The Vampire Queen

A Jasper/Bella Fan Fiction

By : alice18341863


I sat there in front of my mirror in my bed chambers, thinking about anything and everything except my human past, when Jane knocked on the door. I sighed and turned to face the door.

"Enter," I said, with my calm demeanor in place as always.

"I'm sorry to to disturb, your majesty, but the guests will be arriving soon," she spoke calmly as if I hadn't utterly destroyed her previous masters, the Volturi.

"Yes, thank you Jane. Please inform me when they have all arrived."

"Of course, your majesty."

"Oh, and Jane dear?"

"Yes, you majesty?"

"Not a moment before." I warned her. She nodded her head and left the room.

I turned back to the – floor length – mirror and sighed. My med-back length brown hair – with the natural red highlights – was to be left down with its natural slight wave in place. I wore navy blue with dark gray eyeshadow and had no need for any other make up. The little make up I did wear brought out my golden eyes brilliantly. I hadn't once fed on or killed a human in my 146 years of being a vampire. I was wearing a black satin floor length dress with turquoise breast section covered in black lace and a turquoise belt like thing just below the breasts that had a black black rhinestones buckle type thing in the center. I wore 4" black high heels that had white rhinestones that covered my toes. I also wore black elbow length satin gloves. For jewelry I wore a charm bracelet with two charms on it – a bronze pig with silver wings and a "J", my love's first initial - and the locket that his mother gave to me the day of our wedding that I never took off.

I gently placed my silver tiara on my head – as I heard Jane's quick footsteps down the hall and turned and walked towards the door. I opened the door just before she knocked.

"Is everyone here?" I asked calmly.

"Yes, your majesty," she answered. I knew she, as well as most of my other guards, were sacred of me, as they should be. I had to many powers to be crossed. I had a mental shield that kept my mind completely safe, I could read minds, see the future. I was an empath and could control the weather, fire , earth, air, and atoms. I could control others minds and could move things with my mind. I was a force to be reckoned with.

"Then it's show time."

We walked to the ball room at a human pace. As we ascended the stairs, I could hear the room quitting and Alec making the announcement: "Please welcome her majesty, Queen Isabella!"

We finished ascending the stairs as the double doors opened and I was welcomed by applause from the largest group of vampires assembled in all of eternity.