Title: Splish Splash, I Was Taking A Bath

Chapter 5: Alice: Crystal Bubble of Fate

Rating: T

Summary: Bubble baths with the Cullens. What crazy and ridiculous things could the Cullens be up to in a bubble bath? Read and find out! A collection of short stories of bath times. Pre-Twilight and Chronological Events

Type: Canon, Vampires, Slightly OOC.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I own nothing, but if I did, I would definitely own bath time with the Cullen men ;)

A/N: I thought having all the shots being connected by all leading up to Twilight was a cool idea. Hopefully, you will enjoy how Alice brings us closer to the story we all know and love. :D


The chilly January air did nothing to her impervious skin. She smiled as the snow-filled wind lifted her short hair. She missed her long hair, but not enough to want to trade Jasper and her new life for it.

"Alice! Are you coming?" Jasper said from the doorway behind her.

"No. I think I'll skip this trip. We can go again before class starts back up." Alice replied, giving him a smile and a wink.

He smiled back and turned around to tell the others it was okay to go.

Alice wandered back into the house from the balcony she had been enjoying. She caught Jasper, as he was running back to say goodbye for the next day and a half. She kissed his cheek and told him to relax and have fun. She knew control would eventually become as easy for him as it was for the rest of the family.

"You'll get used to this lifestyle soon. Stop worrying. I've seen it." she said, trying to assure him.

Her words seemed to ease his mind and he kissed her forehead before leaving with the family. She walked delicately into the bathroom with her big, fluffy towel. She loved the way it would envelope her tiny body in its warmth.

She filled the tub, making sure there were plenty of bubbles. She loved playing with the bubbles. When it was ready to her liking, she grabbed the couple of Barbies she owned and climbed into the tub. The large tub swallowed her up, causing her to giggle.

"All right, since Rose only lets me dress her up so many times, all I have is you two and you can't run away." she excitedly told her dolls.

She slipped the naked plastic under the water and brought them back up under particularly full clusters of bubbles.

"Oh those dresses look fabulous dahlings. You should be in my show this year." she said, trying to sound like a snooty, designer-lady voice.

"We'll do the show on one condition." she imitated a nasally voice that she was familiar with from school, for the doll voice.

"And what would that be dahlings?" snooty designer voice said.

"Tell our futures!" the nasal voice demanded.

She nodded and set them on the lip of the tub and dipped her hand in the soapy water, making sure she had enough soap to make a bubble. She made a fist and slowly unfurled it to make an "OK" gesture, seeing the small film of bubbles in the space between her index and thumb. She blew softly to create a decent sized bubble and held it in her hands, careful not to let it pop.

"Let me look into my crystal bubble." she said, trying to sound like a gypsy.

She looked intently at the bubble, pretending she saw something, but then her eyes really did glaze over with a vision of one of her family members' futures. She saw herself at school in the not too distant future. There was a new girl there. Long brain hair, deep, soulful, brown eyes, shy, and cautious. She looked frail, yet beautiful. She could tell this girl would be important to her family. It skipped ahead to somewhere else. The girl was with Edward. He heard her name in a whisper from his lips before he leaned down to bite her, to change her.

She came out of her daze with a smile on her face. Edward would finally have his mate. He wouldn't be his old brooding self. He would find love, happiness, completion. All thanks could be given to this one human girl, who, apparently, was arriving shortly.



A/N: I know it is super short, but I couldn't really think of a way to add to it without making it drag on or spend too much time out of the bath. I really like how this ended. Hopefully you enjoyed my little bath series and will also read my other stories. Thanks for reading! Please leave a review. :D