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I will be continuing this story ! I love this story and I feel awful for leaving it for so long. What is going to happen is the following: I have exams until next Tuesday, so I will be writing those and studying for the next week. As soon as exams are over, I will have a week until graduation. Over this week, I am going to read the story over again and then write the next chapter. However, all of this depends on you guys. Lots of you have written to me asking if I plan on finishing this story. Please just let me know if you want me to finish. I know it's been a long time, but I hope that you all love this story as much as I do and want to know what happens.

Anyway, please review and let me know if I can possibly be forgiven and whether or not you wish to have me finish.

I love you all and thank you for being concerned for me and for checking if I'm alright. Thank you soo much and I hope to be back to you guys soon.