Title: The Hidden Truth No Longer Haunting Me
Fandom: The Faculty FPS
Characters: Casey, Mr. Connor
Rating: G
Summary: Casey's father comes to terms with how Casey really is but it might be too late now.
Warning: death (implied)
AN: Based on the song The Last Song by Elton John. Written for addie71 just because.


The voice is as thin as the breeze that's softly drifting between the blades of the blinds shielding the open window. Frank Connor reaches out and closes it, securing the hook so it won't open again, before he turns around and walks slowly toward his son's bed. Sitting down, he takes Casey's hand,

which is so gaunt and lax and too delicate in his.

Frank stutters a breath, almost not daring lift his face to look his son in the eye. Not wanting to see how pale Casey has become, seems like he's fading. But the hand in his grasp fastens over his fingers and he knows he owes it to Casey to really face him – to see him.

After all this time…

"Thank you for coming, Dad. It means a lot to me."

A thick drop of tears falls on both their hands.

"I'm so sorry, Dad."

No, Casey…

He doesn't know, he doesn't want to – cry. But his body betrays him. His eyes betray him. And once he starts, he doesn't know how to stop. He weeps. He weeps. His face is damp with tears and he gasps and stammers as he's trying to answer.

"You – you have nothing to apologize, Casey."

"I disappointed you, Dad. I disappointed mom."

"You didn't disappoint us. You don't disappoint anyone."

Casey smiles, and Frank's heart falters. His little cub is smiling. Now he feels every piece of his heart starting to crumble – again.

"I just—"

"So you—"

Casey's lips curl up.

"You go first, Dad."

Frank's hand gives his son's a tight squeeze.

"I just – don't want to lose you, Case. Neither does your mom."

"Dad," Casey struggles up from his position lying in the bed. Frank quickly helps him, piling up more pillows behind his back to hold him up.

"Dad, you're not gonna lose me. I'll be around," he chuckles a little before giving in to a coughing fit.

Frank strokes back his son's hair as he's waiting for the fit to subside. After some time Casey calms down. He takes a deep breath and meets Frank's gaze.

"I'm glad you're not mad anymore."

"I was never…"

"Dad, will you hold me?"

"Oh, Casey, sure. Sure."

And they stay like that for a while. Holding onto each other, drawing strength from one another. Frank tightens his hug when he feels Casey shaking, his breaths shuddering. He knows his son's been crying.

"Dad, I'm so scared…"

"Oh, Case." Frank hugs him closer. "I've got you. I've got you." He rubs his son's back and smoothes his hair, telling him something he should have said long, long time ago.

"I love you, son. I always do."