Addressing a Review

Dear twilight fan (),

I am happy to receive reviews even though this story has been place on hold. However some of your facts are incorrect. Jasper was born in 1843 and was turned by Maria in 1863 during the Civil war which happened in the late 1800s. Edward was born in 1901 and was turned by Carlisle before he died of the Spanish Influenza in 1918.

I appreciate your trying to make sure that my facts are straight but as a HUGE Jasper fan, I verified my facts before I started writing this story.



Now to the rest of the fans that have been waiting for an update, I am sincerely sorry to say that I have not received any inspiration for this story. I am trying though. I am currently working on another Jasper/Bella story that I haven't even started typing yet, a Grey's Anatomy story that is a Yang/Hunt/Burke triangle, and a WWE story in which four weeks before her 18th Birthday her mother dies in a car accident and she is sent to live with her absentee father, who turns out to be Cowboy Bob Orton, and his wife (none of which have been posted yet). I am also working on my actual story. I am so sorry to make you wait even longer but I do promise to update it as soon as I figure out where to go from where I left off.

You Know You Love Me,