The First Horror

Chapter None : Chapters Summery

[ I believe this will become a four - part, one - shot Horror ]


Yako comes home very late after a battle with the 'new bloodline' to find her mother has returned home early.


(Yako's mother)


"Yako~! I have great news!!"


She ran into a handsome man who has the answers to their family's strange 'abilities' and 'traits'.

The reason to why her cooking always turns into some horrific danger hazarded and why her daughter (Yako) has such a horrifying appetite!


(Yako's mother)


"It's because were decedents of the 'new bloodline'!!"


And that's not all she brings...



From Unknown D Flamerose

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Hello readers!! I need some help with The First Horror!!

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A.N. : I thought up the first drabble, because in my opinion, it would be horrifying having your mother dating/engaged too Sixs. Or having him as your stepfather. *shudders at the possibility* so this is what I came up with (so far) on what would happen with Yako being a distant cousin to the bloodline AND having her mother dating Sixs. I did have; Sixs being Yako's' biological father on the ideas list for this drabble, but I decided to take that out of the works. (It was too complicated for me to write. ^_^')