New - WATCHMEN Dan/Laurie

Disclaimer: All characters, etc. from the novel WATCHMEN belong to Alan Moore and DC.

The sounds of a struggle were familiar and exciting. Feet scraped against wet pavement, grunts and groans of exertion played alongside the sickening thuds of knuckles sinking into the soft flesh surrounding cheeks, mouths, and eyes.

The fighting felt good, the burst of adrenalin and quick, racing breaths to keep up with her quick, racing heart. Laurie wasn't used to fighting in normal clothes. She was used to doing stuff like this in costume, and as much as she hated how revealing the yellow and black outfit was, she could admit now that at least it had allowed for more freedom of movement. Even the high heeled boots were better suited for delivering vicious kicks to the faces of would-be muggers than the pumps she wore now.

She aimed a sharp punch at the crotch of one knife-wielding punk and as he leaned over, gasping for breath, she looked over at Dan, who was beating in the face of a man that he held up with a fistful of shirt. She couldn't help but notice how... handsome he was in combat. He usually seemed so normal, so unassuming.

A few frenzied moments later, and it was all over. Breathing heavily, they surveyed the men strewn out unconscious around them. It felt good, so good it was almost scary. It had been eight years since the Keene act was passed, outlawing vigilante activities, and forcing both Laurie and Dan into an early retirement.

She's always thought it was a good thing that it had all been taken out of her hands. She'd only ever donned the trappings of Silk Spectre to please her mother, anyway. But now she couldn't help but feel the thrill of knowing that she'd done some good, in some small measure.

It was all so confusing. Nothing seemed real any more. Jon had always meant everything to her, from the first time they'd met, when she'd only been 14 years old. But now all those things that had made him so fascinating and desirable, were the same things that made him so unfeeling and inhuman.

And here was Dan, who'd always seemed like a big brother to her. He was really everything that Jon wasn't. He was sensitive and caring, and here in the rain, after the fight they'd just shared, he seemed strong and sexy.

She wanted to reach out and touch him, stop him from replacing the glasses that he'd tucked away before the fight back onto his face, slide her fingers into his mussy hair.

In a different time, she could see the two of them, younger, more carefree. In love, and fighting side by side, paying more attention to each other than they did their assailants.

But it hadn't happened that way. She'd always had Jon, and Dan had had a partner in Rorschach. She wondered how so much time could have come and gone without her noticing him this way.

She needed to think.

Lighting up a cigarette, she said her goodbyes to Dan, then headed into the black night to look for a decent hotel.

A/N: This isn't an original idea, it happens in both the novel and the film, but I found myself disappointed in how rushed the Dan/Laurie relationship seemed in the movie. It actually made Laurie look easy and flighty, so I figured I give this a go, as my very first WATCHMEN fan fic. I have more ideas, that mostly take place before the book, but we'll see.