Chapter One: Leaving

The night seemed darker than usual even though the city lights bounced clearly into the room. Cars flashed by illuminating the room, once their room. Had he heard correctly? He wasn't sure even now whether he was making the correct decision to listen to Tohma over his heart. K would pick him up soon and then they would leave Japan for good without anyone even noticing they disappeared. Sighing, Shuichi thought back two days ago when Tohma had discussed the situation and he had finally made his decision.

- Flashback –

Shuichi ran down the hall at breakneck speed desperately rushing towards his lover's hospital room. Supposedly Yuki had another fit and coughed up blood before being rushed to the hospital. Shuichi was really worried about his lover yet there was one road block, Tohma Seguchi. Tohma still blamed Shuichi for the first time Yuki coughed up blood so this time wouldn't be any better. But he could handle anything Tohma dished out as long as he had Yuki by his side supporting him in his own way. Rushing into the room, Shuichi rushed to a stop beside his sleeping lover's bed.

"Shindo-san, this is entirely your fault yet again. How many times do I have to tell you! You're the reason Eiri keeps getting sick if you left him none of this would happen." Tohma said trying to keep his voice down.

Shuichi glared at Tohma. "Yuki never blamed me for his illness, only you."

Silence fell upon them. Yuki seemed to be dreaming and mumbling under his breath. "Stupid brat..." Shuichi heard him say and couldn't help but smiling. He would brag later to Yuki that he had talked about him in his sleep knowing that Yuki would deny it.

"Shindo-san." Tohma's dark voice pierced through him. Shuichi took a moment to look from his lover to his boss. Tohma looked like he wanted to kill Shuichi as he held Yuki's hand lovingly.

"Shindo-san, what's more important to you Eiri's health or your own feelings?"

Shuichi stared at Tohma. Of course Yuki was more important that his feelings. What type of question was this?

"Can't you see that it's your love that is making Eiri sick? If none of this is making any sense to you then I shall pull a tour for Bad Luck and you can spend a few months away from Eiri instead of leaving on your own accord."

Then he finally understood. It was because of his feelings for Yuki that reminded Yuki think of Kitazawa and the terrible memories of his past. Somehow he just couldn't leave Yuki though no matter how many times Tohma had said this. Then he remembered what Tohma had just said, 'tour for Bad Luck and you can spend a few months away from Yuki...' Tohma was threatening the band.

A silent tear trickled down his cheek as he stood. Shuichi knew what he had to do, the hardest thing ever, he had to leave. He kissed Yuki once before bowing politely to Tohma, even though he wanted to kill Tohma for making him leave. Without turning back, he left the room silently trying not to disturb Yuki before running out of the hospital tears spilling down his face.

- End Flashback -

Shuichi sat on the edge of their bed. It was now four o'clock on Monday morning and he was supposed to go into work at ten o'clock. He was tired of Tohma threatening the band to get his way, so Shuichi had called K and told him everything. Within a day of Tohma throwing him out of Yuki's room and life in one shot, K had arranged for both of them to leave the country. No one was going to realize they had left until Tohma read the letters of resignation on his desk when he turned up for work at nine o'clock and by then it would be too late. Both K and Shuichi would be on Judy's private jet leaving Japan for good.

K kicked the door to Yuki's apartment open and walked in like he never did anything looking for Shuichi who was silently looking out of the bedroom window suitcases packed and lying on the bed.

"Shuichi are you sure you want to do this?" K asked staring at the back of the pink head.

Shuichi turned to face K giving a simple nod in reply. K picked up Shuichi's suitcases and left the room carrying them down to his car parked below. Without a single tear left, Shuichi picked up his backpack and with a final glance around the room mournfully he closed and locked the door sliding his key beneath so that Yuki would find it when he was released and sent home tomorrow. The elevators closed once more upon the sad figure of Shuichi as he left Yuki's life for good.

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