Chapter Six

Soon, December arrived. Over the years, Oliver (now age nine) and Enrique (also nine) had become best friends and were both celebrating the holidays at the French boy's house. Of course, this had its ups and downs…




"I said no!"

There was a sigh.

"Fine then, don't show me."

Enrique watched Oliver glare at him, but he pretended not to notice. The Italian sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Ollie, Amphylion is mine! Besides, you've seen it tons of times before. Why do you want a bit beast so badly now?"

Oliver crossed his arms, looking annoyed.


"Because what?"

"Just because."

"That's not even a real answer!" Enrique shouted.

"Fine," Oliver said. "At least tell me what you got me for Christmas."

"What?! Christmas Eve is tomorrow. Can't you wait just a couple more days?"


"Whatever, wanna go play outside?"

"Sure, where are our snow jackets?"

"Umm, I think they're by the entryway."


"Don't go too far!" Mrs. Polanski called after the boys as they ran outside. She chose the warm house over the snow-covered lawn.

"We're only going in the backyard!" Oliver shouted.

"Hurry up Ollie!" Enrique said, already ahead of his friend.

From the top of the small hill, they could see…well, more snow. Oliver looked at the snow, disappointment etching his features. Enrique's face mirrored his friend's.

"Oh well," Oliver said sounding bored. "I thought we would see some reindeer tracks."

"Reindeer tracks???" Enrique asked.

"Yes, reindeer tracks." Oliver replied. "I was a good kid all year you know. Maybe Santa would come early this time."

"Ollie," Enrique said seriously. "Santa Claus does not exist."

The greenette flashed a smile.

"I know that!" he said. "Just checkin' to see your reaction. But honestly, I thought there would be a better view."

"Yeah," Enrique sighed. "It's actually boring."

A small silence settled down on them as they looked for something to do.

"Wanna make snow angels?" Oliver finally asked.

"…I guess." Though secretly, Enrique thought they were kind of girly.

Five minutes later found both boys on the ground making snow angels. It had become a contest; see who can make the most snow angels. First; select a clear spot and lay down. Second; move your arms and legs so it makes an impression of an angel. Third; get up, trace your initials into the angel's stomach so you know that's your angel. Fourth; move on.

"Enri!" Oliver called as he jumped up from the ground, snow dusting the back of his head. "If I win, will you tell me what you got me for Christmas?"

"Deal!" the blonde shouted back. "But if I win, you have to tell me what you got me for Christmas!"


"So, we're going to give Oliver his bit beast for Christmas this year," Mrs. Polanski told Mrs. Giancarlo.

"Really? We gave Enrique his last year on his birthday."

"Originally, we were going to pass it down when he turned ten, but he's been begging for one."

"Yeah, that's how Enrique got- oh my god!" Enrique's mom jumped up and ran over to the window.

"What is it?" Oliver's mother joined her friend. Outside, two certain boys were running around, occasionally dropping to the ground.

"It looks like they're having seizures," Mrs. Polanski commented. Mrs. Giancarlo nodded her head. They watched.

"Why don't they just have a snowball fight?"


After ten minutes of lying down, flailing their arms and legs, getting up, and moving on, the French and Italian were starting to slow down.

"Enri," Oliver panted. "When does this end?"

"Let's just stop now."

Oliver collapsed onto the ground, gasping for air. He had never been so tired-well, except for that one time Johnny chased Enrique and him around their property. Five feet away, Enrique was doing the same thing.


"Okay, let's start counting!" Enrique said, standing up. Reluctantly, Oliver stood up as well.

"The angels that aren't perfect are disqualified."



"I win!" Enrique shouted cheerfully.

"You have to subtract one more," Oliver said.

"What? Why? I didn't count the ones that were messed up."

The greenette pointed to one of Enrique's angels. It was perfect.

"There's nothing wrong with that one Ollie!"

Oliver kicked his foot at the outline. Now it was crippled.

"OLLIE!" The French boy ran.

"Boys!" Mrs. Giancarlo yelled from the window. "Get in here for dinner!"

"Not until Oliver admits that I won the snow angel contest!" Enrique shouted angrily.

"Oliver Polanski!" Mrs. Polanski shouted, suddenly appearing at the window next to the Italian woman. "Santa won't give you any presents for Christmas!"

"Santa Claus doesn't exist!" her son called back.

"Great, now I can't use that trick to keep him in line."

"Well, you tried," Mrs. Giancarlo said. "Try a threat."

"Oliver Polanski, if you don't get back here and apologize to Enrique, you are getting no presents this year!"

Ten seconds passed. Oliver magically appeared at the windowsill with Enrique.

Oliver's mom crossed her arms and looked at her son expectantly. Mrs. Giancarlo suddenly disappeared. The greenette sighed and turned to his best friend.

"I'm sorry for making you angry Enrique," he said quietly.

"What was that?" the blonde said, a smirk on his face. "I didn't quite catch that."

"I said I'm sorry!" Oliver said loudly.

"For what?"

"For making you angry.."

"So are you saying that I win the snow angel contest?"



"Yes, I guess so."

"All is forgiven," Enrique said smiling widely. Oliver glared at him. He turned to his mom.

"So am I getting presents?"

"Well," she said, pretending to think it over. "okay."

Enrique's mom reappeared with a camera.

"Picture time!"

"But mom!" Enrique complained. "You take like, a hundred pictures a day!"

"This will be the last one for today! I promise!"

Enrique frowned.

"Fine," he grumbled, then plastered on a smile. Oliver did the same, though he was sure that if he kept smiling for photos his face would be stuck that way.



"Enri!" Oliver whined. "I'm bored."

"Go practice with your beyblade! I'm tired!"

"But I don't have a bit beast! And I don't have any new toys to play with since it's only Christmas Eve!"


"Snowball fight?"


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Oliver: Why did I have to lose the contest?

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