By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Dateline: July 14th, ????

Area: Delfino Plaza (on top of the Shine Gate)

"Wa ha ha! I'm-a Waluigi, number one!"

With one sly struck of his purple-colored tennis racket, Waluigi grinned his usual dastardly grin as he watched Falco Lombardi blasting off again in he background. The tall, skinny prankster picked up the bread that Falco dropped on the ground, took a bite into it and placed it away in his right black overalls pocket as he then turned around to face Lucario, who had summoned him from the Assist Trophy case several seconds earlier on. Lucario opened his eyes, and looked straight at Waluigi, with Waluigi looking straight back at the Aura Canine-like Pokemon.

"Hmm, you hold more power than I thought," Lucario stated, rubbing his chin as he approached Waluigi, "Say, do you have any other techniques? Punching, kicking, and the like?"

Waluigi sneered, rolling his eyes. He began massaging his sharp moustache as he chuckled. "Other techniques? Wa ha ha! I got a handful of them!" He looked around, and spotted Fox McCloud charging towards him. Waluigi tossed his purple colored tennis racket to the side, and he stepped right on Fox's head with his right foot, stomping the mercenary mammal on the ground and stomping on him several times. Waluigi then bent down and picked up Fox, aiming for the nearby Smart Bomb and chucking Fox at it, watching sinisterly with glee as Fox screamed in pain from the fiery explosion, which sent him blasting off into the background.

"...Wow..." Lucario shook his head with admiration and approached Waluigi, tapping him on the shoulder, "Say, you're much more than I suspected you to be. You're not bad for an Assist Trophy."

Waluigi raised his right eyebrow, and he grabbed Lucario by the chest, tossing him onto the ground and head butting him. Lucario moaned in pain as he rubbed his head, looking up to see purple flares in Waluigi's eyes, who then pointed at the blue canine Pokemon.

"Never, and I mean NEVER, call me an Assist Trophy," Waluigi hissed as he took out his whip from behind, smacking it in his hands as the flares fizzled out, "I may be summoned at any point with relative ease, but I'll have you know that beating the crap out of losers like you make it seem like such a breeze."

Lucario got to his legs, and he approached Waluigi, putting both of his hands on the purple prankster's shoulders, grinning as he looked straight into Waluigi's eyes with a smile and stated, "You may be a jerk, you may make foes cry..." He then laughed as he tightly hugged Waluigi, shouting with joy, "But you... are one hell of a guy!"

Waluigi was in complete shock. He could barely break free from Lucario's grip, and as he tried to struggle free, he was sealed on the lips by Lucario, who approached on the kill. Waluigi screamed through his throats as he tried breaking free, but could not get out of Lucario's strong grip, the aura helping power the canine Pokemon. Mario and Bowser, who were both taking a break from fighting, were walking along the garden behind the Shine Gate, and they looked up in shock to see Waluigi and Lucario locked in close contact. The two looked at each other, and bursted out laughing as they took out cameras and began taking pictures of Lucario kissing Waluigi.

"Wargh, this is the worst summon of my life," Waluigi muttered with disgust as he groaned, still failing to break free from Lucario, who was having his jollies supplied.