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The mages collapsed against a tree as the hurrocks flew off. Numair was deathly pale and sat there trying to catch his breath. Next to him sat his partner Daine. Daine rested her head on his shoulder. She was so close, he could reach out an arm easily and stroke the soft curls on her head.

"Gods that was hard, never seen so many in my life." Although she had only been alive for 16 years, the wildmage had seen more things than many men in the military, but she still faced them with a strong face. No wonder he loved her.

"Thanks for watching my back, I sure didn't see that one comin' at me," she gestured at a still sizzling corpse on the other end of the battlefield. He had come so close, so close to losing her. She didn't even know he loved her so much.

Numair looked down at her the words were on the tip of his tongue. Those words though, could ruin a friendship that he cherished. They were so close, he had never loved anything more than her.

"Magelet," Just say them "I'm glad you're here" There that was the closest he would come to saying it.

Daine smiled and turned around to hug him, she pressed a kiss to his swarthy cheek. The feel of her soft lips seemed to scorch his core only to have a mental cold shower as he reminded himself of all the reasons he couldn't love her. So close, just an inch and he could capture her soft lips wih his own and pull her even closer than she was holding him.

Maybe for now this close was enough. If not, well he would live. Maybe.

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