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No way

No Fucking Way.

My mouth opened and closed rapidly, trying to comprehend what I was being told. The doctor looked at me patiently, waiting for his news to sink in. those four words he had spoken, had been burned permanently into my memory.

"Miss Swan, You're Pregnant."

It couldn't be. I hadn't slept with anyone since I had broken up with my boyfriend four months ago, and there was no way I was that far along.

I couldn't be pregnant, I was twenty-three for Christ's sake, children were not part of the plan. Eventually maybe, but not now.

"Miss Swan. Miss Swan, are you ok?" I snapped my head to look up at my doctor, who was still waiting, sat as still as a statue, waiting for my answer.

"Oh sorry, yes Doctor Cullen, I'm……….I'm just shocked." He chuckled softly, highlighting his beautiful god-like features,

"Don't worry Miss Swan, you're not my first patient to be struck speechless by this kind of news. Now about the fainting."

I was brought back to my reason for visiting the hospital. While editing my latest article for The Seattle Times, I had collapsed at my desk. An ambulance had been called and I had been rushed in for tests. I was probed and prodded by every type of specialist.

I was informed that this isn't normal procedure for someone who had collapsed, but with my medical history, they felt the need to check that one of my many falls had not caused permanent brain damage, which was affecting my balance and coordination. That was the worst-case scenario - at the time - so I tried not to be too insulted.

A million results had run through my head at the time – an aneurysm, bleeding on the brain, things like that. A baby had never been one of them.

A door opened behind me and the good doctor looked up over my head,

"Ah Edward, are they the ultrasound results? Miss Swan, this is my son, the other Doctor Cullen."

I kept my eyes on Dr Cullen Senior, pleading silently for him to tell me what I needed.

"Okay Miss Swan, it seems you are three months along, the baby is healthy and developing fine."

Three months? Definitely not Jacobs then. Who's then?

A file dropped behind me and I whipped my head around to look at Cullen junior for the first time.

My breath caught in my throat. He was even better looking than his father. His looks weren't what got me though; it was his eyes, those amazing green eyes. One look at them and I realised that there had been another person since Jacob. It all flooded back to me.

Alice's Hen Party.

The Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo shots.

Drunken Karaoke.

Drunken Kisses in the car park on the way to a silver Volvo.

Three months ago.

My one-night stand.

My very – very long, enjoyable one night stand.

"Bella?" and apparently he remembered me aswell.

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