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An Unexpected Turn Of Events Chapter 3

I've been sat in my car for the last 10 minutes trying to convince my cowardly ass to get up of the seat and go and tell Alice.

I didn't have a clue how I was going to tell her and so far that was my excuse for stalling. I had to have a game plan, I just had to if I was going to tell my best friend I got knocked up just two days before her wedding due to a one night stand that I couldn't remember till an hour ago.

For the second time today I found myself running through the possible scenarios that I could find myself in. One extreme was Alice running up to me and jumping for joy, already planning what the nursery would look like; helping me make decisions about things like names and birthing plans.

The other; although in the back of mind I knew it was impossible, scared me more than anything; that she would hate me and cast me away, saying I was doing this the wrong way and I should take my bastard child and never see her again.

I knew that she would never do this but my over active imagination took control as I sat in the seat of my truck. I fleetingly thought about how I was going to have to trade in my beloved truck for a newer, more child friendly car in the near future.

It took only 10 minutes after hearing the news that I was pregnant to realise that I was keeping it. I knew that it wasn't just because Edward wanted the baby as well, but because I knew that this was probably the only chance I was going to get for a family for a long while. My parents divorced at such a young age that I was brought up to cringe at the thought of marriage and babies. I never thought I would settle before I was 30, and children just never became part of the equation really. I was never the mum type, always settling with the idea that I was going to be Aunty Bella to Alice and Jasper's little tykes.

However now, knowing that I had a child growing inside me, living with me, made me feel so alive. I couldn't describe it any other way. I just knew that I was not going to end this little one's life, no matter how unconventional its conception was. My mistakes I could live with, but I could not live with thinking as my baby as a mistake.

The front door of the Whitlock's home I had been staring at, suddenly opened to reveal my best friend. Her short pixie hair cut framing her face making her look much younger than her twenty-three years. Her face however was marred by a concerned frown, looking at me through the windshield of my car.

I sighed longingly, hoping that I would have another few minutes to gear myself up.

The drivers door creaked as I opened it at a snails pace, trying to prolong the inevitable.

Alice, however was having none of this, as she marched up to me and pulled me roughly up the steps. I had a sudden urge to tell her to watch her hands, informing her that she was hurting me, even though we both knew her grip wasn't as hard as it could be.

Before a minute had passed she had pushed me onto the plush sofa, with a tub of Haagen-Dazs on the coffee table, like I had instructed.

She passed me a spoon and flicked the cap off, before we both dug in, enjoying the fudge-y-ness of it all.

We ate silently for five minutes, an I grew slightly more weary as to how come she hadn't started questioning me yet, after dragging me through the house.

Finally I couldn't stand the quiet any longer,

"So, I kind of -- erm fainted at work today" I figured this was as good a place as any to start.

Surprisingly Alice didn't look too surprised, she just nodded and kept on eating.

"Yeah the hospital rang me. Apparently you still have me down as your emergency contact."

Oh. Well that made sense, they normally do inform peoples families when they get brought in, so if the hospital rung her then she would know that I had having tests,--

Shit! What if they told her I'm pregnant.

"So what was the prognosis?"

Phew - maybe they didn't tell her. or maybe she's waiting for you to admit it.

Stupid internal voice.

"erm.. See that's the thing. There's apparently nothing wrong with me per se." I took a deep breath and looked down at the ice cream tub, trying to prevent word vomit.

"Bella, what is it?" her voice was calm but I couldn't ignore the tinge of panic etched into it.

"Well you see, as part of the tests they had to give me a ultrasound to see if there was any internal damage after all the falls I've had." I had to laugh a bit at the irony. They had worried that I had harmed a part of my abdomen when in reality I was harbouring a human being.

"you see during this they found a heartbeat. One that wasn't mine. They found out that the reason I was fainting was because I'm pregnant."

Silence hung in the air as the words sunk into her. I was beginning to worry and was contemplating slapping her when she finally moved.

Her face broke out into a huge grin and she lunged for me.

"OH MY GOD!" she squealed loudly latching her arms around my waist. Her little head pressed against my stomach.

"This is amazing. I mean a little unconventional sure, and you've pretty much stolen my thunder, but hey what's it matter-"

"Whoa, back it up there, 'stolen you thunder'?" she doesn't make sense a lot of the time, but now she's lost me.

"Yeah, I'm the married one, I'm supposed to have the babies first!"

Oh well that kind of made sense. That was the normal way of these things happening.

"I thought you didn't want kids yet?"

At this she sighed and pulled her body back. She took another spoonful of ice cream before turning her eyes to the mantle. The entire house had been redone once they moved in, including the ripping out of three walls to make to ground floor an open space, with only an archway separating the kitchen and the dining area. The stairs had been replaced and now stood in the middle of the foyer with the top scissoring of into two different hallways.

The entire back wall of the house had been demolished and replaced with sliding glass doors, leading into the garden.

Once the house had been done, Alice assured me that it would be years before kids became part of the picture.

I wanna enjoy being married first. I wanna lie in with him on a Sunday, doing nothing but making love, with no responsibilities. I wanna just be us.

I could understand her reasoning perfectly at the time. Then Alice being Alice, she continued,

Plus, I just bought a new wardrobe, why would I give up being able to wear any of it?

I really do love her.

"Have you thought about how your going to tell Rose?"

Ah. Rose.

Rosalie Hale had married Emmett McCarty, a good friend of ours, two years ago, and had been trying for a baby ever since. We had known Rose as long as either of us had lived, and we all went to college and lived together. It was no secret that she had yearned for a child since she was one herself.

The problem was, it wasn't happening. They had undergone every fertility test in modern science, and no one could tell them what was wrong. Emmett's sperm count was through the roof and she had her cycle dot on every four weeks. In theory they should have a happy brood by now, but in reality they had nothing other than each other for family.

Rose blamed herself for not being able to give Emmett a child and he, ever the optimist, said that it didn't matter, because he knew it would happen someday.

How was I going to tell them both that I was going to have the one thing they couldn't, because of a drunken mistake?

"I really don't know."

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