Title: Love at first sight

Theme: 05. hot guy, poking me in the eye

Character: One of Rang's 108 affinities, Rang

A/N: This is the start of a collection of not-quite drabbles, hopefully updated once a week. Feel free to request a character/pairing.

Summary: You don't realize what happened or when, but it did and you think you might love this stranger on the street.

You aren't quite sure what happened or even when. It just did and suddenly you think he—Rang, if you remember correctly—has the most striking eyes you've ever seen. They are dark and inviting and you think you can drown in their depths. Even when he seems to push you away (he's just shy), they aren't as cold as he tries to make them.

His hands are rough and warm, just how you thought they would be. He's still pushing you away, yelling something like 'not again'. You're not entirely sure why he is acting like that. Maybe you're being too bold but it's hard to control these emotions suppressed within you, a beast just waiting to jump out.

(Is that red you see on his face? Is he blushing?)

After you convince him to take you out, you might want to do something about those bangs. They hide his eyes (his face, his feelings) behind a curtain of bars and steel cages. If those bangs are gone, maybe you can see his emotions more clearly.

"Hey, lady—" he starts and you interrupt, giving your name. There can't be any formalities between you two. You're star-crossed lovers, the romantic side of you says.

"Fine," he mumbles and he looks good even when he's tired. "You don't look very good. I'm taking you somewhere." He's kind too. The perfect one for you. He grabs your arm—he's very concerned about your health considering he is bruising you a little. No matter, they are just visible marks of his love to match the marks he made inside.

Rang says something under his breath (Fanta? Shorties?) before telling you that what's going to happen next is for your own good. He didn't have to say anything, you would follow him anywhere.

Some guy calls you, surprised and hurt. It sounds familiar and you realize it's that guy you used to think was cute. It was probably just a crush because what you feel for Rang is more powerful than that.

The guy yells your name again but you ignore him. He's not important.

He's not Rang.