Chapter 1


A young woman with long brown hair wearing a form fitting blue ¾ sleeve shirt with a pair of blue jeans in her arms 2 babies' one in a pale blue blanket and another in a pale purple blanket sleeping peacefully in her arms. Next, to the young woman stood a young man with messy bronze hair wearing blue jeans and a white button up tee shirt holding his love and the bundles that where in his arms. Both of them where pail than normal very beautiful molten gold eyes that where in pain that they want to cry but they did not. 'Edward why do we have to give up Eddie and Ari. We're denying them of their family and what about Nessie?' said the young woman as the young man known as Edward said, 'Bella, love we need to protect them because of the Voularti would want them and not to mention that they also are witch and wizard so they need to learn how to control like I did when I were 11. Rosalie and Emmett give up their sons to the wizarding family that is allies for Dumbledore. Alice and Jasper gave their daughter to a muggle family that knows this family that this family that our baby girl is going to. They also know the wizarding family that our son is going too. I promise that we will get them back a few weeks after their 1st year in Hogwarts. When the charms come off of them'.

'Edward we will miss everything that is going be their first of everything and miss it, not seeing it up front since we will be watching them in the shadows yet that is going on and our twins will not know each other well like I want them to be,' said Bella as she holding their two bundles together while she kissed both of their foreheads. All the sudden 2 couples come out and up to them one couple were blond and a little older than the other couple with messy black hair and long and flowing red hair. 'Mrs. and Mr. Potter Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy thank you for helping us out with everything and protecting our twins,' said Edward as he shakes their hands as Lily said, 'We are glad that you trust us with protecting your son and daughters' life. We would love them like they are our own'.

'Have you decided who wants to take little Edward and Arielle, even though you are going to place charms on her to make her look like a boy,' said Bella as she was keeping looking at her sleeping children that they both look peaceful like their older sister Reseeme. Lily said, 'Me and James would not mind if we take Arielle and keep her safe like Lucius and Narcissa would like to take little Edward'. Edward gently took the little boy that was wrapped in the blue blanket and handed him to the Malfoys' and then gently took the little girl and handed her to the Potters and he said, 'Edward, Arielle me and your mother will always love you. Never forget that. We will be back for you soon'.

********End of dream******

I woke up from the dream for the past week and a half noticing that I have the letter from the lady that protected me from any kinds because my biological parents wanted to protect me, but ended up being killed by a crazy psycho. I know that I am different because of the charms that covered up my true identity of being a girl yet being hidden under the charms that make me look like a mini James with Lily's emerald eyes. I ended up having a letter in my vault in Grinnotts from both from James and Lily Potter that I putted in my money purse and filling with gallons knunts and sickles for my purchases. Once I got done getting everything including my wand, books, trunk with a muti apartment for all my things, my new uniforms for the school, potions ingrates along with sales and a caldron and a telescope for astronomy. Then Hagrid gave me my first friend my snowy white owl Hedwig. Finding out how Voldermort killed my adopted parents and making me the boy-who-lived the only one that survived the killing curse. The one thing is that I did by myself was exchanged some of my money for muggle currency, for just in case if I need it.

When I got back to the Dursley's house and in my room I grabbed my letter from my parents which I opened it up and reading it. Finding out that James and Lily Potter were mot my birth parents only adopted parents and how my biological parents gave me to them for my protection along with my twin brother and how I have charms on me making me look like a boy when I am really a girl and the charms will be come off of me. Then on top of that we will meet our family for the first time. The funny part is that I already met my cousins which are my best friend Hermione and Fred and Gorge. We had to hide to the school after we first officially met on the train since our twin bond kick in and that is Draco Malfoy.

Now, it is almost our birthday and our the charms that are on me will be removed and that our real family will claim us even though the Potters left me everything since they could not have any children at all and I can claim it when I turn 17 which is in a few years. But I can't wait to meet my family and use my real name Arielle Alise.