Last Time...

Shuichi's eyes widened as Daisuke pulled a gun out of his front pocket and pointed it towards Shuichi.

"What do I want? I want you out of my way."


Chapter Twenty-One: The Final Straw

The last thing that Shuichi could remember was the loud bang that echoed around the room. Though he wasn't even sure whether the bullet had hit him . . . or if Daisuke had pulled the trigger. He didn't feel any pain that usually came from being shot but then again he could already be dead and just not know it. Then he wouldn't be able to see Yuki again. That thought brought tears to Shuichi's eyes though he did feel solid and if he was a ghost . . . could ghosts even cry? No he felt solid and he didn't feel any pain so that meant that somehow he was still alive.

Looking up Daisuke was no longer in front of him holding the gun which was odd since that was the last thing he remembered. Glancing around the room he noticed Daisuke on the floor with the gun loosely held in his hand as if he had just fallen over. How did he get on the floor? Probably by the book that was flung at his head which was also lying innocently by Daisuke's head. Following the book's path he noticed where the bang had originated from.


Yuki had obviously flung open the door in an attempt to reach Shuichi before Daisuke could pull the trigger. The door had been opened with such ferocity that it had hit the wall with a bang . . . well at least that solved the bang problem. With that done Yuki had obviously thrown his newest book at Daisuke in the confusion in an attempt to either distract Daisuke or move him away. Not that it actually worked since he was unconcious. Shuichi didn't think that knocking him unconcious was the main aim Yuki was going for though but it was welcome all the same.

"Shuichi, are you alright?"

Yuki was obviously pissed off. His voice was hard and sounded harsh though he knew that it wasn't directed at him. The glare accompaning the voice only added to the effect. Of course he had reason to be pissed. Yet another person had tried to take him away from Yuki except this time he wouldn't have been able to return once someone located them. Thankfully that wouldn't happen now.

"Yeah, I was a little worried but now that your here everything shall be fine!" Shuichi said energetically trying desperatly to hide his fear.

Yuki looked over towards Shuichi and knew that he was hiding his true feelings. Being held at gun point didn't make someone energetic unless they wanted to die and he knew that wasn't the case with Shuichi. His Shuichi couldn't ever take his own life.

"I'll call Tohma and K so they can cover this mess up."

Yuki didn't walk far away though remaining in the same area as Shuichi in case Daisuke woke. As soon as he was finished with the phone call Yuki sat down beside Shuichi and as calmly as possible began whispering words in Shuichi ear to distract him from the thought of his near death experiance. When K and Tohma arrived, Shuichi was still sitting on the couch though he was a lot more conservative than he normally was. He tensed when Daisuke and the gun were picked up by K and taken from the room. He only relaxed when K, Tohma and Daisuke finally life.

"Is he gone?" Shuichi asked in a small voice.

"Yes no one shall harm you, my brat, at least not while I'm around."

Shuichi cuddled into the familiar embrace that Yuki provided willingly much to Shuichi's amusement. If he had attempted this three years ago he would have been pushed away. Nothing could stand between them now. All paths to the future had been cleared. Shuri was seeking help for his depression, Daisuke was going to jail for attempted murder and Yuki was still the same person he fell in love with though there were significant changes in his personality that allowed him to open up to Shuichi more than in the past. Everything felt right.

The attempt on Shuichi's life managed to make its way into the papers only a day afterwards even though Tohma had tried to stop it. Somehow the story managed to appear in a small magazine and once everyone had seen the front page the magazine was a huge sell out. Not that it was truly annoying or anything. It just gave him more publicity. He wouldn't talk about what happened though. Shuichi never wanted to relive that moment again though he did talk about it with Yuki but that was different.

Currently they were sitting in NG with the rest of his band, K and Tohma. Yuki was there for moral support though Shuichi believed that he was only there to keep him company and make sure that nothing like that ever happened again. His protectiveness was attractive if not annoying at times. They were here to discuss what was going to happen to Daisuke though no one truly cared as long as he was never allowed near them again.

"Daisuke was slightly losing his mind to rage and revenge. I believe he was so far gone that he didn't even truly know what he was doing at the time nor where exactly he was. He might have even simply seen someone who looked like Shuichi and attacked them at that point. It just happened that Shuichi was in fact the correct person he was searching for." K explained.

"What is going to happen to him now?" Hiro asked.

"So far all we know is that he is going to be spending a few years in jail . . . that is if they don't send him to an asylum. He seriously couldn't even stand straight by the time we reached the station. We are pretty sure that he was taking something just not sure what. His apartment is being searched for substance."

Everyone fell silent at that. No one had truly cared about Daisuke. He was after all only a replacement for Shuichi not that anyone could have replaced him which was proven when he returned. Maybe if someone had payed attention they would have seen that something was wrong with the young vocalist.

"Are you planning to have anything more to do with his case?" Setsuna asked breaking the silence.

"We're not allowed to have any more to do with his case. The police are going to search his apartment as I said before. Once everything is finalized they are going to send us the information to satisfy the company but that's all we can really do. They don't want us to interfere."

"I suppose its better than nothing." Kamijo said gruffly.

Silence followed again. Everyone was lost in thought. They should have payed closer attention. But there was nothing that could be done now and if they decided to begin with the 'what if's' they would only begin to feel even worse for what they did or what they didn't do to aid Daisuke. Once they had all snapped out of their thoughts there was only one thing left that they could do.

"Alright then lets begin practice!"

Two years later. . .

Shuichi and Yuki stepped out of the car. It had been five years since they had moved past the horrible day Shuichi had left Yuki behind and two years since he had returned to Japan. Everything was moving smoothly. The band was a huge success. They topped the charts in Japan constantly and over seas they were well known and growing bigger. Even Yuki's books were selling better than before which was amazing since he was doing well before he had even met Shuichi.

Hiro and Ayaka had been married only a year ago and were happily living together. Ayaka was a month pregnant though the only person she had told was Shuichi. She wasn't sure how she was going to tell Hiro but Shuichi knew that Hiro would be exstatic that he was going to be a father.

Setsuna and Kamijo were happy spending their time together though they still wouldn't admit that they were together. Shuichi could simply tell especially since Kamijo was so jealous everytime their fans began to swoon over the bass guitarist. It was adorable but he wouldn't tell Kamjio that for fear of his wrath.

Suguru was dating a girl named Akari. She was polite and so much like him. They were a good match and seemed to bring out the best in everyone surrounding them. Thankfully Shuichi also calmed down whilst in her presence which was a sight to be seen.

Tohma was still head of NG Records and his marriage with Yuki's sister was going strong. They had two children now. Two boys named, Suzaku and Teru. While K was still the unimaginable guard and manager to them all. His marriage was still the same as always.

Daisuke on the other hand was placed in an asylum after being pronounced insane. Shuichi hadn't thought that he was that bad honestly. But it was proven that he couldn't keep himself together since he was so lost in the revenge that he had planned for Shuichi and the band. It was only getting worse as well. No matter what anyone did for him the only thing that would calm him was medicine and even then he had moments where he was completly lost to his insanity. Shuichi felt that he didn't really deserve to live a life like that but there was nothing he could do about it unless he decided that he wanted to die by Daisuke's hand which wasn't an option at the current point in time. He was enjoying his life just the way it was.

Shaking his head, Shuichi watched as his brother walked out of the front doors and spotted them. During Shuri's stay at the institute he had come close to giving up hope that he would move past his despression but hung in there for Shuri's sake. If he couldn't be happy then what hope was there for his beloved brother?

Sure enough Shuri walked calmly and confidently up to them dressed in his normal clothes. No longer did he have to wear the loose clothes that were provided for patients and he was definatly glad for it. Shuichi was overjoyed that his brother was no longer stuck in his depression. This was the last piece to the puzzle and he wanted to make sure everyone knew that Shuri was still wanted by the band even though he no longer played guitar.

"Hello Shuri, ready to rejoin the real world?" Shuichi asked from his place beside his fiancé.

Shuri smiled brightly at the sight they made together.

"There's no place I'd rather be."

The End.

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