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Chapter 1

"NO!" screamed Haruno Sakura. Sitting up, she panted heavily, sweat adorning her face.

No way did she have that dream again—tonight was the fifth time! She had a hard time convincing Naruto and herself that Uchiha Sasuke would never come back to them, not willingly, at least. Her dreams were bringing her down, though.

Dammit, Sakura, Inner Sakura chided. Get a grip and learn to move on. These feelings aren't helping at all. Shannaro!

This was a usual day in Konoha, where Naruto was at the third training ground with Jiraiya, Ino and Shikamaru at the flower shop (making out, no doubt), Team Gai was on a mission or a training quest, Team Kurenai and Chouji were at some random restaurant, and Kakashi was off reading porn to the KIA memorial stone. Sakura was at the hospital, ready for work, when there came a loud scream from a very sober (not) Hokage.

"Yes, Lady Tsunade?" asked a rather irritated Sakura. How does that woman get drunk this early in the morning? Wait…how is she a Sannin?!

"Yeah, well…SAKURA!!!! Oh, there you are! Look, I've been having a rough day—"

"But it's not even eight in the morning yet!"

"My points exactly. Well, there's this bar I found a few days ago—well, I didn't find it, Jiraiya did and then he showed me—and I'm gonna go there. I want you to watch over my office for a while while I go get even more wasted than I am now…I'm old! Waaaahhhh!!!! Ahem, I can't get into contact with Naruto at the moment since he's in the hospital—did I tell you how much he overworks himself?—so watch this office for a few hours or…whenever the hell I decide to get back to work!" the blonde woman rambled.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama," came the bored answer. Sakura had done this at least five times already.

Usually, it was for nine-ten hours when the Hokage said it would only be two or three, so Sakura was totally ready for this. Tsunade stumbled out of the room, sounding like she would hiccup herself to death. As she left the room, five ANBU members knocked on the door, each carrying an unconscious body.

"Sakura-san," they bowed politely, "where is Hokage-sama?"

"She just left to get wasted at some bar," came a rather blunt answer.

"But it's not even eight in the morning yet," one masked ANBU stated, trying to hide his confusion.

"That's exactly what I told her. What do you need? And who are—"

The pinkette paused mid-sentence, seeing who the people were. They were no other than Team Hawk, along with a black haired girl. She had met Karin and Suigetsu before, even became friends with them, and she had tried to talk to Juugo when she found their camp on the outskirts of Konoha. But who was the black haired girl? She was a kunoichi, that was for sure, and she was very pretty.

"L-leave, now! I-I'll deal with this, I've got it," said Sakura, trying to calm herself. She had to find out who this woman was…she'd better not be what Sakura thought she was. Even Karin backed away and went to Suigetsu when she'd heard of their miserable past.

Sasuke was the first to wake up, looking around for the black haired girl. Once he found her next to him, he sighed with relief. Was this girl that important to him?

The others eventually woke up, all giving a disgusted sneer at the black haired girl. Everyone disliked her, at least on Team Hebi. She was the last to wake up, opening her eyes to reveal bright purple orbs.


I can't believe it! Sakura mentally hissed at home. I wait all my life just for the words 'I love you' to be directed to me, coming from his mouth…yet he gives it to some wannabe medic-nin who hasno chakra control! Even the others, who said they were my best friends say she's a bit better than I am…behind my back! How did Lady Tsunade take her as a student?! Was she drunk? Ugh, too many questions … At least Team Hebi knows what she really is.


"Heya, Sakura…what a huuuge forehead! I know you already know that I'm the Uchiha Patriarch, but I think I really deserved it…After two months of training, I've become one of the strongest kunoichi next to Lady Tsunade, if I do say so myself. Speaking of Lady Tsunade, I'm her new apprentice!

"She told me that she was gonna replace you anyway, after all of those 'wishful' dreams. Everyone thinks you're weak, and you do too. Admit it, Forehead!"

Team Hebi stepped, about to defend Sakura when the Uchiha bastard stepped up, scowling at Sakura. "Akemi-koi is right, Sakura. Your dreams remind me of that old you, the stalker one…I guess after all these years, you're still emotionally paranoid and annoying."

Instead of hissing and growling at Sasuke like Team Hebi, most of the shinobi nodded or looked down, showing how right he was. Sakura was baffled, "What?! Sasuke-kun, if that's the way you guys think, I'm leaving this god-forsaken village! So much for helping teammates in their time of need, huh?"

"Don't listen to her, you guys! She's just bluffing!" Akemi exclaimed quickly.

Sakura stomped off angrily, Team Hebi following her. "If you guys want to follow me, you can. Just meet me at the front gates at 7 sharp, got it?"

End Flashback

"Alright, let's go," Sakura sighed to the loyal team.

"To where?" Juugo asked.

"Just…somewhere that can provide us shelter so we can discuss this…"

Before Sakura could take another step east, she was sucked into a strange portal. Suigetsu and Karin also got caught in it, and Juugo jumped in to save his team. There was white and blue everywhere for hours on end, and they suddenly got thrown out. There they were, Tokyo, Japan.


In the next few weeks, they all learned how to fit in to the new world, not using chakra or healing, just technology. Soon enough, the last traces of their ninja life was wiped away—dead families, wars, missions, even their names! Well, Sakura's name, anyway. It changed into Haruhi as soon as she felt comfortable with the idea.

They didn't make friends, though. It was too much to bear. Everything was awesome—they just lived in a condo like college students would, not caring what the shinobi thought. Life was good here in the modern day Japan.


"What? Forehead girl? Um…I've never called anyone that," said a blonde. (INO)

"Shogi partner? The only shogi partner I have is Akemi…What's wrong with you?" (SHIKAMARU)

"No one treats me to lunch except for Akemi-san! Are you under the weather? You look thin." (CHOUJI)

"Shopping? I-I get my clothes f-from A-A-A-Akemi-chan, a-and it's a-always b-been like th-this." (HINATA)

"Ramen is best served when talking to Akemi-chan, believe it!" (Shouldn't you know already?)

"Akamaru is infatuated with Akemi and so am I!" (You know who!)

"…what? Bugs like Akemi—intense stare—" (SHINO)

"My only students are Sasuke, Naruto, and Akemi…Who's Sakura?" (KAKASHI)

"My top student, pride and joy, Akemi." (TSUNADE)

"Hn, meditation partner? Oh you must mean Akemi, Shizune-san." (NEJI)

"Awesome choice in weapons, that Akemi." (TENTEN)


Shizune sighed, Why can't they remember her? Sakura used to be so much…unless…Akatsuki?


"You have a mission to retrieve Team Hebi and Sakura. Team Kakashi will be assigned this. Team Gai, Team Asuma, and Team Kurenai will be assigned to destroy Akemi Uchiha. Understood?"

"HAI!" chorused all the said teams.

"Man am I glad we found a way to get Sakura back…and to think a slut like Akemi trick everyone! Ugh, DISMISSED!!!" yelled Tsunade.

Everyone left the room immediately. Kakashi used a scroll to open the same portal as the one Sakura and Team Hebi fell through. Once they were in the same time plane as the five former shinobi, they began their search.

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