Third times the charm

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Chapter rated M for consensual sex and voyeurism. (:


On Sunday mornings, the house elves always outdid themselves, and made a huge breakfast, with more food than the entire student body could ever possibly eat.

It was Professor Snape's favorite meal of the week, but this time he had no appetite.

He had spent the previous night watching two of his best students in a more than compromising position. And it hadn't been the first time.

The first time had been last Thursday night. In his wildest dreams, he would have never expected Granger to be such a bossy slut. She had done everything except make Malfoy crawl around on his knees and beg for her forgiveness. Snape had watched Granger and Malfoy having some incredibly hot sex, and then he heard the two of them planning to meet again on Saturday night.

The show last night had been just as hot as the previous one, the only difference being that the young Malfoy took charge this time. He had spanked her rear end until it was a very bright shade of pink, and then proceeded to fuck her silly. Snape had watched from the safety of a corner, even though he was confident in his abilities to make an invisibility potion.

After Malfoy had left the room, Snape stayed in his hiding spot and waited for Granger to leave. The young witch had walked out, but then she stopped and turned around and spoke to what she should have seen as an empty room.

'See you tomorrow night, Professor' was all she had said. In horror, Snape rushed to the nearest mirror, searching desperately for his reflection and was confused when he saw none. If she had not seen him, how had she known that he was there? Had she heard him? He had been extra careful to not make a sound, and actually cursed himself for not casting a silencing charm over himself. There were several charms and spells that could be cast that would show you if someone was in the area, but they were rather complex, and Snape never saw her wave her wand. She could have used a Sneakoscope, or maybe that bloody Marauder's Map of Potter's.

Maybe he had been imagining it. Maybe she hadn't said anything at all. That was the most obvious reason. His senses had been fuddled by the show he had witnessed, and his mind had let him hear her speaking.

Snape glanced across the Great Hall at the girl, glad that he had finally figured it out, glad that she had not been speaking to him the night before. Snape had to suppress a grin when he saw Hermione discreetly take a sausage link and slowly swallow it into her mouth in a very sexual gesture. He knew the show was for Draco, and glanced at the boy to see his reaction.

He wondered how no one had ever noticed it before. Maybe they had both cast a mild Befuddlement Charm on their fellow classmates.

Draco saw Hermione's gesture out of the corner of his eye. He was talking to Blaise, and was obviously trying hard not to look in her direction. A small smirk graced his lips. Never taking his eyes off his friend, he brought two of his long and slender digits to his lips, sucking off some imaginary substance, returning the erotic gesture.

Snape too had to suppress a grin. He returned his gaze to Hermione, and was horrified to see that she was looking at him. She knew he had observed their entire exchange. Without taking her gaze off the older man, Hermione took a strawberry off of her plate and brought it to her waiting mouth. Her lips met the ripe fruit, and she let her tongue trace the tip before gently biting it, the red sticky juices running down her chin. She chewed slowly and thoughtfully, glancing at Draco once again. Snape was surprised to see that Draco's gaze had also fallen upon the Potions Master. Without looking at either student, he quickly got up from his seat and decided that a very long, very cold shower was definitely in order.


Snape spent the rest of the afternoon debating the situation. Should he watch them again, or shouldn't he? It wasn't as if he was watching anything that was morally wrong. Both of the students were of age, and their activities were obviously consensual. There didn't appear to be any magic that was being used to alter their decisions.

In the end, Snape's thought of his fantastic orgasm won out. He decided that he would use his double Invisibility Potion, as well as cast a Cloaking Charm, and a Silencing Charm just to be on the safe side.

He anxiously awaited their arrival after dinner. Would she be the dominating one this time, or would he? His mind started to wander with the possibilities. He quickly took the potion, spoke the necessary spells and waited.

His thoughts drifted to visions of Hermione, her breasts bouncing against her chest as she slammed her pussy along the length of Draco's shaft. The way she reacted to his touch, the way her face scrunched up during her orgasm, the satisfied look on her face after she had been laid.

He was so into his thoughts that when the door suddenly opened, he jumped. Thankful that he had taken the spell early, he sunk back deeper into the corner to watch the show.

Their entrance was as different as the previous two nights had been. They were locked in a heated embrace, kissing passionately. From his hiding spot, he could see that Draco had already unbuttoned her shirt and was cupping one of her breasts through the thin material. Hermione was trying to unbutton Draco's shirt as well, but was obviously quite distracted.

Draco pulled his wand from his inner pocket, and the two of them stopped kissing. Hermione took a step backwards, as Draco spoke a Silencing Spell and then a Locking Charm. He put his wand back into his pocket, and stopped to look at the young woman in front of him.

"Have I told you how beautiful you look when you've been thoroughly snogged?" Draco asked her, his breathing ragged.

"Shut up and finish what you started" she said, grabbing his neck and pulling him to her. Their kissing resumed, as well as the battle to see who could remove the other's clothing first.

Draco had removed the rest of her shirt, as well as her bra. He was working on the button on her skirt, when Hermione, apparently frustrated with her lack of progress, ripped his shirt off in one solid motion, buttons flying everywhere. He grinned at her, and asked, "Frustrated, love?" He was finally successful with his mission to undo her skirt, and let it drop to her ankles. He softly cupped her ass cheeks through her panties, and then gently pulled them down. She stepped out of them, and smirked.

"Want me to leave my socks and shoes on, dear? I know how much it turns you on." Hermione used the distraction to allow herself access to Draco's remaining fastenings. His pants fell to his ankles, and Hermione made sure that his boxers quickly followed suit.

"Merlin, Hermione. If you only knew how hard you make me." Draco told her, the lust obvious in his voice.

She smirked as she looked down at him. "Hmm… I already think I know."

He grinned as he took her face in both hands and resumed kissing her reddened lips. Hermione wrapped her hands around his waist and pulled him to her. Hermione let herself fall backwards onto the nearby table, Draco's lips never leaving hers.

Two fingers reached towards a nipple, pinching it rather roughly. Hermione's back arched as she cried out, causing their lips to break contact. Draco took the waiting flesh as an invitation and began to nibble and kiss his way to her waiting mounds. He took one of the hardened buds into his mouth, grasping it with his teeth.

Snape watched in amazement as the girls body began to twitch. She was obviously deep into her first orgasm of the night. Unable to fight it any longer, Snape reached into his pants and pulled out his erection, stroking furiously.

Draco grinned at the witch, pinching the other nipple in the same basic gesture, not giving her body a single second to recover from the sensations that were ripping through her. His face made its way to her hairless apex, and he pushed her thighs apart, anxious to feast on the awaiting meal.

If Snape didn't know better, he might think that Draco hadn't eaten anything in days. Well, food that is. He attacked her core with the appetite of a starving man. His tongue and teeth were never in the same place for more than a few seconds, and Hermione was definitely enjoying it, if her incoherent babbling was any indication.

Without a word, Draco pulled his face away from her thighs and stood up, rubbing his swollen hardness against her wet folds. The girl cried out in frustration and bucked her hips towards him, willing his cock to enter her. He grasped himself in one hand, and inserted the head of his prick inside of her. She groaned and once again bucked herself towards him.

"Beg for it Hermione. Tell me how bad you want this inside of you," he teased.

"Draco Malfoy, if you don't fuck me right now I am going to hex it off!" she screamed at him.

"Close enough." He fell into her. They both cried out and he began to pump at a slow and steady pace. Draco winked down at Hermione and she grinned.

"Merlin Draco. You feel so fucking good. I wish I could have a prick in my mouth too so I could feel really full." Hermione said with a slight edge of sarcasm.

"Well dear, I only have one cock and it's sort of busy at the moment." Draco grinned.

"I wish I had another dick right here to suck on." Hermione said, with a little more sarcasm.

Snape froze. 'Were they implying what he thought they were? That he join in their little party? They are students, I'm their teacher. Wrong, wrong, wrong. But then again, they are both legal and consenting wizards. They are asking me, I'm not inviting myself. This is morally wrong on so many levels.'

"Severus, why don't you come over here and take care of that for me?" Hermione spoke in his general vicinity.

He thought about for only a mere second longer. Fuck the consequences. He had a good feeling it would be worth it.

Reaching up into his personal cupboards, he rummaged for the reversibility potion that he knew was hiding on a back shelf. It wasn't a potion that one had to use very often. Normally, the user would just let it run its course. He didn't want to take that luxury. He was really looking forward to shutting up that loud mouth for even a few minutes.

He swallowed the potion and waited for it to take effect. After only a few seconds, he looked down, and saw his cock bouncing in anticipation. He waved his wand, activating the counter spell for the Silencing Charm.

Hermione and Draco grinned at him. He walked toward the couple, unsure of exactly what she wanted with him. Fortunately for him, she had some ideas.

"I have been looking forward to this for a while," she said, grasping his length in her hands. Still on her back, she drew his erection to her mouth and greedily swallowed it whole.

The three of them let out a collective groan as she did. Snape had a difficult time not shooting his load in the first few seconds. Her mouth was so wet, and incredibly warm. She was able to take his entire length into her mouth, something he had never seen anyone do. Of course, it was a lot easier because of the angle her body was in. The sensations she was giving him were overwhelming. Her tongue was everywhere at once. Snape's eyes rolled back into his head, unable to fight it.

Draco's pace picked up and Hermione's picked up as well. Her breasts were now bouncing right in front of him, and Snape couldn't help reaching down and cupping them, rolling the nipple between his fingers. Hermione let out a deep moan, the vibrations creating the most delicious feelings.

His orgasm was quick and almost painful. Every nerve ending in his body exploded as Hermione's tongue continued its torture. He had to grab the edge of the desk when he became lightheaded.

Hermione never missed a beat and swallowed every drop. She let his cock fall out of her mouth as she gave her full attention to the blonde-haired person between her legs. His pace was mind boggling, and Snape knew that Hermione would definitely have bruises in the morning, and probably a few days after that.

Draco froze in mid stroke as his orgasm ripped through him. After the initial waves, he continued his assault on her sex, knowing that she was very close to her peak.

She screamed as she came, her body moving in violent spasms. Draco eased the speed of his thrusting, allowing her to fully enjoy her release.

With Hermione's last quiver, Draco pulled himself out of her. He collapsed on the table next to her.

Snape stepped back from the couple and began to collect himself, putting his now limp cock into his pants and fastened them. When he had finished, he turned to face them, and found that they were doing the same thing that he was; except that they were helping each other dress. The tender touches and soft caresses were not something that the older man would have expected to see from either one of them. It was fairly obvious that they cared for each other in more than just a sexual way.

"Well love? Was it as good as you expected?" Draco asked, helping Hermione into her shirt.

"Better." The girl smiled, kissed Draco on the cheek and turned to face their Potions Professor. "How about you, Severus? Did you enjoy yourself?"

"If you must know, I've had better." Granger gave him a look that put Malfoy's to shame. "Although it has been a while, since I've been with a woman. Don't expect me to give you house points or anything."

She took two steps towards Snape, and then stood up on her tiptoes, giving the man a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for finally revealing yourself. Although I must say the anticipation was delicious, and being watched was pretty kinky too."

"How did you know that I was watching? I did everything I could to make sure I stayed hidden." Snape snapped his question.

Draco answered. "Hermione's Great Aunt was a pureblood, and a psychic. She passed on some of her talents to Hermione, because she developed a few of the skills. Telepathy is something that she doesn't even have to think about."

"Telepathy? So you were reading my mind?" Snape asked.

Hermione nodded, pulling herself up onto the desk where she had just been fucked. "I'm still learning the finer points of my skills, but I've found that most people are more relaxed when they're really aroused. They're easier to read. I wasn't positive who you were the first time, but Draco and I were fairly sure that it was you. The second time it was obvious, and we just decided to give you a great show."

Draco took Hermione's hand in his, and they walked toward the door. Hermione waved her wand, removing the wards that were set up earlier, and making sure that they had left no traces of their lovemaking.

Snape watched the two of them walk down the hallway.

'This is going to be a very long school year.' He thought to himself. 'It will definitely be a little more interesting.'

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