he doesn't wear a ring. Come on Bella just ask him.

"So you're a doctor. What does your wife do?" I asked biting my bottom lip.

"Erm, my wife died two years ago," he said solemnly.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't... shoot me and my big mouth," I said smacking my hand to my forehead.

Stupid Bella, stupid

"No it's fine. I've had two years to deal with it, I'm just sorry Alexis will never know her mother. She has her eyes," he said looking lovingly at his daughter who was taking a sip of her juice.

"Me done daddy," she told him.

"You're done? Okay, well let's get you cleaned up and get you home to bed," he said taking another bite.

"I'll do it. Go ahead and finish your dinner," I told him as I wiped my mouth with a napkin. "Come here Alexis," picking her up. "Did you enjoy that?"

She smiled and nodded her head eagerly. "Thanks Bella."

"You're welcome sweetie. I'm glad you liked it."

I took her over to the counter, sitting her down by the sink. I wet a paper towel and wiped her face and hands.

"Alright I think you are all clean." I picked her up and placed her on her two feet. "Now go give daddy a big hug." She ran right over to Edward wrapping her little arms around his neck. He smiled and gave her a tight hug too.

"You ready to go home?" he asked as he placed her in his lap.

"Bella come?" she asked. He smiled at his daughter, looked up at me as my cheeks turned red, then back to his daughter.

Yes, can I come? Shut up, Bella, you don't even know this guy.

"No sweetie, Bella is going to her own home. You'll see her tomorrow. Okay?"

"Okay." Edward stood up, placed Alexis on her feet, then picked up the plates and brought them over to me.

"Thanks." I smiled, taking the plates from him and throwing them away. I grabbed a sponge to clean off the table as he gathered Alexis' things. By the time he was ready to go I was at the desk waiting.

"Are you leaving soon? It's dark out and I can wait for you, I don't want you walking to your car by yourself," he offered as he signed Alexis out.

"Erm yeah, let me just grab my stuff and we can head out." I quickly grabbed my purse and jacket from the office, flipped off the lights and followed Edward out the door. I locked it and we walked to our cars.

"Thanks again for feeding Lexi tonight. This shouldn't happen again. If it does I'll get my mom or sister-in-law to pick her up." Edward told me with an apologetic smile.

"Don't worry about it Edward. I really didn't mind. You have a great little girl there." I smiled looking down at Alexis who was jumping instead of walking. I giggled a little thinking how nice it is to be young and carefree.


"Well this is me." I told him as we reached my car. "Thanks for walking me to my car. I'll see you both tomorrow."

"Bye Bella." Alexis said opening her arms up to give me a hug. I knelt down to her level, she wrapped her little arms around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I looked up at Edward when she did that and he had this huge smile on his face, and I think I noticed a little sparkle in his eyes, something I didn't see earlier.

"Bye Alexis. I'll see you tomorrow," hugging her back. "Bye Edward, have a good night." I waved.

"Bye Bella, you too. Come on Lexi, let's get you home." Edward took his daughters hand, walking to their car.

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