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Harry and Hermione's twin daughters are sick at home and bored with Witches Flu. While Harry is taking care of the girls, they decide to ask Harry about his life when he was younger. After being begged by the twins, he gives in and tells them his story.

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The Potters were blessed. It was a bit over 12 years since the war had ended, ten years since Hermione and Harry married, and nine years since their small family of two grew to a family of seven. Harry and Hermione were in love, everyone knew this. They fell for one another somewhere between their sixth and seventh year of school, though neither one of them truly knew what their relationship was until they tested the dating pool before coming to the sudden conclusion that the only people they wanted to be with was each other.

Hermione and Harry married when they were twenty one years old, after dating exclusively for a bit over two years. They immediately began to look for a house in the suburbs of London. Hermione instantly found her dream house on a small, quiet street with a park down the road. It was a large house, with six bedrooms, four full baths, a library, a den, a sitting room, a finished basement, a large kitchen, a family room, and a dining room. Their yard was very large, and they had a wraparound porch. The second Hermione saw this three story stone house, she wanted it, and Harry wanted to give it to her. They both were very successful at their jobs. Hermione worked in the department of mysteries, Harry as an Auror. They moved from Grimmaulds Place right after the wedding, though they kept it in the order. They had meetings there still, and used it several times a month. Kreature kept it very clean and organized and was always happy to see visitors, which was a change from the years of the war.

They began to start trying for children after a year of being married, and since then, they have had five beautiful children all with emerald eyes.

First came their now nine year old identical twin girls. Even though they looked alike, they had completely different personalities. They were born in the spring, May 10th 2002, on a Saturday. Alexandra Molly, also known to their family and friends as Alex, was born first, followed by Nora Lillian five minutes later. Both girls were born with the trademark Evens eyes, emerald green from the day they were born. They had soft brown hair with red highlights, and features that resembled their mum more so than their dad. Alex was extremely outgoing. She loved flying and quidditch, though she loved to read. Nora, who could care less about flying, loved reading. If you ever were looking for Nora, you'd find her curled up on the couch with a book.

Two years later, came their first son, Luke James on his Uncle Ron's birthday, March 1st. Luke was now six and was identical to Harry, complete from the eye color to the shaggy hair. He was always into trouble. He loved getting into everything, especially when it meant driving his older sisters up the wall. He was normally in trouble, or getting one of his mother's famous looks. 'He's your son…' Hermione would often say, causing Harry to just laugh and agree with her. He too enjoyed flying, and often Harry would say that he would be a seeker. Alex would inform him that she would be seeker, he would be keeper. Luke didn't care what he was, as long as he was allowed to fly with his dad.

Two years after that, on came their second son, Zachary Ronald born on October 30th. Zack was now four years old. He was a complete mix of Hermione and Harry. He had Hermione's hair coloring, but Harry's messy hair. He had his father's color, but his mother's eye shape. He was beginning to look more like his dad though. Zack tried to get into as much trouble as his big brother, though he would always get caught. When he did, he would giggle and run out of the room. He had a bit of a short fuse though, which Harry would turn the tables on his wife and say, 'He's your son.' She would scowl at him playfully but always agreed at the end.

Two years after Zack came Madeline Genevieve, who they called Maddie. She was born on July 6th and just turned two on her last birthday. She was the only child with red hair and green eyes. She looked identical to her grandmum, though her features were changing to look a bit like Hermione more every day. The day she had been born, Harry went out to tell them it was a girl, and he looked at Ron, 'You son of a bitch.' He smiled, leaving Ron confused until he saw the little redhead. Ron laughed out loud and said, 'Sorry mate, you know how close the three of us were. I thought we shared everything.' She was named after her Aunt Ginny, and with the red hair, it suited her. She was their last baby.

Harry walked around the house, which was strangely quiet for almost seven at night. He had just gotten in from work, and normally the kids would be all running in to see him. No one ran today. He heard the sound of coughing coming from one of the upstairs bedroom, and figured he'd check on that as soon as he found his wife. Walking into the den, he saw her frantically writing her presentation for the next morning, "Hi love." He said, causing her to jump.

"Bloody hell Harry, don't do that!" She said, clutching her chest, before calming herself down enough to give him a proper greeting, "How was your day?"

"Busy." He said, "Yours?"

She shook her head. He could tell that she was tired, "Long, very long. I'm trying to get everything done so I can give my notes to Ada for tomorrow's presentation. There is no way I can make it tomorrow."

"The girls no better?"

Hermione shook her head, as she stood up, "They both look and sound awful, and they are miserable. They slept most of the day, and they both still have a fever."

"I'll stay with the girls tomorrow." Harry said to his wife, who had been working nonstop on the presentation for weeks now. He knew how important it was for her, and how excited she was to present it. The twins had been sick with witches' flu for almost four days now. Alex began complaining she was sick on Saturday morning, Nora Saturday night. By Sunday they were both sporting a very high fever, which a potion barely touched. Harry had to be at work on Monday and Tuesday, but tomorrow he could take off.

"You've been off on missions for the past two days, how can you take off?"

"Very easily, my family needs me and you need to go to work and do the presentation correctly. You know that Ada could NEVER do as good of a job as you can."

Hermione thought about it a bit and then nodded, "Are you sure?"

"Of course." He said as she enveloped him into a tight hug. He wrapped his arms around her and lied his head on top of hers, placing a kiss on the flowing curls.

"I figured I'd drop off Luke at school and then take Zack and Maddie to Ron's. Luna said that she would watch them tomorrow if I needed. She has off from the quibbler. She also said she'd pick up Luke after he's done school if we needed her to. I mean, it shouldn't be much of a trouble, because Addison and Samuel are going to be going to school, and then she'll just have our three and her two…"

Harry smiled, "Fine, we'll drop them off tomorrow after we take Luke to school."

Luna and Hermione had all of their kids within a couple months of one another. It would be wonderful when all of them went off to Hogwarts. They grew up together and were all best friends, with the ones in their age group. Addison was nine, Samuel was six, Ryan was four, and Cassidy was two. Luna and Ron had been married almost as long as Harry and Hermione. They lived right around the corner from one another, had dinner with one another at least twice a week. Hermione and Luna became quite close over the years.

"Daddy!" Maddie said, running into the den.

"Hi Maddie. How are you?"

"Good! I miss you!" She said, as he scooped her up, cuddling against his neck. Harry kissed her curly red head and looked into her beautiful green eyes. She was by far the smallest of all his kids, and he loved it.

"I missed you too Maddie. Were you good for mummy today?"

"No, Gammy." She said.

"Oh that's right, you were with Grandmum. Were you good for Grandmum?"

"Yup! 'Ack no good."

"He was fine." Hermione said to her daughter, smiling, "Don't you be like that."

"Gammy yell." She told her daddy very seriously.

"What did she yell about?"

" 'Ack broked dish."

"Oh… did Grandmum fix it?"

"Yup! Her magic it."

Harry laughed, and kissed her forehead, "Good. You're going to Aunt Luna's and Uncle Ron's house tomorrow."

"Yay!" She smiled, clapping her hands, "Go now?"

"No tomorrow, after we take Luke to school."

"And Ahyex and Norwa."

Hermione shook her head, "No, they are still sick."

"Daddy, my sissy is sick." She said seriously.

"I know, I should go check on them." He said.

"Me go too."

"Absolutely not. You are still a witch my dear, you can catch it." Hermione said, smiling.

"Daddy get."

"Daddy's not a witch."

"Mummy get."

"I could definitely get it… and as long as it's not tomorrow, I'll be fine." She smiled.

Harry looked at the clock and saw it was almost eight, "I think it's almost time for bed Miss Madeline."

"No seep." She said, shaking her head.

"Yes sleep." Hermione smiled.

Hermione and Harry heard the two identical voices call, "Mummy!" From upstairs. Hermione sighed, and stood up, "I'll get them if you get her to bed."

"Deal." Harry said, as he and Maddie walked upstairs behind Hermione. Hermione walked down the long hallway to the girls' bedroom. Harry got Maddie ready for bed, kissed her, and turned on her nightlight, closing the door. He heard his wife talking to their oldest kids. He checked on Luke who was in their bedroom watching TV. He checked on Zack who was down in the upstairs office smiling and playing with Crookshanks. He talked to both boys about their day before heading back to his daughters' room.

"Mum, I don't want to take another potion." Alex complained, "It's so disgusting."

"Well you need to take it."

"It's not helping." She said, clamping her mouth down as Hermione handed her the cup.

"I don't care you're taking it. You too Nora."

"Mum, I'll throw up if I take it." Nora told her softly.

"Well, I'll give you a nausea potion beforehand." Hermione smiled, "Or keep the trashcan within reach."

Both girls groaned, and continued to argue with her.

"Where's Daddy?" Nora asked.

"He's getting Maddie into bed."

"Has he been home long?" Alex asked.

"No, he just got home about an hour ago, if that."

"And he didn't come up?" Nora questioned.

"He'll be in shortly, now take your potions."

"NO!" Both girls said.

Harry smiled as he peered through the door into the sky blue room with a purple border. They both had flushed faces, and were white as can be. They looked pathetic. Harry finally walked into the room, "How are you two feeling."

"Daddy!" They both said, with as much excitement as they could muster.

"Why didn't you come right up?"

"Well I'm sorry Alexandra, but I had to find mummy and get your sister into bed." He said, leaning down to kiss her on the forehead.

"I missed you." Nora said as he made his way over to her bed.

"I missed you too." He replied, kissing her forehead, "Now, why do you both have potions sitting next to your bed?"

"Because it's gross." They stated.

"True, but you need to take it. Drink it quick." He replied.

Both girls looked at him and then back at their mum, realizing it was a losing battle, they downed the potions, grimacing.

Hermione smiled and sat down on Alex's bed, Harry did the same on Nora's, "That wasn't so bad was it?"

"It was disgusting." Alex said.

Hermione put her arm around Alex and she put her head against her chest, "Can we go to school tomorrow?" Nora asked.

"Definitely not." Hermione said, "You two probably won't be going in for the rest of the week, unless I can get a potion that actually will cure you of this flu."

Nora groaned. She loved school. She was good at school. She was naturally smart, and got it from Hermione. She studied a lot harder than her sister, though Alex was not bad in school at all.

"I can't believe I have a bookworm for a twin." Alex rolled her eyes, "You probably want your homework too don't you?" She said coughing as she finished. Hermione brushed a piece of hair out of her daughters face, frowning at how warm she still felt.

"Yes, I do, I hate not having my work finished. There's nothing wrong with that is there daddy?" Nora looked up hopeful at her father.

"No, of course not, however, you two don't need to worry about homework just now…"

"Besides, Aunt Luna will get all your work you missed during the week." Hermione said, "You'll have plenty of time to do it once you're feeling better."

Alex groaned against her mum, and Nora smiled against her father.

"Right, well you two need to get some sleep." Harry said, kissing Nora, "It's almost nine."

"It's still early." Alex said, whining at every little thing.

"Yeah, but you're sick. Go to bed. I'll see you in the morning." Harry said.

"Wait, you're staying home?!" Both girls said simultaneously, their glassy green eyes looking up at him.

"Yes." He smiled, walking over to kiss Alex, "Mummy has to do a presentation, and that means it's you two and me."

They smiled at one another. It wasn't often that daddy stayed home when they were sick. Sure it happened before, but not recently. They loved when daddy spent time with just the two of them. Most of the time it was only for a short while, "Good night girls." Hermione said, kissing them both.

"Night mum. I love you."

"I love you to Nora."

"I love you too mum."

"You too Alexandra." She said, "Get some sleep."

Harry and Hermione walk out of the room and close the door. They get their sons into bed by nine, and then finally have their down time.

They walked downstairs hand in hand, both exhausted from the days events, "I didn't say goodnight to Maddie." Hermione sighed, "I should go do that."

"Say it when you go back upstairs. She's sound asleep right now." He replied, "Are you ready for tomorrow?" He asked as he boiled water using magic. Hermione pulled out two decaf teabags and nodded, "Nervous?" She nodded again, yawning as she moved onto the cups, "I'm sure you'll do fine."

"Oh, I know I will." She smiled. Harry poured the tea and then they made their way out to the sitting room. Hermione sat on the couch first, pulling her legs under her. Harry in return pulled her against his shoulder as he sat. They sipped their tea as they spent the much needed quality time together. Harry had his fingers entwined in her curls. They talked about what Harry missed during the day, which was a lot of sickness. He would get his share the next morning. Then they talked about his day, and what happened at the office, and then by eleven they turned in.

Hermione left with the youngest three kids before Harry and the Twins woke up. Harry woke up at nine, and the girls at nine thirty. Alex went looking for her father and found him downstairs making breakfast, "Hi daddy."

"What are you doing up out of bed?" He asked.

"I was looking for you." She said, her cheeks still flushed.

"Well, good morning, and get back up to bed. I'll be up with breakfast in a few minutes.

"Nora's still sleeping." She said.

"No I'm not." The response came from the hallway.

"I want both your butts back upstairs and in bed. You also need to get your temperatures checked and then some more potion."
They both groaned at this, but did as they were told. They went upstairs and got back in their beds, lying back waiting for their father.

Harry was up about ten minutes later into their room. He looked around the room and saw how neat it was. Normally the girls had it pulled apart, toys all over the place, but not this week. Harry magically took the girls temperatures, "It's lower than last night."

"Who's?" Nora asks.

"Both of yours. Drink your potions."

They drank them and then ate a bit of breakfast, though not much. They were indeed feeling better, and Harry could tell, but not well enough yet to do much. They watched television in their room, and read a lot of books, but that was getting old. Harry brought up his chess board though the girls were both still too sick to focus. Alex was playing with her dad's old snitch, throwing it up and attempting to catch it, which she was successful three out of the four times, "Alexandra!" Nora whined, "That blasted thing is going to be flying all over our room now! I hate that noise! It's hurting my head."

"You're hurting my head. Daddy will catch it."

Nora ducked as the snitch flew through the room. Alex attempted to catch it, but failed. Harry came up with glasses of orange juice and reached up, grabbing the snitch, "Let's not play with that right now." He smiled at his daughter, "Your definitely not well enough to be after a snitch."

"Daddy, I'm boooorrreeeddd." Alex whined, "Can't we get out of bed? Just for a little while?"

"No, sorry love."

"I'm bored too daddy." Nora pouted.

"Nothing on TV?"

"It's Wednesday morning, of course not."

"Well what about a movie?"

"No." Both girls said.



"I've read all my books."

"All of them Nora?"

"Well, most of them." She said, shrugging.

"Tell us a story dad." Alex said, sitting up. She pushed the pillow up against the wall and leaned against the pillow.

"What story do you want to hear?" He asked, looking over at their bookshelf.

"None of those dad." Nora started, "About you in Hogwarts."

Harry tensed at that. He wasn't one to talk about the days of the war and during Hogwarts, though he had a lot of good memories, he had a lot of bad as well.

"Oh girls, I don't think so." He started.

"Why not?!" They asked.

"You never talk about Hogwarts to us daddy! No matter how much we ask." Alex began.

"Yeah and when you do, it's just about quidditch. What about the war? What about you before the war? What happened to you before Hogwarts? Your life?" Nora continued.

"Girls… you know I don't talk about those times."

"But why not? Strangers know more about you than we do and we're your daughters." Alex replied.

"Yeah dad, and we're going to Hogwarts in less than two years. I know we'll be learning about the war then."

"And then you'll know about what it was like." Harry said.

"Dad. Please? We just want to know more about you and your life back then." Alex smiled sweetly. He looked over at Nora and she had the same, identical smile plastered on her face.

"Please?" Nora said, adding a cough to make sure her father would feel bad that they were sick.

"I…" He said, thinking it over, before nodding, "I suppose you should know about your old man prior to attending Hogwarts." He smiled at his daughters. Nora pulled her purple comforter off her bed and her pillow and walked over to Alex's bed and got under her comforter, placing her pillow against the wall as the twins watched their father, "You know Alex, I remember going to Diagon Alley and thinking the same exact thing."

"What?" The girls asked.

"That strangers knew more about me than I did. I didn't have much of a childhood. I lived with my Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. You know that though."

"That's all we know." Alex stated, "That, and that your parents died during the first war, and that's where you got your scar, and also how you came to live with your Aunt and Uncle."

"Well then, what more do you want to hear?"

"Everything." The twins responded in a very 'Fred and George' way.

"What it was like."

"Where you lived."

"Where you slept."

"Where you went to school."

"How you felt when you went to Hogwarts."

"How you felt when you met mummy."

"And Uncle Ron."

"And Aunt Ginny."

"And Aunt Luna."

"Did you love mummy at first?"

"What about classes?"

"How did the war end?"

"What did you do to stop it."

"How you defeated Voldemort."

"Your life after the war."

"Where you got your scars."

"Where mummy got the one on her neck."

"Why mummy doesn't want house elves."

Harry held his hand up, quieting his girls, "Well then… I suppose I should start from the beginning."

"Daddy, did your Aunt or Uncle ever care about you?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "I would have liked to think so, but as far as I can remember, I was always a house keeper. I have a couple memories of my cousin Dudley and I growing up and playing together. Then I became what my uncle called a freak when I was about five. "

"What did you do?" Nora asked.

Harry looked down at his girls, sitting on the bed. He squeezed himself between the pair of them and leaned against the wall. Both girls watched him intently as he began his story, "I was five when I realized that I was different and my Aunt and Uncle were disgusted, but not surprised. My life changed during that time."

'I don't know what happened!' A five year old Harry said, as he looked fearful at the now broken television that sat in his cousin's bedroom.

'He's like THEM Petunia. I told you he would be like THEM.'

'I didn't do it! The TV just… it just exploded! It just… it was like magic.'

Uncle Vernon turned towards his wife's burden and reached for him, grabbing the collar of his shirt, he pulled the dark haired boy towards him, 'There…is…no…such…thing…as…magic. Do you understand me… boy."

"But how did the TV blow up then?" He asked, not meant to be smart, just a curious boy.

"GET TO YOUR ROOM!" Vernon screamed at him, "GET OUT OF HERE AND GET INTO YOUR ROOM! Don't you DARE come out until I tell you to."

"But I didn't do anything…" Harry said, before his Uncle took him by the scruff of his neck, dragging him out as if he were a dog, and threw him onto his bed. Harry bounced a few times and his head hit the headboard. The pain shot through him, but he didn't dare cry. His uncle's face was purple with anger. He was furious with Harry. Harry had seen him angry before, but never like this, never towards him, "I didn't do anything." He said, as his door was slammed closed. He was punished that night. He was sent to the cupboard, and that was where his bed was put. His Aunt was furious, his Uncle was furious, but Harry was clueless. He had no idea what he did wrong. The TV just exploded. He didn't throw anything, he didn't hit it, he didn't do a thing.

"Are you ready to fess up boy?" Vernon shouted at him, as he pushed him into the cupboard.

"I don't know what happened!" He said, "I was mad! Dudley took his toy away, and then I looked at the TV and it exploded! I didn't touch it! I didn't throw anything at it! I didn't do ANYTHING! It just broke! Honestly."

"You bloody liar." Vernon shouted, as he slammed the door.

Harry looked at his tiny cupboard room, and shivered. It was small. He had a light, he had his mattress, a pillow, a blanket, and he had the few clothes he wore, but that was it. No toys, no people, just his door, and his room. He sat on his bed and cried. He didn't understand of this. He wasn't at fault. It was like magic, but he wouldn't dare say that again. He heard footsteps running up and down the stairs. Dust fell from under the wooden stairs. It filled his lungs and he started coughing. He looked up as the dust cleared and realized he wasn't alone. He had two spiders making webs at the top of the stairs. Harry watched them closely making their webs. He wished he was a spider during that time. They would have so much more room than he did. Harry looked at his dwelling again, not that there was much to see. His Aunt opened his door and handed him a clock, "Here" She said, pushing it to him.

"Thank you." He said softly, as he stayed on his bed.

"You will work to make up the money you cost your Uncle Vernon because of breaking Dudley's television."
"Yes Aunt Petunia." He said, looking at his feet.

"You'll start by learning how to make breakfast tomorrow, and then you will make sure that all the dishes are cleaned. Do you understand?"
"Yes Aunt Petunia." He said again.

She closed the door, and he put his clock on the little shelf above his bed. He tried to make the best out of his new room, 'At least it's my own room' Harry thought, 'I had to have Dudley's toy room, and he could come in there any time. Now he won't want to come in here.' It was just like Harry, trying to make the best out of any situation. He was sleepy though, and pulled the blankets up over his body, before drifting off to sleep. He was rudely awakened at seven o'clock by his oaf of a cousin. Dudley was jumping up and down the stairs purposely to bother Harry. Harry sneezed as the dust fell down. He grudgingly got up, and dressed, deciding not to leave his room until his Aunt or Uncle came in and said he could. The dust fell steadily, coating his jet black hair, causing it to look almost brown. Sneezing again, he heard heavier footsteps stomp down and he realized his Uncle was up, "Get up and make us breakfast boy."

"I don't know how." Harry said, timidly.

"Well you'll learn then, won't you?"

"What will I cook?"

"Ham, eggs, and toast."

The five year old looked at his Uncle, frightened about what would happen if he couldn't complete his chore. He slowly got off his bed and found his Aunt already in the kitchen, waiting for him. He looked at her for directions, 'Get a stool then." She said, barely acknowledging him.

He nodded and drug one of the stools over to the stove, "I'm only going to show you this once. This is how you will cook breakfast." She showed him how to make the ham, what it looked like when it was cooked. She showed him how to crack and cook the eggs. He watched her closely, trying to remember everything. Once she finished she sent him to get the dishes, which he did. He set the table, which he was use to doing, since he was around three years old, and then his cousin and uncle came to the table. Dudley pushed Harry out of the way, 'Out of my way freak.'

Harry fell on his arse, but never cried. He would not give Dudley the satisfaction of seeing him upset. He stood up and went to his seat after Aunt Petunia presented the table with food. Harry knew not to start eating until his Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley began. He waited for the nod from his uncle, which allowed him to eat. He never got seconds. He asked once, and got yelled at for even thinking about eating more than he was given. He was very small for his age, though his Aunt and Uncle didn't feel like fattening him up. From that moment on, the five year old was in charge of making breakfast. He learned as he went along. If he burned the food, he was punished by getting put back into the closet. He learned quickly. Tears would fill his eyes, though they never fell. At night, he would think about his mum and dad, and wonder what it would be like if they were still alive. He wondered how they would be. He wondered what they looked like. He had never seen a picture of his mum or dad because his Aunt and Uncle didn't own any, or at least weren't showing them to him. When he got super angry or upset, strange things occurred, but they were never his fault, he couldn't have done them. He would always get punished. He was always in trouble. He was no longer Harry, he was Boy. The name grew on him. Dudley beat on him, his Aunt and Uncle made him do chores. The only time he could ever be away from the house was when he went to the local public school. He loved school, it got him away from the house, but he didn't have many friends. He was shy and quiet, because he knew that if anything happened, strange or freak-like, he would be in trouble when he got home. He felt that if he stayed almost invisible, he would not have anything strange happen to him. It never lasted long. If he was breathing, he was in trouble, or at least that's what it felt like to him.

"So, they kept you in a cupboard?" Nora questioned.

"For a while." He said.

"How long?" Alex asked.

"For a bit over six years."

"That's awful!" The twins exclaimed.

"I didn't know any different. They knew that I was a wizard before I knew."

"But you didn't know anything about your mum or dad."

"No Nora, I didn't." He said, sighing, "I just tried to think about what they looked like through the insults I heard my Aunt and Uncle say about them. I knew that I looked like my father. I knew I had my mum's eyes. That was it. They told me they died in a car crash, and I was so young I believed it. They were the only family I ever knew, until I met Uncle Ron and his family."

"That's horrid."

"It made me stronger Alex." Harry sighed, "It made me who I am today."


"Were they ever nice to you?"

"Not nice, like we are to you kids…" Harry smiled, "I was fed, most of the times… I was given clothing, a roof, but not much more. Dudley was god in that house. I was just a nuisance."

"You were a kid!"

"I was…" He sighed.

"They were never nice?" Nora asked again.

"On occasion." He said, "My Aunt was more kind than usual."


"When I was in the same situation as you… though it was not that often I got that way."

"Up… get up." Aunt Petunia said, rapping her hand against the door, "Your uncle will be down in less than ten minutes and you have not started breakfast yet! Move it."
Harry opened his eyes, and groaned, sitting up on his bed. He felt colder than usual as he pulled his wire-rimmed glasses onto his face. His head, legs, and arms ached. He slowly walked out from under the stairs, and into the kitchen. 'Hurry up. Start the bacon, get the eggs ready, and mind the toast. Don't you dare burn it this time. What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing Aunt Petunia." He said, as he went to the refrigerator.

"Get to work then." She said.

Harry went through the routine that he has done for the past year and a half. He made breakfast feeling more and more light headed as the time went by. He shivered even though the kitchen was warm. He was beginning to feel constriction in his chest, and turned his head to cough, a deep cough from the depth of his chest, rattling his small six and a half year old frame.

"It's Saturday, therefore it's bathroom duty today."

"Yes Aunt Petunia." He said softly, continuing to shiver as he cooked the eggs. His face and neck felt hot, though the rest of him froze. He hadn't remembered ever feeling so sick before. He wanted to go lay down, but he couldn't. He would be punished for not finishing the meal. He didn't like his punishments. He had to work twice as hard, complete twice as many chores. Harry got breakfast on the table, just as his Uncle and Cousin came down the stairs. He sat down once the Dursley's sat down, Harry joined them. He couldn't eat. His appetite was non-existent. He pushed his food around his plate, eating little, before getting yelled at by his Uncle, which he tuned out. Not a day went by when he wasn't yelled at.

"Boy, eat your food." He said, gruffly. Harry didn't look up, he kept his eyes on the table, "You are unbelievable. How dare you. We give you a home, clothing, a place to sleep, food to eat. We open our house to you out of the goodness of our hearts, and you don't even have the decency to eat?!"

"I'm not hungry." Harry said quietly.

"I am!" Dudley said, as he reached over the table to Harry and pulled the food off of his plate.

"I suggest you go get dressed then and start your chores." Uncle Vernon said, "No lunch is needed for you then either is it? Dinner I suppose you'll only want some toast then?"
Harry didn't say anything. He got up and walked out of the kitchen. His Uncle would be leaving for his one Saturday of the month work. Harry would be ignored most of the day, which he was looking forward to, even if he was doing chores. He went into this cupboard and sat down on his bed for a moment. He lied his aching head down and closed his eyes breathing deeply. He must have fallen asleep, because the next thing he heard was his Aunt, "Open your mouth." She said. He cracked his eye open and saw her squatting next to his bed, half out the door, with a thermometer, "Open your mouth." She said again, forcing the cool thermometer under his tongue, "Stay quiet."

Harry sat there, and closed his eyes again, waiting for her to pull the object out of his mouth. She did and he opened his eyes again. He watched his aunt shake the mercury down, she stood up and closed his door, mumbling something about him being at 39.4 degrees. When she came back, she had a bottle and a spoon in hand, "Drink this. Go on then, take it. Swallow and don't you dare spit it out." She said, firmly.

Harry did as he was told, surprised that his Aunt was being almost caring. He lied back down and she told him to stay put for the day and that his chores could wait. During that day, she checked on him every hour, taking his temperature, giving him medicine, and making sure he was still breathing. He felt awful and did not change for several days. She was less open about checking on him once his uncle came back, but it was almost as if he had a mum, or what he thought it would be like to have a mum during that time.

"So she did take care of you?"

"When I was sick." He told Nora.

"But Daddy, why didn't you run away?"

"Because I had nowhere to go. I didn't have a family outside of the Dursley's. I didn't have friends. I had a cupboard. I had chores. I had my mum's family who never truly wanted me there, however they were forced."

"Why were they forced?"


"What does he have to do about it?" Alex asked.

"That's later in the story." He smiled.

Nora yawned and looked at her dad, "When did you know you were a wizard?"

"When I got my letter."

"Were you scared?" Alex wondered.

"Well…" He said, getting cut off by a cough Alex, "I believe that is for another time girls. You both are looking rather peeky and should get some sleep."

"But we're not tired, are we Nora?"

"No…" Nora said, stifling a yawn, "Please daddy?"

"Let me go get you both something to drink, and then I'll continue."

Ok." They said, as he stood up off the bed, "I'll be right back."

Harry walked out of the girls' room and closed their door, sighing as he stepped out. He hadn't thought about his childhood in ages. It wasn't something he wanted to bring up ever in his life. However, his daughters were old enough to hear about his life, something that he didn't mention much, and they had talked him into telling them his story. He decided that it was time to answer their questions. He walked into the kitchen and got the girls more juice, and brought it back upstairs. He silently hoped that they would be asleep, but that wasn't the case. He heard them discussing what he had just told them. He walked into the room and they smiled at him.

"Thanks daddy." They said as he handed him their juice.

"You're welcome. Are you two sure you don't want to rest?"

"We are resting." Alex said, "Please dad, tell us about when you knew you were a wizard!"

Harry leaned against the wall, "Alright… it was a downright shock when I got the letter addressed to a Mr. H. J. Potter , Number five Privet Drive, First Floor, The Cupboard Under the Stairs…"

And that was chapter 1. Chapter 2 will be about Harry's first time to Diagon Alley, the train ride, and the first time he met the girls mum.

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