Title: Second best

Fandom: Fairies Landing

Theme: 02. Of course I cheat

Character: Medea, mentions of Fanta

A/N: Before the current arc.

Summary: Medea is always second best. There's only one solution to that.

Medea is always, no matter what, second best. A step behind her brother, trailing after Fanta, she's never first. Whenever she thinks she's done something amazing, there comes Fanta with something even more powerful, even bigger. She was never first in her class or in any spell, even though she always thought she was. There was (is) always someone who could do it better.

When she's not kidding herself, Medea is the last place faerie. Unable to use her magic properly or even pass that stupid test, there are faeries even younger than her that can boss her around. Her friends—are they friends?—would tease her about it and mothers would tell their children to work hard or they would become like her.

(Was it really her fault? It was just one simple attack that she flubbed. She can do better. She knows she can.)

It's not fair. She's going to be the queen one day, she just knows it. All she has to do is get the King to look at her, not Fanta. Once he does, who cares if she isn't the most powerful faeries? There are other sorts of powers. Powers that will make others listen to her and not mock her. Powers that will show all of her abilities.

(All she has to do is get rid of Fanta.)

Now that she's in trouble along with Fanta, her plan blown into smithereens, Medea only has one solution left. She doesn't care who this helps but she will have to hurt Fanta badly, get her trapped permanently in the human world. Keep her away from their (her) King, keep her away from their (her) world, and if this ends up causing a lot of damage, who cares? They are just humans, with their short and fragile lives. Medea is smarter than they give her credit. She has plans and ways that they won't expect.

And what better way is there, for some one like her who can't win normally, but to cheat?