Sneaky Snape


Rated M for consensual sex and language. I suppose I should add voyeurism too.

Summary: Professor Snape knows that students have been sneaking into his potions lab after hours and using the room for things that shouldn't be done in the classroom. He finally figures out who. But what's worse, he can't stop watching.

Standard Disclaimer applies. None of it belongs to me. I borrowed every single one of the characters. Only thing that's mine is the idea. All hail JK Rowling.

Severus Snape knew that someone was doing something nasty in his potions lab.

He also knew what they were doing.

He had found the nasty, sticky remains of their activities.

He had smelled that smell that only two naked people can make.

The only problem was, he didn't know whom.

Sure, he had a million ideas. Potter and the Weasel. Any of the Slytherin boys. Hell, for that matter, any of the Slytherin girls as well.

Nevertheless, tonight would be the last night they would use his room as their secret place. He would find out who it was and hex them into next week, before handing them a year's worth of detentions and taking away every point the house held.

Professor Snape sat in the back of his dark potions classroom, waiting for the couple to appear so he could finally solve this mystery. He had taken an invisibility potion and was confident that it would last long enough.

He had only been sitting for a few minutes when Draco Malfoy strolled into the room, looking his usual arrogant self. He muttered a Lumos spell, and the torches in the corners flared to life. A part of him wasn't surprised to see the Slytherin boy. He knew that Draco had quite the reputation as a ladies man. Could Draco be the culprit? Then again, maybe he had come to the classroom to talk to his professor and mentor. The older man was just about to make his presence known when he heard footsteps quickly approaching. Even though he was still invisible, he stepped into the shadows, anxious to see who would join the little party.

The door slammed open and then just as quickly it slammed shut. For a moment, Severus thought that the door might actually come off of the hinges from being hurled so forcibly. The student muttered a quick locking spell and a silencing spell, and turned towards Draco. The blond Slytherin was sitting on one of the desks, not acting scared in the least.

Severus let out a gasp as he recognized the student. Hermione Granger, the golden girl of Gryffindor. She couldn't possibly be the other student who was trysting in his classroom. The look on both of the faces of his students was priceless and he knew he would enjoy this immensely. Perhaps he would get to watch them hex each other to pieces. When their little spat was over, he would render Granger immobile, and take her to the Headmaster. He wanted to see what Draco would do to her first.

She walked over to the boy and leaned forward. Her face was mere inches from his when she said, "What the fuck is your problem, Draco Malfoy?" Her voice and tone were so calm that Severus actually shivered. She definitely understood the art of intimidating your opponent.

He rolled his eyes in response. "Were you born an uptight bitch, or do you just act this way when you're around me?"

"Fucking prick," she said before reaching forward and grabbing both his nipples with her index finger and thumb. She pinched both of them and twisted, hard.

"Ah!" Draco cried out, grabbing himself. She backed away, a look of smug satisfaction on her face.

She sat down on the edge of the desk directly across from him. Now it was his turn to cross the short distance until he was in her face.

"You'll pay for that, mudblood," he spat. He glared at her, and now their noses were touching. Both of them were waiting to see who would react first.

"Take your pants off," she told him. Draco backed away from her, a questioning look on his face.

"What did you just say to me?" he asked.

"Take your pants off. Are you deaf because you're pureblood or pureblood because you're deaf?" she asked. He reached to undo his belt and then stopped, looking at her again.

"Malfoy, take your fucking pants off and take your prick out right now! You're going to pay for what you said to me earlier." She glared at him, and he hesitantly began to undo his pants and let them fall around his ankles. From his vantage point, Snape could see the tent that was already forming inside the boys boxers.

Draco put one thumb on each side of his hips, under the waistband of his boxers. He pulled them down over his hipbone and let them fall to his ankles as well. Hermione licked her lips as she looked as his growing erection.

"And just what is this supposed to teach me? That you like looking at my cock?" he asked.

"No, I'm going to teach you humility and maybe respect. Stroke it," she told him.

"Stroke it?" He asked. He took himself into one hand and very slowly, he began to run his hand up and down the length. Hermione let out a deep moan.

"Yeah, just like that." She licked her lips again, and took two steps towards him. She reached out and began to unbutton his shirt. When she had reached the last button, she pushed the white cotton back, exposing his chest. Hermione ran her fingers over his tight abs and hard pecks. She circled each of his nipples with a neatly manicured fingernail, and once again, she pinched and squeezed the hardened pebbles.

"Ow!" he cried out. She stepped away from him and watched his hand perform an act that it had obviously done many times before. She dropped onto her knees and stared intently as his hand made love to his own cock. She gently began to touch herself, one hand massaging her right breast. Draco watched her intently, as did Snape.

Her left hand reached up to massage her other breast, and her right hand slowly made its way down her stomach, and went under her skirt. Snape almost let out a gasp when he saw the Gryffindor lift her skirt up and realized she was wearing no panties.

Still on her knees, she stared at Draco's hand as her fingers drove into herself. She began to moan as she attempted to match the speed of his strokes. Draco noticed this too, and attempted to vary the speed to try to catch her off guard. She saw what he was doing, and stopped. She looked up at him.


"Stop doing what?" he asked.

"Stop touching yourself," she told him.

He immediately let go and dropped his hands to his side. Hermione stood and backed up to the desk that she had been sitting on earlier. She pulled herself back a little bit and lifted her skirt. She put one foot up on the edge of the desk. She spread herself open to Draco's watchful gaze and smiled as he licked his lips. She teasingly ran one finger through her own folds, fighting the urge to shudder.

"Do you know what this is?"

He shook his head.

"This is pussy Malfoy. Mudblood pussy." She removed her finger from herself and slowly brought it to her lips. She seductively stuck her finger into her mouth, slowly sucking off her own juices. She kept Draco's gaze the whole time.

"And I must say that this mudblood pussy tastes great. Would you like to find out how good it tastes?" she asked him.

"No," Draco told her, even though his cock twitched in response.

"Well, too bad you don't get a choice. Come over and eat my pussy. And you had better do a good job. I want to cum all over your pretty pureblood face."

Draco got onto his knees and approached her. She kept her legs apart, and Draco stared up at her for the briefest of seconds before he ran his tongue against her moist flesh. Hermione moaned loudly and her head fell back

Apparently encouraged by her response, Draco took another swipe with his tongue. Hermione's response was to wrap her ankles around the blond boy's body, pushing against his shoulders. Draco began to alternate between licking and sucking, changing his pace and pressure. Hermione was practically going into convulsions under Draco's ministrations.

Hermione's musky scent finally reached Snape's nose, and he had to resist the urge to moan. Her scent was heavenly. He envied the young boy who was lapping at her sweet nectar. The noises that were escaping her lips were more than he could handle. As slowly and as quietly as he could manage, Snape reached into his trousers and pulled out his own aching cock. He began to stoke himself, wondering what the Gryffindor actually tasted like.

Hermione grabbed Draco's head with both hands and held it firmly in place. Draco shifted and brought up one hand and slowly inserted one of his manicured digits into her, causing Hermione to cry out. A second finger joined the first, and her cries became even louder. Draco increased his pace and it was only a few seconds later when Hermione's back arched and her eyes went wide in shock. Her entire body began to shake and Snape knew that she had reached her orgasm. Draco continued to lap at her juices, even though her body was being less than cooperative. Hermione's cries almost became those of pain, and Snape saw her push the boy away with her foot.

Draco landed on the ground, and grinned at the girl. She was laying flat on her back, looking up at the ceiling while trying to gather her strength. Draco sat and watched her, not wanting to move.

Snape was a little disappointed that the show was over so soon. He would have to wait until they left to get himself off.

Hermione sat up, and looked at the blond.

"That was good for a warm-up, Draco. Now let's see what you're really made of. Get up on that desk," she said, pointing to the one he had occupied earlier.

Draco slowly stood up and pulled his bare ass onto the desk. He quickly discarded his shoes, and let his pants and boxers fall off as he did. Hermione looked at his still throbbing erection.

"You really should do something about that." Hermione said, looking at his dick. "But I think I'll just help myself, as long as I'm here." Hermione quickly pulled out her wand and waved it in Draco's direction. A pair of metal bands appeared around Draco's wrists that secured them to the table and over his head.

Draco tried to struggle as he saw the Gryffindor crawl up onto the same table. She had removed her skirt, and was now straddling his nearly naked form.

"Now Draco, I have one question. How badly do you want to fuck me?" she asked him. She squatted down above him, her glistening pussy mere inches from his cock.

Draco didn't make a sound. He just thrust his hips upwards. Apparently, that was exactly what Hermione thought he would do, because she seemed ready for it. She pulled her torso away from him.

"Uh uh uh. I don't think so, Draco. I want you to tell me how badly you want it. I want you to beg for this mudblood pussy to sit on your cock." For emphasis, Hermione ground her snatch against him. Draco's hips bucked up in response, and Hermione laughed.

"Come on Draco. I can sit here all day." She pulled herself up again, her sex looming over his incredibly stiff length.

The teasing alone was driving Snape insane. He was beating himself as quickly as he could while still staying quiet. He doubted that either of the other occupants would hear him while in their current state of arousal.

Draco again thrust his hips upwards, trying to impale her with no success. A scowl crossed Hermione's face. She reached out, pinched his nipple, and twisted hard. He cried out.

"Damn it Malfoy! What did I say? Beg for it, asshole," she spat at him.

"Granger, please," he said. Even Snape had to smirk at the lack of enthusiasm.

She took the opposite nipple as before and squeezed.

"Granger, please let me fuck you," he cried out, his hips arching as he did.

"Did I hear you say something, pureblood? Were you asking me for something?" Hermione was rubbing herself against him, thoroughly enjoying herself.

"Granger… Hermione, please fuck me," he asked, in a voice that was close to begging.

"One more time Draco. I know you can do it," she told him.

"Hermione, please! Fuck me!" he screamed.

It happened so quickly that Professor Snape almost missed it. In one smooth movement, Hermione had dropped herself onto his entire length. Without stopping to let either of them catch their breath, Hermione began to bounce on top of the blond Slytherin. Snape was watching so intently that he hardly noticed when he stopped stroking himself for a few seconds.

The sight before him was incredible. Granger, the bushy-haired know-it-all, was thrusting against Draco so hard that he could hear their skin slapping together. He had little doubt that both of the students would have bruises the next day.

Both of them were thrusting against either other with so much force, it was difficult to see who was giving it harder. Professor Snape was getting desperately close to his orgasm, when Hermione reached between her legs and began to play with her clit. Once again, the scent of Hermione washed past his nose, and it was too much for Snape to handle. Snape's hand was filled with sticky goo and he realized that he had cum all over his hand. He only averted his gaze for a second, not wanting to miss the spectacular show in front of him.

The look on Hermione's face almost appeared to be one of pain as she started to cry out. Snape wondered if maybe Draco was hurting her somehow, but soon realized that she was on the crest of her orgasm. Quite suddenly, the girl's movements froze, and her eyes flew open. She called out the blond's name as ecstasy overtook her. Draco continued pumping into her, not caring to stop as she came. Hermione's body stopped its quivering and she looked down at Draco. She opened her eyes and smiled at him, nodding her head.

The boy's hips bucked off the table, and his knees bent as he went deep inside of her. He let out a deep guttural moan as he shot his seed.

A few thrusts later, Draco's hips dropped back onto the table, and Hermione dropped onto his chest. She muttered a spell and his wrists were released from their restraints. He gently wrapped his arms around her, running his fingers over her back. Her eyes closed as she tried to make her any of her body return to normal.

Snape looked down at himself. He took his now flaccid penis and as quietly as he could, put it back into his pants. He pulled a handkerchief from somewhere inside one of his pockets, and tried to wipe up the spunk that he had shot onto himself.

Hermione's eyes opened, and she pulled herself up. The two of them smiled at each other. Draco's knees dropped, and Hermione climbed off him. The two of them quickly began to dress.

From somewhere behind her, Draco asked, "Tomorrow night then?"

Hermione thought for a minute. "I've got a tutoring session with some second years. It would have to be later, after patrols."

"I'll have practice the next morning. Let's just wait until Saturday night then," Draco told her.

"Alright," she answered. Draco turned and faced her, pulling her to him. His lips passionately sought out hers, and she returned his attentions with equal emotion.

She broke the kiss and looked at him. "You know, you could just come up to my room when you finish patrols later tonight."

He smiled at her. "I just might take you up on that."

"Good. I hope you do." She returned the smile. "You know the password."

He nodded, and kissed her on the tip of her nose. "Love you Hermione."

"Love you." She kissed him back, also on the tip of his nose.

She turned to walk out of the room, but Draco grabbed her hand and pulled it back, her body coming along with it.

"Next time, could you please try to be a little more gentle with my nipples? You got kind of rough there for a bit," Draco asked her.

Her grin widened. "I'm sorry lover. I know I was rather carried away. I'll make it up to you if you come over later."

"Just remember, next time it's my turn to be the bossy one." He turned her so she was facing the door and gave her a playful push in the right direction. Just before she reached the door, she turned and blew him a kiss.

He returned the kiss. The witch unlocked the door and left the room, an undeniable swivel to her hips that clearly screamed 'I just got some'.

Draco turned and performed a few quick Scourgifies, trying to clean up all the evidence of their tryst. He sat back down on the desk he had just been laying on a few minutes before, as if he was waiting for something.

A few short minutes later, he stood and smoothed his cloak in front of him. He walked towards the door and left the room.

Professor Snape let out the breath that he didn't know he had been holding. He stood up and walked towards the table where his two students had just been fucking. Ironically enough, they both occupied the desk in his Advanced Potions class. Snape ran his hand over the smooth surface, almost as if he was trying to verify that he had really seen what he thought he saw.

His two best students, rivals from two different houses, two hearts on a different side of a battle, screwing each other's brains out. It didn't look as though it was their first time, either.

Snape smiled, wondering what Saturday night would bring.

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