Authors Note: This is tentatively the prologue to a songfic that I'm working on to the song "Always" by Saliva. Neither the song, nor the characters, belong to me. I just play with them because I'm emo lately. Please review and let me know if you would like to see the rest, because I'm a little unsure about my portrayal of these particular characters.




Severus Snape was confused, irritated, and, as much as he hated to admit it, a little afraid. For two weeks, Remus Lupin had made his way to the library at the same time every day, without his friends, and sat next to him silently. Neither of them had ever said a word during their nightly studying, and neither of them had made reference to it once they'd left either.

Finally, Severus' curiosity got the better of him, and he flipped his book shut. He noticed that Lupin had briefly flicked his eyes in his direction, before concentrating once more on the page in front of him.

"What are you playing at Lupin?" Severus said, his voice deepening maliciously when he had to say the other boy's name.

Lupin looked at him and tried to shrug the question away, but Severus was having none of it. Why would Remus Lupin, one of his tormentors, spend every night with him for no reason? This could not end well.

"I know that you're planning something. You, and your idiot friends… Forget it. I'm onto you."

A sigh. "It isn't anything Snape, I swear. I just… I decided that I wouldn't let this continue." At a glance from the other boy, he explained further. "Things have been happening, in the outside world, this Lord Voldemort, and… I decided I need to change things here. I swear there is nothing else going on, I'm just sitting here. If you want me to move, I will."

Severus said nothing, choosing to simply open his book again.


Over the next three months, they spoke a little more, and tentatively formed a strained bond… More of a reluctant acquaintance than anything, at first.

Both of them had thought it odd that they got along so while after the awkwardness had faded. Remus felt that he needed to get away from his best friends sometimes, just to talk and be calm. Severus had never had any close friends, and simply being able to be, without having to prove anything was comforting.