This is the sequel to my story Sailor Pluto, Guardian of the Underworld. It might make more sense if you read that first, but I think the following chapter(s) can work by themselves. You just might wonder where Fate, Hades, and other characters came from.

I am meaning to write the chapters as one-shots, drabbles and such. This is not really one long, connected story. These are events and things Trista learns as she travels through the Underworld.

And yes, short chapter. Just an introduction back to the world Trista/Sailor Pluto knew.


Trista had promised Hades she would return one day. She missed him, those dark moments they shared in the shadows of the castle…Fate had left her with longing memories of the way things could be.

Damn you, Fate, Trista thought, not caring if her thoughts were heard or not. How do I go back to the way things were revisited the underworld?

She couldn't. At this particular moment, she was cleaning the apartment before Amara, Michelle, and Hotaru came home. It had only been four days, three hours, and seven minutes since Trista had left the Underworld (not that she was counting or anything). Yet, it felt longer than those centuries she had been alone at the Time-Space Gate. She didn't want to watch silly human with their silly little lives. She didn't want to pretend everything was okay. People died every day. That was life. But also in life, there is love and companionship. This was what Hades had offered Trista.

Trista wished something would happen, just so she would have an excuse to go see Hades again. Hell could break loose again, for all she cared.

I'm so miserable, she thought sadly as she pushed the vacuum across the carpet.

Sure, there had been a great birthday party when she had returned, and everyone was happy to see her in the real world. She had received an assortment of gifts from everyone; Amara and Michelle gave her a necklace with keys of different sizes as charms, Hotaru gave her a new book by Trista's favorite author, Mina gave her beauty and makeup products, Raye gave her new lucky charms (engraved with the symbol of Pluto), Lita had baked the birthday cake, Ami gave her a silver watch as a gag gift, and Serena gave her a big hug and a portrait of the entire scout team.

As much as she had loved the gifts and being around her friends, Trista realized she had not missed them as much as she thought she would.. She felt guilty for this, but it was the truth.

I want to go back to the Underworld.

Then go ahead; what's stopping you? a voice taunted.

Trista stopped vacuuming under the couch and stood straight up. She switched off the machine. That voice…I heard it whisper over a vacuum? Strange…Who are you? she thought.

Psh, you know who this is. You have my full permission to travel to and from the Underworld as you please.

Fate? Pluto asked.

Your thoughts depress me. I normally send Karma to make people's lives better, but I've decided not to mettle with your life too much. Come back if you feel you should do so. Just don't forget your Earthly duties as well. I know, despite what you think, that the scouts missed you very much. They are eternally grateful for all you have done for them.

Trista bowed her head, feeling slightly guilty.

What are you waiting for? Don't make me send Karma up there after all!

Okay, Fate. I shall be there soon.

I know you will be.