East High Drama Club

By angellwings

Prologue: Just Walk Away

Kelsi stared at the phone in her hand anxiously. Ryan still hadn't called. He hadn't been able to get a job as an assistant choreographer straight out of college so he had auditioned for the touring production of 'Thoroughly Modern Millie'. He was currently the ensemble's dance captain, and Kelsi couldn't be prouder of him.

But that meant he was on the road all the time, and she was stuck in New York getting coffee for one of Broadway's most brilliant (and egotistical) composers. When he had first started touring he had called her all the time, and when he couldn't call he at least sent her a text message. But more recently he had been forgetting to do that too.

Kelsi was beginning to feel more stressed about the relationship than she ever had, and more stress was the last thing she needed at the moment. She didn't think she could do this much longer. She was so worried about her relationship that she was spacing out at work (which had caused her to look like an idiot in front of her boss on more than one occasion).

She glanced at the clock and groaned. She couldn't wait for his call any longer. She needed to go to bed so she would be well rested for work in the morning. They were making a presentation to a brilliant young screenplay writer in the morning and they desperately needed to make a good impression.

"Waited for your call as long as I could. We need to talk some time soon."

She sighed and hit send before plugging her phone up to the charger and going to bed.

She and Ryan had been through a lot together, but tonight had been the last straw. Maybe it would be best for both of them if they just went their separate ways for a while.

Ryan was working hard on his career…it was high time she worked hard on hers too.

First things first: DON'T FREAK OUT, lol. I know this starts out kind of sad and it might ruin the happily ever after we've all imaginged, lol, but it DOES get better! So stick with me here! And secondly, I know I told a few people that I wouldn't be posting this until the weekend, but I changed my mind.