Title: Narcolepsy
Chapter: 6/?
Series: Supernatural
Author: Alex Graves/frayed1989
Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Ruby implied.
R overall, PG13 for this chapter.
Warnings: Spoilers for 4.16, angst, violence, and slash.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural. It belongs to its creators and the network that runs it. No copywrite infringement intended.
Next installment is finally here! Sorry it took so damn long. I could give you all my excuses but I figure you'd rather just read it instead. Enjoy!

Summary: The Winchesters visit a town that seems to suffer the nightmares of a narcoleptic. Can the boys save them or will it be the last straw for Dean?

Chapter Six
And I hold my breath till it's more than I can take
And I close my eyes and dream that I'm awake…

"Wait a minute. Did you just say a seal?" Dean frowned, his brows pulled together as he leaned towards the angel as if it might help him understand better.

"Yes. You must protect the seal," Castiel repeated. Dean shook his head as he pushed himself up off the bed.

"So you're telling me that we are now dealing with a seal?" Dean asked yet again. Castiel frowned, his brows pulled together in confusion as he titled his head to the side, telling both Dean and Sam that he was yet again trying to understand human actions and yet again, not fully grasping the concept.

"Yes, Dean. Are you injured? Have your ears been damaged in some way?" Castiel moved towards Dean, reaching out to examine Dean's ears but his hands were swatted away.

"My ears are fine, Cas! I'm just trying to understand how the hell we're dealing with a seal!" Castiel frowned but nodded, backing away from Dean. He stood silent for a while, his eyes fixed on Dean who ran a hand through his hair as he looked about the room, again as if searching for a way to understand what exactly Castiel meant by 'seal'.

"What exactly is the seal, Cas? Does it have anything to do with this Amelia girl?" Sam asked from his seat at the table.

"Yes," Castiel stated, turning his gaze to the younger Winchester and frowning at the use of his nickname though why he frowned he wasn't sure. "The child is the one attempting to break the seal."

"Attempting?" Dean asked and Castiel quickly shook his head, realizing his mistake.

"I believe I have used the wrong words. The child is unaware of what she is doing. It is not really under her control." Dean nodded as he sat back down on the bed, waiting for Castiel to explain further. "The seal is broken when the impossible becomes possible."

"Hate to break the news to you Cas but we deal with that everyday. I think your seal is already broken. Some people might say that you existing did it," Dean said, earning a frown from both Castiel and Sam. "What? Come on Sam," he began at Sam's look. "We deal with the impossible becoming possible all the time. We call it the supernatural."

"That's not what Cas means, Dean," Sam replied, not noticing Castiel who flinched slightly at Sam's use of his nickname. Dean however had. He stared briefly at the angel before turning his attention back to his brother; the questions that had popped into his head were pushed back for later when Dean would be alone with Castiel.

"Fine then Sam, what did he mean?" Dean asked. Sam didn't answer but looked to Castiel instead.

"What I meant is the seal will be broken when God's will is broken," Castiel supplied.

"So you mean this is like Dogma," Dean stated, nodding his head, finally understanding.

"No. Dogma is-" Castiel began but Sam quickly cut him off his with the wave of his hand and a small smile.

"Dean's talking about a movie, not actual dogma," Sam said softly and Castiel frowned but nodded as he looked back at Dean.

"Wait. When Anna got her grace, didn't she defy God's will?" Dean asked, using quotation fingers when he said 'god's will'. Castiel shook his head and frowned deeply at the mention of Anna, Afriel. He didn't understand the angel, who some how managed to exist on a separate plane, still able to connect to the host and yet evade them all the same. He still really didn't understand why she had fallen in the first place but Castiel knew that with more time spent with the Winchesters, with Dean, he would one day understand.

"It was not God's will that she not regain her grace but the Host's will. They are separate entities and while the Host does hold much power in heaven, they are still not absolute like our Father." Dean nodded and looked to Sam.

"I still don't understand how the supernatural isn't the impossible becoming possible," Dean stated after a few moments of silence and Sam shook his head with a smile.

"Dean, it's the supernatural, meaning that everything that happens is natural to this plane of existence. It's just, you know, super charged." Dean nodded slowly, somewhat understanding but not really. Not that he would say anything more on the subject. He got the information he needed now he just needed to use the information to his advantage and stop the seal from breaking. He wasn't sure how he was going to manage that.

"Ok. So we stop whatever's causing the dreams. Simple," Dean said, sitting back down on the bed.

"Not really." Dean looked at Sam who raised his eyebrows in disbelief. "It's not that simple. There is no cure for Narcolepsy, we can't keep her from falling asleep." Dean flopped back onto the bed and rolled his eyes. "I don't think her falling asleep is the problem either. Somebody is doing something, using something. Maybe someone has been giving her dream root or maybe someone's cast a spell or something," Sam stated.

"So either way we're probably dealing with a witch," Dean groused, sitting up on the bed. "I hate witches."

"Maybe. It could be anything." Sam looked at his laptop screen, at a loss for what to do. "We're not going to know anything until we meet her." Dean huffed and shook his head, his lips pursed as he looked towards his brother, trying not to concentrate on the feel of Castiel's eyes staring into him. He hadn't moved, hadn't said a word in a few minuets.

"Well that's great. She's what, fourteen? Tell me, how are we supposed to manage that without looking like a bunch of pedophiles?" Sam rolled his eyes towards the ceiling and shook his head.

"Well, since you liked playing gym teacher so much, I figured we could infiltrate her school as teachers. I've already checked it out, they've got an opening in the history department and they need a teacher for shop. Seems that a few of their teachers had decided to get pregnant at the same time."

"Wait, you're telling me that the original shop teacher was a lady?" Dean asked at which Sam nodded slowly. "Lucky kids," Dean nodded, smirking slightly to himself. Sam only shook his head and closed his laptop, wondering how the hell they were going to deal with the seal.

The water lapped softly at the dock, a crisp blue which lacked the murky mud that usually made up river water. It was clear, a blue that only got darker as the water got deeper but he could pretty much see everything, could see the teams of fish as they swam, pushing their way through the current that was no doubt taking place beneath the calm of the surface. He sat, his hand loosely gripping the rod in his right hand, a chilled bottle of beer in his left. He sipped at his beer, watching the fish swim by his hook, not yet taking the bait though some fish had breeched the surface to butt head with the colorful bobber that floated at the top.

Dean knew he was dreaming. He hadn't felt so peaceful in years and he knew it would only last a few seconds, minuets at most until his subconscious left the serene scene to explore other parts of his mind. He sighed; closing his eyes and feeling the light wind cool his face from the heated sun that beat down lightly upon him. The water splashed slightly at the surface and the rod tugged in his hand. He leaned forward and began to turn the reel, dragging the fish through the water till finally it was squirming helplessly in front of him. He held it lightly in his hands, unhooking its mouth gently before letting it flop back into the water where it rushed to rejoin its school.

"What is the point of catching the fish if you only let it go?" His voice didn't startle Dean as it usually would have but instead filled him with a sense of calm, warmth, and peace even though he was already at peace to begin with. Dean breathed deeply, took a sip of his beer and smiled.

"No point," Dean replied. Castiel took a few steps forward, stopping next to Dean. Dean looked up, watching the angel as he stood, his blue eyes squinting from the sun, his hair catching the lightly as it fell half-hazardly over one half of his brow, the rest sticking up at odd angles that would have looked messy and horrible on anyone else.

"This is what you dream of?" Castiel asked, his voice soft, deep and graveled at the same time and yet there was something new to it, as if his true voice was coming through the vessels' more clearly than usual. The angel looked down at Dean, his eyes squinting less now that he wasn't looking directly towards the sun. They were as blue was the water Dean thought.

"Sometimes. If I'm lucky." Castiel's brows furrowed and he titled his head to the side. Dean's smile morphed into a smirk as he took another sip of his beer and turned his attention back to the water that rippled from where fish jumped and swam. "It only lasts so long, Cas. I don't dream like this often."

"You dream of other things." Dean took another sip and stared at the water that calmed quickly for a moment before he nodded. "You dream of hell."

"Yeah Cas. Yeah." It was silent; the water made no noise nor did the wind as it carded through the trees. He closed his eyes and took another deep breath, hoping that the dream wouldn't fade, hoping that he could hold onto it just a bit longer. Cold began to seep into his sides, his fingertips, and his chest. He gripped the rod tighter.

"I am sorry." Strong fingers pressed through his jacket, gripping his shoulder and warmth flooded his system as Dean felt himself breathe a sigh of relief. He let his eyes rest closed as he placed the beer in his cup holder before reaching for the hand on his shoulder and placing his hand firmly over it, knowing that it was the only thing keeping him anchored. He opened his eyes and looked up at the angel who stared silent outward at the water, which was once again teamed with life. He smiled and gripped the hand tighter, looking out at the water.

"You don't have to be, but thanks anyways."