Mila and Maddie had been best friends since they were in Elementary School. Mila's father was a hunter, and so naturally, Mila soon too knew about the things that went bump in the night. Maddie was a psychic, but not quite sure what that meant. She and Mila just assumed that Maddie was gifted until they figured out what it meant. Thankfully, Maddie and Mila were so good at keeping each other's secrets, that hiding Maddie's powers from other hunters was second nature.

On their first hunt together, Maddie ran into a guy and things got a little too risqué for any 15 year-old on her first hunt. She ended up getting pregnant, and never heard from the guy again, so Mila helped her to raise her daughter. With Maddie hunting less and less, Mila went on more hunts on her own, one particular one throwing her into the arms of Sam Winchester. They ended up sleeping together, and Mila found out she had a bun in the oven too. So together they raised their children and got real jobs, and then a hunt brought the hunter in them out…and the Winchester boys back into their lives.


Mila got up to the sound of laughter downstairs, and smiled when she saw Maddie, Maddie's 15 year-old daughter, Dawn, and her own 5 year-old son, Noah, all sitting at the breakfast table eating. She'd gotten in late the night before from a hunt and so Maddie had made the kids breakfast before they had to go to the bus stop.

"Morning, Momma." Noah told her, smiling at her as she walked into the kitchen.

Mila smiled. "Morning, Buddy."

Maddie stroked Noah's hair as Dawn shoved eggs into her mouth. "Noah set the table this morning."

"Did you?" Mila asked happily, pouring herself some coffee from the coffee pot. "Thank you for being helpful, Buddy."

"Oh, Mom, I almost forgot." Dawn said, getting into the backpack at her feet and pulling out a permission slip. "It's for the field trip to the zoo for Biology."

Maddie nodded and went over to the kitchen 'Bonus Drawer' as they dubbed it, and pulled out a pen. She signed the permission slip after looking it over first, and then she checked her watch.

"I think some kids need to scoot out the door so they can catch their bus." Maddie informed them.

Dawn shoved some more eggs into her mouth and downed her orange juice before kissing her mother's cheek and then taking Noah by the hand after he kissed his mother too. The two went out the door and Maddie watched them go down the street from the window and then turned to Mila.

"You got in late but up early—you didn't catch it, did you?" Maddie asked.

Mila sighed. "No—it got away. I called Ellen though, and she gave me a good tip so I'm going to try again tonight while the kids are at your mother's."

Maddie nodded. "I'm still mad that the babysitter bailed last night, or I could have helped you and we might have killed the son of a bitch."

Mila shrugged. "Life happens."

"We're the walking poster people for that." Maddie agreed, and then pulled her hair back. "Well, I'd stay and chat longer, but if I don't get to work I'm going to get fired."

Mila rolled her eyes. "You'd fire yourself? Really?"

Maddie laughed, gave a wave and then disappeared out the door, Mila sighing. She also owned her own little company, and she had put her second in charge for the next couple days to work on this hunt. What was bothering her was that this seemed different than the others. Nothing seemed to stun or hurt the beast in a person meat suit. So what was going on?

Before Mila had gotten all of her research out, there was a knock on the front door, and Mila raised an eyebrow. It wasn't Maddie because she would have just waltzed right in, and there was no neighbor that would be over at 7:45 in the morning—no matter what. So, Mila grabbed one of the silver knives from its block, and hid it behind her back, opening the front door.

"Hello, I'm…" Sam began, and then trailed off.

"Sam Winchester." Mila finished for him.

Dean looked at them as they stared at each other. "So…you two know each other then?"

Mila nodded. "Yeah."

"We went on a hunt together about 6 years ago." Sam finished for her and she nodded.

"So I guess it's safe to assume that you two are here about the killings then?" Mila asked them.

Dean nodded. "Yeah…so are you going to invite us in?"


After a couple of hours of looking over research, Sam looked Mila over. She was as pretty as ever. He felt kind of bad that the one night stand had ended with him sneaking out while she slept. He hadn't called her since then, and it was awkward to be here with her now. Mila looked at him and raised an eyebrow, Dean getting up and looking around at the pictures on the mantle.

"Wow…your roommate is hot. These are your kids, right?" Dean asked her.

Mila laughed. "Well your brother is certainly a horndog."

Sam blushed. "Yeah—Dean…put the picture down."

"That's Dawn and Noah—Dawn is Maddie's daughter, and Noah is my son." Mila explained. "Anyways, you guys can go now, and come to pick Maddie and I up at around eleven. The kids are staying with Maddie's mother tonight, so that won't be a problem."

Sam nodded, noting that Mila was kicking them out now, and Dean followed. Mila shut the door on them as Sam started saying something to her, and then took a deep breath. Then she grabbed the research and packed it all up, looking up as Maddie came in for lunch like everyday.

"Okay…hot guys just left." Maddie said. "One of them grabbed my ass and I enjoyed it—do you know them?"

"You let some random stranger grab your ass?" Mila asked her skeptically.

Maddie shrugged. "I haven't had any in awhile."

Mila laughed. "I see, horndog. Um…yeah…I know them."

"And you've never introduced me before?" Maddie asked.

Mila took a deep breath. "That was Sam Winchester and his older brother Dean Winchester."

Maddie's jaw dropped and then her eyes got dangerous. "If Sam Winchester grabbed my butt I'm cutting off two balls instead of just the one."

Mila smiled a little. "Thanks for sticking up for me."

"Of course!" Maddie promised her. "That bastard owes you his life! You saved him, then he hooked up with you and snuck out without leaving a number or a note, or anything! He knocked you up, and now he just waltzes back into your life with his hot brother?"

"How do you know which one was his brother?" Mila asked. "You don't know what either of them look like."

Maddie looked a little guilty and shrugged slowly. "They were both really hot, Mila."

Mila nodded. "Yeah…we're hunting with them at 11."

"All right…and if I shoot Sam's balls off, it was an accident, okay?" Maddie asked, and Mila burst out laughing.


Mila and Maddie kissed Dawn and Noah goodbye after dripping them off with Maddie's mother, and then drove back to the house. Once inside they got ready for the hunt, and when eleven rolled around, Maddie opened the door. Dean opened his mouth to say something, but Maddie clocked him in the jaw.

"You know what that's for!" Maddie yelled.

Mila laughed. "Maddie—that was Dean."

"Oh my God!" Maddie said. "Your poor, beautiful face! I'll get you some ice."

As Maddie hurried into the kitchen, Dean chuckled a little at the strong brunette, and then he and Sam stepped into the house. Mila shook her head as Maddie came back and handed it to him, winking at him. They were already flirting, and with Maddie's lack of male 'bonding' lately, she was pretty sure she knew how this was gonna end.

"For the sake of Sam coming back in one piece, Maddie and Dean are pairing up." Mila announced. "Sam and I will go to the warehouse, and you two go to the High School."

"What are you talking about?" Dean asked. "Why is Sam in trouble?"

Maddie waved it off. "We'll deal with it later. Right now we have to stop the next killing. Oh and by the way—I appreciated the squeeze today."

Dean smirked. "Just another service I offer."

Maddie smiled, and then Mila cleared her throat.

"Who's going in what car?" Mila asked.

"Sam will go in your car—Maddie can come with me in mine." Dean said, winking at Maddie.

Maddie smiled. "I like that plan. Let's split up?"

Mila nodded. "Let's split up."

The all piled into the respective cars, and while Maddie and Dean parked outside the High School and then decided to get better acquainted, Sam and Mila sat in an awkward silence. Mila wanted to tell him about his son, but figured he'd leave after this anyways, so what was the point? Then right when Sam was going to say something, they saw it.

"No! Please!" The girl said. "Please, don't!"

"I'm sorry." The woman told her, as Sam and Mila hurried out of the car. "I have to follow orders."

"Stop!" Mila yelled, pulling out her gun.

The woman killed the girl before Sam and Mila got to her, and then they stopped in their tracks. Mila pointed the gun at the woman's head, but Sam pushed the gun down.

"What the Hell is going on, Anna?" Sam asked.

Anna looked at him. "That's just it, Sam—Hell. I need to see Madeline."

"What do you want with Maddie?" Mila asked, raising the gun back up after elbowing Sam in the stomach to make him let go of her gun.

Anna smiled a little. "She'll explain."