I never thought on the way we would fight as a family, stopping Voldermort for good all that is left is between me and him. My parents were behind the shield that I put up to protect my family and from anyone from joining our fight to the death. I seen my mum pain in her molten golden eyes while my dad held her in his arms while I seen in his molten golden eyes harden because he was pissed off and he wanted to rip Voldermort to shreds and burn the pieces.

On one side my big sister next to her werewolf mate fighting together to stop the death eaters. On the other side my uncles, cousins and twin brother were also fighting just trying to protect our home from being blown up. My aunts, other uncles and grandparents were trying to keep anyone from attacking my shield. All of my family was waiting for the outcome.

I was grateful that my one uncle who was in the war both civil and the vampire wars that he was in for giving us lesions for us. It was because my uncles, cousins, my brother and I in a war like situation. For once I think that I will make it after all with my family right behind me and their love for me, I took the last thing that I had hidden in my own sleeve that would destroyed Voldermort for good as I heard a bunch of cracks coming in all at once.