AN: This chap is actually in acknowledgement to those who reviewed this fic. Never forgotten is meant to be a one shot so I really had nothing to add except my thanks to the reviewers on it. It was quite hard to actually create a death fic neh but it seems it has become my favorite and I also have to kill my favorite. But then again, this fic is for the Tenten lovers who love her as a whole, as a character and her relationship with Neji.

So to Shubs who have been supporting one of my fics, thanks a lot. You're really a great one for encouraging me when I was about to give up on my other fic. I really, really ought to thank you in every fic you reviewed for me.

To doroniasobi, thanks also. It seems we share the same sentiment regarding the matter about Tenten. Yes, I love her and Neji too and I would even say they make the best Naruto pair in the storyline. And as for the story, ah, I have to agree Lee was kinda sweet neh?

To yukimi sama, I am so sorry, I really am when I made you cry but it was my intention to make my readers cry for once and I can't believe I succeeded. And I have to admit I feel elated when you mentioned about creating a song about my greatness although I am not that great yet but I thank you for your compliment as I considered it as one. And dude, you aren't over reacting okay? I'd react the same way if I was not the one who created the fic and besides, I also even cried while making it.

The reason for adding this chap is actually for yukimi sama as I have personally thanked doroniasobi and Shubs through their review. So Yukimi sama, here is my personal thank you okay?