Okay, since I just got a Mighty Mugg today, it kicked an idea to life in my head. (No official DC or Watchmen Mighty Muggs...yet. I'm thinking of getting a few blank forms and trying my hand at it...whenever I have time/money, which should be a long time from now).

For those who haven't heard of them,Mighty Muggs are little (i'd say five or six inch tall) vinyl figures put out by Hasbro. They've got a ton of Marvel ones out, as well as Transformers, Indy, GI Joe, and Star Wars. They're those little rounded bobble head looking things you might have seen in Walmart or Target. And I kind of want almost all of them, XD

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: They had known Adrian had long been using their images without permission, but they hadn't forseen how he had taken it upon himself to, erm, change things.


There's a distinctive note of irritation in Rorschach's utterance, and if Daniel was not so busy trying to get into Adrian's computer (Hrm, password...Egypt? Bubastis?), he would look up.


"Not now, Rorschach," the aformentioned man replies, cursing his bulky gloves. He keeps hitting the wrong buttons, and interesting little nothing words keep cluttering the screen. He hits delete.

He had not exactly designed the gloves to allow him to type, and he was quite regretting it as he missed delete and hit the minus sign.

"Daniel," and there is more irritation in his voice. Rorschach plunks a little platform onto the desk in front of the second Nite Owl, along with some papers. Dan bites his lip, tries another password (boys?), and gives up for the moment. His eyes fall on the, well...interesting things before him.

More specifically, himself.

Or rather, this strange figurine of himself.

And then he notices it's the rest of the Crimebusters as well. With little oval egg bodies and chunky arms and legs and large heads.

"More in back. Minutemen this time."

Dan's goggles tell him these are made of vinyl, and he also notices the little details.

Adri...Ozymandias' seems to come with a mini-Bubastis which is just precious. He almost coos over the minature model of the genetically modified cat, but decides that in present company it is probably not a good idea.

Laurie's doesn't quite come with anything (and Dan is trying not to think that perhaps, whatever these are, that Adrian should perhaps not try to make female 'characters', though he's not sure whether it's because of the look or because of his closeness with Laurie), and neither does Jon.

Silently, Dan is thankful that the little statuette has been graciously given a set of painted on underpants.

Because he's seen quite enough of the actual Jon and would rather not think of that right now.

"Veidt's planning to market these as collectibles."

Dan takes a look at the Nite Owl II one, and hides his smile as he sees a note to work on some sort of "mini-Archemedies".

"Well, it's not like we could stop him. Requesting control of our images means we'd have to tell the world who we were," Dan responds, back to scanning the room for password clues.

He notices the Rorschach one comes with a grappling gun.

And the little vinyl fedora comes off.

Dan stifles a laugh.

Nothing connected to Rorschach should be this cute.

Erm, Daniel nervously corrects himself in his mind.

Nothing connected to Rorschach should be cute in any way, shape, or form.

Rorschach only "hurms" at the prospect of unmasking.


"Says the man who runs around New York in a mask."

Daniel returns to trying to get into Adrian's computer. Somewhere in this room must be a clue. He thinks back to the poem, but no, nothing.

"I really don't think they're that bad. I like mine."