She doesn't know why, or how come. She spends her whole life could have been. She doesn't like to face she has a problem. Eversince that likes to be alone. She thinks that avoiding people is the hurt her the first cant take for it to happen doesn't answer her wont text grades slowly becomes moody and cant stand her disrespects them yells at her brother for doing and acting she never looks at been let down so many has no one to help one sits with doesn't fit in. but people feel like they do and they make fun of pain is the price paid for them to eats to comfort the on candy and that this will fix that in that gap, that hollowness inside her, but it doesn' then locks herself in the the divorse was all her all problems on , feeling alone and thinks no one understands no one thinks she has a sollution. She wants to slice her wrist. to try make the pain really have something to cry that doesn't fill the tell her shes brother calls her mom asks if shes going to really eat all doesn't have a looks in the miror and isnt tries to fix the make boys like without thinkg she purges wanting to look like the rest of the wants to be has blemishes all mother yells at her to put face jell never yet it never clears tries to tell people to stop doing things but then they scream "Lets play conect the dots on her forhead!"she is constantly reminded of physical how she doesn't look like a then with no confidense she becomes thinks negitive attention from boys will fill the lets them run all over then call her bad only makes her self feel this still solves gets in the wrong crowd at school and they pressure in to doing then pops pills. she gets high to try to escape the gets drunk to try to fill the missing part of its still haunting chasing her. way to much pressure is on her pettite shoulders. She doesn't know how longer she can bear the she tried is thinks of wants to pull the it done quick and cant take life anymore. Felling alone and lost in the world.