The Girl of Impossibilities
: Neko-chan

Series: Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century --with a focus on Zequel and Z3--

Pairing: hints onesided (maybe, maybe not) of Proto Zoa/Zenon

Disclaimer: Don't own any rights to the Zenon movies. (And books, if there're books. I don't know. Are there books? I could have sworn I saw books on Amazon. Anyway... *coughs*) Just borrowing the characters, specifically Proto Zoa, for this short piece because of the obviously blatant tension between him and Zenon.

Summary: Some artists claim to be inspired by Muses. Proto Zoa doesn't need all that. He has something better. [very short introspective piece]


The Girl of Impossibilities

It's amazing just how many people still are surprised by the girl of impossibilities: the girl who saved a space station at the age of thirteen, the girl who showed humanity that we aren't alone in the universe, the girl who befriended a goddess and saved the beauty of the moon. She's a special girl, little thing that she is, and yet people are still astounded by the things that she does.

She is a girl of impossibilities.

I hid myself away for a year, trying to think of what I could do next while the words and the music shriveled and dried out. She found me, when no one else could, and she brought back what I had missed so desperately. She gave me my words once more.

--then, of course, came the time when I was considered too "retro," too old, too outdated for concerts, abandoned by fans for something new and what they thought was better. My dignity and pride in myself lost, she worked her magic to get me a second chance. And when that failed, no fault of her own, I couldn't turn my eyes away from her gaze as the latest pop-rock beauty queens took center stage. I knew then that I had lost something essential; she knew, she understood.

And the girl of impossibilities continued to hold my gaze as my dreams of the future faded before my eyes.

But the girl of impossibilities continued to be just that, and she redeemed me in the eyes of everyone. I was once again welcomed, I once again got the chance to stand up on stage and do what I love to do: sing.

I know that wishes come true.
Your voice, across the universe you are calling.
Like a soul, from out of the blue--

She is the girl of impossibilities. She is the girl who I owe so many things to. She is the girl who brought me back to life several times over. She is the girl who meets your gaze as you realize that your life is falling apart in front of your eyes; she is the girl who never flinches from that gaze, understanding that what has gone unsaid. She is the girl of impossibilities who touches people's lives and brings them to some higher level of better--and those lives are always, always changed for the good. She is the girl of impossibilities who makes wishes come true.

The Muses have failed me several times over, but the girl of impossibilities has never once let me down. My girl of impossibilities.

My super nova girl.