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Title: I Dreamed of Abydos Last Night

Spoilers: New Order, 1 and 2, and probably many small ones through Season 7.

Warnings: Major character death(s)


I dreamed of Abydos last night. I sat cross-legged on one of Hari'sha's beautiful woven rugs with some of the boys, Ari-dou, Sapoo, A'dam, Palou, boys I haven't thought about in years, teaching them what I could about stars, planets, solar systems, the wide universe. The day was waning, and the cool evening breeze had begun to blow. One of the boys pointed to the setting sun and said, "Dan'yel, you know that is the only star that truly matters," and then Sapoo said, "No, no, tell us more, please, Dan'yel! Someday I will travel to the places of which you speak. We belong in the stars!"And the boys and I all laughed. I don't remember more than that, but I woke up smiling, my head turned toward the slight breeze coming through screened window of my tent. Maybe it was the coolness of the predawn air that gave me this memory or maybe my subconscious still struggles to find the peace that I've given up on. The dream was so vivid that if I close my eyes even now, I can almost hear the boys' laughter and feel the warmth of their bodies gathered around me. I can smell the evening meals being cooked across the city, the—

"Jacques!" a cheerful British voice called from outside Daniel's tent. "Come to breakfast. The day's a-wasting!"

Daniel sighed at the interruption and closed his journal, sticking it in the bottom of his pack, then extinguished the flame on his small propane lamp.

"Coming, Charles," he called out. "You don't have to wake up the whole camp."

"Dawn has come and gone," Charles retorted. "They'll all be stirring soon enough. We'll be melting by half eight."

Charles was right. The earlier hint of coolness had already been defeated by the humidity of the new day. Daniel pulled his tee-shirt from his sticky chest to try to air it out and reached down to put his work boots on. "All right," he said. "You win. Did you at least start the coffee?"

"Of course," Charles said. "I need you in top form today!"

Daniel paused for just a moment more. He closed his eyes and thought of the boys on Abydos and the cool desert breeze and tried to recapture that moment of dream-induced happiness, but it was gone, replaced by other images, the real ones, the ones that usually filled his nights. The excitement at exploring the universe he once shared with the Sapoo of his dream was a thing of the past. The Abydonians were gone, Sha're was gone. Jack, Sam, Teal'c. . . . All gone. These days, he kept his eyes on the ground on starry nights.

Daniel shook his head. "Enough," he told himself. "This isn't helping." He ran a hand over his face as if to physically wipe away the sorrow he knew showed there and rearranged his features in what he hoped was a good imitation of a man mildly annoyed at being disturbed so early in the morning. Then he stood up, pushed the flap of his tent aside and stepped out to greet the already steamy Amazonian day.